Friday, August 6, 2010

Meet the Meadows

I have decided that it was time to introduce you to some of the residents of Tahoe Meadows. I have been here 5 days now and am pretty familiar with most of the dogs here. So here we go.

This little dachshund hails from the Sonoma area. She spends a lot of time here at Tahoe Meadows. She love sunsets, kibble, and cuddles. I see her and her humans a lot when I go on my walks. She has a sister, a long haired dachshund, who is a little more stand-offish.

These guys are from Oklahoma (somewhere near Los Angeles County, I think). They are 3 and 4 years old lab mixes. I think they are a little full of themselves as they have "tagged" almost every tree in the meadows.

Ah - the CAL BEARS (they live in the hills near Cal-Berkeley. Their humans are fierce BEAR fans) and also some of the lucky dogs who get to live in Tahoe Meadows year round. I sense a shepard mix and another is part husky. There are a couple of golden retrievers, yellow and black labs, a corgi and a maltese. They all love sports and especially a friendly game of softball in the meadows. The smells near this Tahoe Meadows marker are so many and some are really old. I am almost overwhelmed by them all.

Me at the Sacajawea statue outside of Tahoe Meadows
I hope you enjoyed meeting a few of the DOGS OF TAHOE MEADOWS. Please come back soon for another chapter in my Tahoe adventures.

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