Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chop Chop

What is that red stick teasing my nose? Chop Chop?
What does this Chop Chop mean, Sensei?
FOOD! I am pretty sure Chop Chop means FOOD.
My human occasionally uses words and phrases that are beyond me. Let's be honest, unless she is saying POTTY, BYE BYE, BAD or FOOD I am not getting it. So the other day she says "Noodles, Bye Bye! Chop Chop!"

Well, what did she mean, I thought? I know my name so she wants me to come to her. Hmmmm - so I ran up to her with the biggest of smiles on my face. I was rewarded with a nice pat on my side and chuckle under my chin.

And Bye Bye was pretty clear when she  grabbed my harness and leash (black leather harness and black leash with white bones on it - That's to answer your question Puglet). And I  LOVES LOVES LOVES me some Bye Bye unless it is too hot like it has been the last few days ( if that's the case just park my fawn bottom in front of the fan, please).

But CHOP CHOP! What???? Is this something I need to bring? Am I in trouble? I wasn't sure how to act so I just sat in the foyer and tilted my head to ask "WHATTHA???"

"Um Noodles, do you WANNA go bye bye or NOT???" My Mommy said sorta angrily.
Yes, I pleaded with my lovely round liquid eyes.
Will that be before or after CHOP CHOP?
And will a treat be involved?


Life with 5 dogs said...

Noodles you are so very cute! After all that chop chop did they feed you your food? We sure hope so, if not you can come eat our food with us.
Your Friends at

The Teacher's Pets said...

Well, I think your mom needs to hold a treat at the same time she says "chop chop" and then hold the door open so you can know what on earth she's talking about. Why do humans have to confuse pups with new words, anyway?
I do wish you lived in NH near me because I'd love to play with you...pugs are my favorite kinda dog, you know!
Daisy ----

Minnie Moo said...

What did chop chop end up meaning?! The suspense is killing me!!!!!

Noodles said...

Heehee. CHOP CHOP means Hurry Hurry! My Mommy later said "Chop Chop" and gave me a treat when I quickly followed her.
But I left the blog hanging for DRAMATIC effect.
Love Noodles

Simply Pug said...

Yo Noodles, where's the yummies? We see the red stick thingies but no yummies? Is it a game you are playing with your human? Our human says its a game of pretend. OR WE KNOW! Invisible yummies! Do they have those? I bet those are yummy what you are eating.
~Baby and Lucy

dw said...

Glad you figured out what Chop Chop meant, Noodles. How confusing your mama can make it! If it means Hurry Hurry why can't she just say Hurry Hurry? Sheesh! Treat Treat would be a better word to learn!

Anonymous said...

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