Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pet Rocks

I went on a nice walk with my human mommy #2 (my human's mommy). We walked around the neighborhood - it was evening and the sun was making its way to the horizon so it was also not too hot or sunny. I was happy. We turn this corner and there, in front of this house that we have passed maybe a hundred times was something new. It was a river of rocks. . . or are they stones . . . or perhaps pebbles. . . Yikes! Does anyone know the difference? I sure don't. After all, this is America and we say ROCK for everything non organic, right? I gotta say, I love gnawing on a nice juicy rock now and then. It drives my human crazy.
Any ways, I decided to take a "dip" into the river of rocks. I walked back and forth. . .  back and forth. . . back and forth.
"Um, Noodles, do you think we can get on with this walk?" said my human.
Then I circled and circled back - two, maybe three times.
"Noodles! Let's go! Those rocks (See! She called them rocks too) can't be THAT interesting!"
I looked at her, cocked my head to one side as if pondering the full ramifications of what she was saying, and smiled.
Then I started walking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth - real serious like.
"That is IT, dog!" she exclaimed angrily. "Let's get going, it is getting dark. What ARE you doing anyhow?"
Again I looked up at her, my big round eyes slightly glazed with glee, and smiled.
"Why," I thought, "Can't you see I am petting these rocks?"

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Bellatrix- I'm a pug! said...

Awww! Pure sweetness Noodles. Are you coming out to Dublin for Pug Sunday?? I'd love to play with you and finally meet you.