Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa, Dear Santa, Here is a List of the FEW Things I Really WANT for Christmas

Lots of puppers ask me “Noodles! What do you want for Christmas?” Well, if I had MY way, my list would be VAST. But I don’t. I was told by my Mommys to keep it short – keep it simple. Okay. Okay. I can do that THIS TIME.

Luckily I have spent a lot of time REVIEWING products (and by that I mean TREATS) and places for this blog. This gives me the chance to CHECK OUT a lot of things perhaps my Mommys would NEVER think of (being HUMAN and all). I have to admit I mostly like everything EATABLE and I am not so adverse to clothes. I draw the line at stuff like ELECTRIFIED collars and fences, CAR restraints, and barbed ANYTHING.

That said, there are a lot of less tangible things that I think I would like for Christmas. After all, my BIG ROOM (pen) is getting a little crowded with Molly and all of our combined toys and outfits nestled within. So while writing this list, I attempted to think OUTTA THE CHRISTMAS BOX and pick more conscientiously.

So here it is, for your LISTING pleasure, my Christmas 2014 WANTS:
  • Tropiclean Treats and water refresher
  • Woodrow Wear Socks made to wear on long walks
  • A trip to the beach - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Anything I want from Biscuits. . . What? I can’t ask for something that vague? Well, okaaaaaaaaaay. . . a new kimono OR my choice from the treat jars
  • A new GRANDE bed from PetSmart because SOMECAT peed on the old one and it DID not survive the washing
  • A year supply of HALO Spot’s Stew because it is yummy
  • For all the pets in the HSSV (shelter) to find forever homes (just not MINE)
  • ANYTHING from Pugs in the Kitchen – the YUMMIEST SNACKS IN THE WORLD
  • A new leash in some color OTHER than black. My Mommy is so picky she can’t DECIDE on a color so I am stuck with BLACK. Not cool for dainty flower NOODLES
  • For all my BLOGVILLE, Google+, Wordpress, FB, Twitter, and Pinterest FURiends to have the


I don’t think THAT’S asking too much, do you?


Julie said...

And I wish that ALL you wishes come true!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Not too much at all.... so we are SURE that Santa Paws will grant your wishes. YES, we , ARE...

Since you are so good and all... and suffered the LOSS of Pawper BED due to Kitty Pee ...

stellaroselong said...

I love your list...gussie and mags pees on all our bed, that is why we can't have a cute monkey bed like yours...ours are more prison like.
stella rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

Great list Noodles! Hope Santa fills it all!
Mr Bailey & Hazel

Ranger said...

Dats a pawsome list and well deserved. I'm sure Santa Paws will deliver.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty simple list....surely you will get it ALL filled!

The Mad Scots

Hilary said...

that list is very small if you ask me…

Casey said...

That's a grreat list, Noodles! Cinderella and I have conferred, and we think that you need a PURPLE leash. It's a nice girly color but it's STRONG too, like you, and purple is the color of ROYALTY.

PugSlope.com said...

I hope you get all that (and more!) for Christmas, Noodles. I certainly would love a trip to the beach, too (although preferably AFTER winter is over!). A NEW KIMONO!? Wow, I wasn't aware they made them for pugs - that's pretty sweet.