Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wordy Wednesday, Blog Hop with Blogpaws, and Wednesday Affirmation - So Much To Do!

 If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was testing out a new harness from Kurgo for
I plan to write a total review next week for where I will let you know all the plusses and minuses of my experiences with the harness. I want you to see the restraint in action, though. Do I look cute or WHAT?

It's time for another Blog Hop with Blogpaws. If you don't know about Blogpaws then check them out and join the fun. It is a great way to make new FURiends.

Hop Here

Finally, what's a day without a little Affirmations? I have done 41 so far. Do you have a favorite?


Julie said...

CUTE!?!? You are right off the scale of cuteness Noodles, you are such a beauty!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Katie Dawn Wing said...

You look like a well prepared co-pilot!

Puppy Growls,