Friday, August 27, 2010

What Do I See?

What am I looking at?

The other day I was perusing my pictures from our fabulous vacation in S. Lake Tahoe and I found this one. Clearly I am focused on SOMETHING! But, what could it be? My memory must be very short if I cannot remember something so riveting that at the time commanded all of my attention. So I decided to make up some stories, just to jog the ol' cranium filler. Here's what I got . . .

Story One
Behind the cabin I spotted this amazing structure! It was tall and spindly and made of metal (it glinted in the sun). I think it may be a casino or shopping mall at Stateline . . . or maybe a really big tower for internet access. It was amazing to see such a majestic monument.
That's an obvious lie. Nothing like the Eiffel Tower exists in S. Lake Tahoe (and hopefully never will).

Story Two
I was getting ready to go on one of the many walks I took while at the cabin when I spied what I thought was a really big dog. It was crossing the main road into the Meadows, its head was down like it was sniffing for food. I had heard there were coyotes in the meadows - could this be one? I stopped in my tracks, contemplating what to do. After all, a pug is just a SNACK for a hungry coyote. Do I run? Do I growl? Do I cry MOMMY?
No, this isn't what I was looking at either. Although my Mommy, while riding her bike, did see a coyote crossing the main road. I was safely in the cabin at the time.

Story Three
I was busying myself while Mommy #1 was loading the car. It was Bye Bye Day and we had to get on the road to home. To keep  out from under foot, Mommy #1 told Mommy #2 she would take me on one last TIRING walk. So she LEASHED me up and off we strode. But wait! What did I see? I stopped, leash straining . . .
What was that being loaded into the car? It was my SOCK MONKEY BED!!!
I was so happy he was going home with us I just stopped and watched Mommy arrange him properly in the car.
Then I came to my senses and went for one last walk through the meadows.



Life with 5 dogs said...

Coyotes can be pretty scary! I am glad that you were tucked inside the Cabin. I am so happy for you that you can take your sock money bed!
Have A wonderful Weekend.

Simply Pug said...

Wowee! Sounds like you had one pug of a good time! Those mean coyotes! Thank goodness they didn't eat you! We would be so sad to see you go to the vet because of them! We really like the monkey you have!

Winston (smilingpug) said...

oh that was fun, we luvs this idea. I got scared cuz of the coyote!