Friday, July 21, 2017

Peachy Keen Says I

OMIGOSH!!! Look at this bounty. Mommy #2 and I picked peaches last night. In the past we have only been picking up the ones that fell as the ones still on the tree were too green still. I don't know where the ripe and overripe ones on the ground CAME from but it appears NOT the tree. 

But I am segue-ing away from the topic. The POINT is we finally found fruit ON THE TREE that was ripe and yummy. Mommy walked around and found quite a few that were ready to pick - a whole BOWL FULL, as you can see.

I simply could NOT contain my excitement. "All these peaches - FOR ME? Mommy you ARE a dear one. . . I will pose next to MY bountiful peaches and sing your praises. . ."

"Wait. . . what. .  ? They are NOT ALL for me? You're making more JAM? Just how MUCH jam do you need Mommy? You don't even eat the stuff!"



Idaho PugRanch said...

Not fair Noodles to not share some peaches with you!
Hazel & Mabel

Katie Dawn Wing said...

Those look like edible tennis balls. Now that is a great idea. Not jam.

Puppy Growls,