Thursday, July 13, 2017

All Vacations End

Photo by Aunt M - note how high the lake is

Today I decided to feature pictures taken by my AUNTS. This vacation was extra special because it was with my Mommy #2's 4 sisters. I might have mentioned before that this was the first time in THREE of my LIFETIMES that they were all together. They each have a different perspective and I thought it worth sharing. My Aunt T did not take any pictures at all which is weird - but OKAY!

Aunt M took a lot of walks. She likes TEXTURES and found a lot of different ones so she took pictures of them. This photo shows one of the unusual things about wildfires - they jump around. One place will be totally burned out (to the right) and another will be unscathed (to the left).

On one of her walks this cutie came up to her. His human was running along the same path as Aunt M was walking. But the pooch, Murphy, I think, kept lingering. Even when his huDAD called him! Finally Aunt M took his picture - and boy did he pose beautifully! After that he left and joined his huDAD on his run. He just wanted his PICTURE taken! BOL!

No. . . Aunt M is NOT that tall. In fact, she is the shortest of all 5 sisters. Somehow - maybe the slope of the path we were on - the perspective makes me look verra wee and Aunt M GIGANTIC!

This picture is by Aunt L. This is the street we stayed on
Aunt L had a very different photo style. She went for the scenery and I think she captured the HUGENESS of the mountains and the wide open vistas. I can almost smell the fresh mountain air emanating from her pictures.

she said to PLEASE ignore the reflection of her ARM in the mirror

Finally I have some pictures my Aunt B took of the flowers around the mountain chalet we stayed at.

Aunt B likes flowers. This is a really nice
picture full of color and shape. I like the way
the light plays along the petals

These two pictures look like the plants are Larkspur. I'm not sure as it was hard to gauge the stem, petals, and leaves from the picture to accurately identify them.

Aunt B says Fox Gloves is one of her favorite plants because she can imagine foxes having their little paws nestled in the "gloves".

Aunt B also likes the clouds when they appeared (not too often the whole weekend). Look at the variety of clouds in this one picture - whispy, fluffy and kinetic. It is a super shot.

Finally in S. Lake Tahoe near the casinos (at Stateline) are these moving sculptures. Aunt B took this as Live because her camera can. That was you can get a snippet of movement when you press on the photo on her phone. But downloaded is another story. I think you still get a sense of movement, though.

And that was it! We headed home after 2 nights - it was just a long weekend. But we share a lot of memories from our little mountain reunion.

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