Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to Make a Baseball Hat

This is the baseball hat my Mommy made for Bark at the Park. It's pretty cool, I have to admit and I didn't mind wearing it while sitting in my seat (the sun was in my eyes and the hat helped). Walking around was another story as I kept shaking my head which would dislodge the hat and position it on my CHIN. But most of the time I wore it.

The nice thing about this hat is it was cheap and mostly used stuff Mommy had around the house. It is made from a FOAM sheet like the kind you get for kids' crafts. She and Cousin C found a pack of 5 6x8 sheets at Dollar Tree. Then Mommy went online and found a pattern for kids' visors. These she printed at 50% and it was perfect for a pug head.

This is where she got the template for the visor -

But she didn't want a visor so she put her thinking CAP on and figured out a way to make the head piece. She GOOGLED sun visor hat pattern for dogs and stared at them until she came up with a plan. She cut a rectangle of FOAM  the width of the visor inside - about 3" - and the length of the foam -7 3/4" . This she glued to the visor and on the other end she folded to make a canal to pass elastic through.

On the visor, she used a ballpoint pen and made two holes (one on each side). She attached the skinny elastic to one side and threaded it through the backside of the rectangle where she made the canal. . . then OUT the other side and over to the hole on THAT side of the visor and VOILA! It now had some shape. But she needed to add a chin strap to hold the hat on and create ear holes. So she took thicker elastic and sewed it onto the elastic between the visor and the canal. It made a kind of "V" shape. That's where the ears go.

Molly's hat - see how her ears feed through the "V"

I kinda like this Mommy

This picture was before she sewed the other side and the elastic was too small. But see how it fit?

That's it! I now have an Oakland A's baseball cap that I can wear to ALL BALL GAMES. I think it is cool. You can decorate it any way you choose. We made one for our FURiend Fezzik as well. His was a manly BLUE with a baseball drawn on it.


Julie said...

Oh I'm sooooo IMPRESSED, firstly by Mommy's amazing talent at making thingys and secondly by your and Molly's pawfect modelling! Such a talent family
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

That is one cool hat
Lily & Edward