Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sock It To ME

Me and Molly and our naked feet

Over the course of my 1000+ posts,

I think I have made it pretty clear that I love to shop locally. My favorite dog boutique, BISCUITS (here is their YELP review) for example, is located in Japantown a scant 3 miles from my house. It is not only convenient - but the owner, Ms Jennifer, is always so nice to me and pets me and talks sweet to me.


So WHAT I AM SAYING,  is I like to find backyard talent and not just bargains because, well, there is just nothing like the sense of community I feel when I shop the ‘hood.

Imagine my delight when I came across a BRAND of doggie wear that was created by someone in my town? It’s true. I was reading a local newspaper (online, of course) when I spotted a color story about a local woman, Lorraine, who created these special therapy socks for dogs called Woodrow Wear. These socks are made to provide traction to pups that need help due to disability, illness, or just plain slick floors (like Molly and our stairs, commence rolling eyes).  And unlike normal dog socks, these are made to STAY ON the paw rather than slowly ooze off. I cannot tell you how many socks I have lost because they just work their way OFF. This is aggravating. My interest was therefore peaked and I made it MY mission to FIND OUT MORE.

I emailed Ms. Lorraine for more information about her product because, as I have said before, I like to highlight local talent where I can. Despite a CAH-RAY-ZEE schedule, she emailed me all kinds of info regarding her product, how it came to be, and how effective it is. This is some GOOD reading, I tell you. Very interesting – most of it can be found on their website www.woodrowwear.com.

What I found to be most INTERESTING about her product was the enormous number of testimonials from people who as a last ditch effort tried WOODROW WEAR to give their struggling dogs some mobility. One video brought TEARS to my already liquidy brown PUG eyes as it showed a doggy who was confined to a rug ALL THE TIME because she could not get any traction on the wood floor. She had some sort of hip or leg problems, too. First the video showed the doggy with NAKED paws slipping and sliding all over the floor. Then the video showed the dog taking its first steps OFF THE RUG while wearing WOODROW WEAR socks. You HAVE to check it out here http://www.woodrowwear.com/VIDEO.

These socks really seem to work. I think I NEED some (Hey! Christmas IS just around the corner) to TRY out. I am wondering if they will stay on my dainty feet and protect the “knuckles” when I go on my walks. I have this nasty tendency to drag them sometimes and the result is bloody paws if Mommy does not stop me in time.

The Woodrow Wear socks are supposed to be durable enough for outside wear (they even have some for SNOWY conditions!!!). Then I think I might get MOLLY some for Christmas so she can try them. She has a dickens of a time negotiating our stairs because of her excessively FURRY paws. She goes SPLAT almost every time and the HUMANS end up carrying her up the stairs. If these will stay on her skinny feet they may be just the thing she needs to tackle the stairs herself.

So what I am trying to say is - You just never know what you will find in your own BACKYARD

Check them out! I think you will like what you see.


Two French Bulldogs said...

We are going to buy them socks...awesome
Lily & Edward

PugSlope.com said...

I like to shop at my local pet shops, too, Noodles. They are so good at spoiling me! :)