Monday, December 8, 2014

Resume for an ELF Position

I WANTED to be the ELF


Dear Chief Elf Recruiter
My name is Noodles and I am applying for your recently advertised position of ELF. I think I would be an asset to your North Pole organization and I don't even mind a little cold now and then. I work well with PEOPLE and ELVES (other dogs and pugs, not so much) and am very very VERY willing to please. I am including my resume which I think you will see is quite varied. Although it may on the surface seem like I am a Jill-of-all Trades and master of none, to borrow a phrase - in truth I think my wide range of experience is what makes me the candidate to fulfill all of your ELF needs.
Yours truly,
Noodles (the Pug)

Noodles (the Pug)
Cali Gurl, USA

Objective: To work as Santa's ELF and bring joy to everyone

Work History: I am a PUG PRINCESS and as such do not WORK. I await my Mommys so I can beg for food and cuddle by their feet and on their laps. That is my JOB and I do it well

Education: I was born a PUG. That's all the education I need. . . but I do read the newspaper a lot

Skills: Eating, Cuddling, Snuggling, Eating, Clinging to legs, smiling for the camera, Eating, Going outside to do my bidness, Greeting everyone at the door, Eating

References: Check out A Bowl of Noodles on Blogspot. That should provide all the references you need

I DO Hope I GET the JOB


stellaroselong said...

Oh Noodles I sure hope you get the job this is poor gussie's second year of trying to get hired and so far not so good, this year he is going to use a whole different tactic.
stella rose
good luck

Julie said...

If it wuz up to me you'd get the job!
I'll do a good character reference if required.
Luffs you Noodles
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We think you should be HIRED INSTANTLY...

Amber DaWeenie said...

With all your qualifications, hiring you is a done deal!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Resume Noodles.....but be careful, you may be over qualified!

The triple Mad Scots

Anonymous said...

What a great resume - especially the "eating" qualifications. Someone has to eat all those cookies, because you know, as hard as he tries Santa can't. Your letter was great. Also, we don't think the reindeer job is so good; too much work.

Yours in ELFhood,
Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Taffy said...

I hope you get the job too! How could Santa refuse?

Two French Bulldogs said...

You are hired
Lily & Edward

Angel Payton, Donald, and Daisy's Gampy said...

You're a natural born ELF!!!!

Love, Gampy

The Vegetarian Mermaid. said...

Hahahah I'm sure you'll get the chance to be the elf real soon.
P.S: Love your cover letter!

Fresh Endeavour said...

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