Monday, July 19, 2010

An Apple a Day

I am always looking for ways I can be a more responsible member of the family. It is the simple thing that makes the most difference, I believe. So when something spills on the kitchen floor, I am there to readily lick it up and save my humans the trouble of dragging out the mop and cleaning. When someone comes to the door, I bark to alert humans watching tv that their attention is needed elsewhere. And when my tummy rumbles at 5:30 am and I start to whimper for food every 10 minutes thereafter - well who needs to go to the expense of buying an alarm clock?

It is the same way in the yard. I do what I can to eliminate excess work for my humans. Lately I have discovered the zen-like task of picking apples. My humans have a tree just loaded with so many apples that the branches are hanging on the grass. Plus many fall on the grass and rot. So I pick them, carry them away to somewhere else in the yard, or eat them. Whatever I can do to help - it is all part of my spiritual journey.

When I am done I am overwhelmed by an satisfying sense of OM!!!

Excuse me while I meditate over this apple.

Om tastyapple . . . 
                    Omtastyapple . . .
                                        Omtastyapple . . .

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