Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What? For Little Ol' Me?

 I couldn't believe all of the attention I received on Sunday, July 4, 2010, MY BIRTHDAY! I am truly humbled. Oh yes, my family made a big deal of it, of course. Auntie T gave me a lovely bath (like I NEEDED it), Cousins E & C made cupcakes (of which I ate NONE), and Auntie B handed out presents galore. But I was MOST impressed by the total strangers who helped celebrate my special day with grand fireworks displays, neighborhood sparklers and firecrackers, and marching bands playing John Philips Whosis - and all for LITTLE Ol' ME! And this was just the first of many more birthdays. Really, it was so wonderful - thanks to everyone.

Wha' did you say?

Independence day?

I'm sorry, I must have overlooked something - because according to MY world, July 4 is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I know nothing about Independence and Patriotism and all that other stuff I heard about on the tv.
July 4 is MY day and it says so in this here calendar.


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