Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Buddy System


My human went to a sleepover the other night. It is not THAT unusual for her to go to sleepovers with her friends; but I was just feeling a little, you know, insecure about the whole thing. I decided she needed a BUDDY with her to comfort her in a strange bed and in a strange home. I really was not thinking of MYSELF! I was thinking of her and HER needs. It took a bit of maneuvering but I secured an invite for myself by almost knocking myself out furiously wagging my tail and staring longingly with my big lovely eyes. 
Oh yeah, it worked. 

Soon I was being packed into the car with MY overnight bag as well as hers. It was a lovely drive to a really nice house in the hills. Deer often graze nearby and I hear coyotes are not that uncommon either (although I did not see one). I had a lot of fun, too. There were 3 more kids to play with me and cuddle me on their laps. I ALMOST got a pancake for breakfast until someone realized the chocolate chips would probably not be good for me. The only downside was I had to stay in my crate more than I normally do. And despite being a new-to-me house with lots of new things to smell and check out, I was not allowed to just wander. But I certainly can't complain. How many dogs get to go to a sleepover - try on makeup - dress up - giggle and chit chat with her besties - ya know?

Best of all - I got to spend some good quality time with the person most important to me, MY BUDDY.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Awwww Noodles that last picture is so cute with your "buddy" and you.


The Teacher's Pets said...

Hi Noodles! I'm so glad I found your blog via Pets Blogroll because I am crazy about pugs and of course I am crazy about you! I agree with Sequoia and Petunia, that last picture is priceless and I think it deserves to be framed and hung on the wall in a prominent place of honor!
I am your newest follower and I walk and love pugs (and write about them) so please visit me sometime!