Monday, July 2, 2018

Moose! Moose! Moose!

Moose is 3 years old, part Yorkie and part

Guess who is visiting us this SUMMER? It's Moose. You might recall a while back when we had our FURiend Pablo and his new brother Moose over. That was only for a week. This time it is just Moose and he is here for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS! Isn't that exciting? Moose's family went to France and they took Pablo. Pablo has been to FRANCE 8 times in his 8 years, so he really knows how to travel and what to expect. Moose, on the other hand, barely tolerates car trips much less plane rides. So Mommy #2 told his mommy Auntie L that we'd love to have him stay with us. He will get all the attention he can ask for and a fair amount of treats. So Auntie L said SURE.

He was so unhappy here

Moose was so confused yesterday when he came. First of all, he knew something was up from all of the to-doing at his house. Suitcases were out and people were stressed. Then Mommy arrived and he was really confused because usually she and Auntie L just go to the backyard and drink coffee. THEN everybody AND the suitcases AND the 2 dogs piled into the car. This was very unusual. It got worse for Moose. Mommy pulled up to this BIG building with a lot of people wandering in and out. Then the humans all got out, even Mommy and she took the suitcases out of the car. Then Pablo was taken out of the car but not Moose. He was getting upset and started to yip a little. Mommy got back into the car after she said her goodbyes, and she and Moose took off leaving Moose's family at the airport. Moose yipped and whined a little but then quickly settled down in his bed (on the back seat floor). He was good all the way home, according to Mommy.

Feeling comfortable enough to sit on MY
Star Trek bed

He was a little upset all the rest of the day and insisted on sitting by the front door. He was sure his humans would walk in any minute now. He was okay friendly with everyone but his tail was down indicating he was unhappy. BUT nonetheless, he was a good boy. No inside accidents so far and he ate his dinner like a good boy. Today is a whole 'nother story. He is happy looking and his tail is up and wagging. He is still insisting on sitting by the door but he is clearly more comfortable than he was yesterday. I think by the end of this week he will be handling it all so much better and be a happier puppy. NOT that he won't still miss his family; but at least he will be used to OUR routine and know we love him a lot.

My BIRTHDAY is in 2 more days

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