Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iron Chef Noodles

Chairman says, "Today's secret ingredient IS . . . NOODLES!"
I LOVE to be in the kitchen working with food. It is my passion - FOOD. I think creatively I am up to the challenge of Iron Chef so I decided to give it a try. I approached some famous Iron Chefs and asked them to give me some advice.

Iron Chef Morimoto - " Noodles-san, first we need to work on your knife skills.
Me - " Uh, but Morimoto-san, I don't have any opposible thumbs . . . or indeed any thumbs at all."
Iron Chef Morimoto - " But knife skills are key to being an Iron Chef."
Me - "Can I just gnaw off little bits and go with it?"
Iron Chef Morimoto - "Where is my agent?"

Iron Chef Bobby Flay - " Hey Noodles. Let's get cooking some Southwestern specials. First, lets dice some onions."
Me - "I can't have onions - they are bad for dogs like me."
Iron Chef Bobby Flay - "Ohhhh-kkay! Then lets move onto the tomatoes and avocados."
Me - "Nope, those are no good for doggies either."
Iron Chef Bobby Flay - "Where is my agent?"

Iron Chef Cat Cora - "Aren't you a cute little doggie?"
Me - "Thanks Iron Chef Cora!!!"
Iron Chef Cat Cora - "Where is my agent?"

Somehow I think I might be better suited to EATING food than MAKING food.


Simply Pug said...

We will still vote for you! YAY NOODLES!!

dw said...

Oh Noodles! I think you ARE indeed built more for eating food than cooking food. Leave that job to someone else and just enjoy! You see the Iron Chefs tasting their food while cooking, but do we ever get to see them sit down and enjoy their food? No! So enjoy the eating and let someone else do the work! :)