Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Let's CHEW-y On This for A Minute. . .

This box is MINE

You all know I am a HUGE Chewy.com fan. This was true before I became an influencer and continues the MORE I work with them. The variety of items they sell is staggering. The prices are competitive and in some cases less than BIG BOX stores even with the added shipping costs. The convenience of having your products arrive at your door is hard to quantify BUT think of how many more cuddles you get when your human does NOT have to run to the pet store for food! Yes, I am a fan and I am SPOILED by Chewy.com.

As a Chewy Influencer, I get to choose from a monthly list of items to review. It is great because I get to try new foods, treats, and toys and all I have to do is write a review! It is truly a win win for me. So when this month's newsletter arrived I was all prepared to pick out a treat because, I hate to say this, we are running low on TREATS.

Nothing against my Mommy #2, but she does overreact a bit. When it was revealed at the Dogter's office that I had PUT BACK ON a couple of pounds, she tossed away all of the old treats and put me on a NO TREAT diet. Yeah, it worked but now I have a shortage of treats for when I am really really deserving.

But I digress.

The last newsletter was FILLED with all kinds of tasty, I assume, treats for Dogs, Cats and even LIZARDS. But my eyes filled with tears of JOY just looking at them and I could not decide what I wanted. Mommy volunteered to help and SHE noticed there was a special HARNESS available to test. There was a limited number to test so no promises. My current harness is as old as I am so I really needed a new one. But There's MORE! This harness is also a seatbelt for the car. Yes, you heard me right. It will, theoretically, keep me safer in the car than even my crate. Mommy and I had tried these so-called seatbelts in the past and took them ALL back. You see, I am a master at wiggling out of them. That's right - to accommodate my NECK they were all too loose for my HEAD and CHEST.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is different in that it adjusts in 5 spots for a better fit! And it crash-tested up to 75 pounds and 30mph!!! That's a pretty good recommendation. So to make this long story short, we chose to review the harness.

The package arrived in TWO DAYS only and boy was I excited! I tried it on RIGHT AWAY. Ummmm, that's a fib, actually. I was at LAKE TAHOE when it arrived. But as soon as I got home, I tried it on.

I like the chest pad and the fact I pretty much
step into the harness

It is a very sharp looking and HEAVY duty harness. It took a while to make the adjustments and Mommy ended up adjusting down ALL of the spots. She had ordered a medium because the lowest weight was 16 pounds and I was closer to 17 pounds when we went to the VET.

The top loop is where you hook the  seatbelt

Remember back to the story above about DIET and NO TREATS? Well, apparently it worked because the harness was TOO BIG. I could totally wiggle out of it and THAT was exactly what Mommy did NOT want. The guideline is TWO fingers under the harness all around. But Mommy could put her whole hand.

You can't see it but this is quite loose. Overall
the look is sharp
So Mommy contacted Ms. Natalie at Chewy.com and told her the problem. We understood there was a limited number and were quite bummed that we might not be able to review the harness. We picked an alternative TREAT just in case. Well - we needn't have worried at all! Ms. Natalie said she wanted us to be able to review the harness and she would send one right away. I asked her about the one that didn't fit and she said to donate it to the shelter or gift it to a FURiend in need. 

If you remember Lulu who stayed with us in April, well she is just a little bigger than me and she does not have a seat belt. Her mommy lets her sit on her lap! That is so unsafe. So I am letting her try out the harness that does not fit me. If she doesn't like it, then I think Pablo, my other FURiend just might. My point is - Chewy.com is like that! Rather than the expense of shipping it back and re-shelving it, they would rather it be donated, scrapped if broken, or gifted. Their customer service is the best.

So stay tuned for my future adventures with my new Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness. I hope it is everything I dreamed it would be.


Collie222 said...

They are so great, always putting the customer first!

Two French Bulldogs said...

That harness is pretty cool. I need to try one like that
Edward (& Lily)

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Oh we ladiez can't wait 2 read your review - the harness u haz duz look good.

Yes, Chewy'n Ms. Natalie r really super great - we git yummy stuff'n mom lovez what they do fer their customerz.
Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

Julie said...

Aren't Chewy just amazing! I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on wiv your new harness, especially in the car…oh, oh, I wonder where you can drive to?
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Idaho PugRanch said...

You lucky pug!! I was hoping to get one to review but they were all gone. CAn't wait to hear how you like it

Wyatt said...

That harness looks pawfect, we need that!

Wyatt and Tegan