Monday, July 17, 2017

Tha' BARK Happened

Hats FIT - now let's get ROLLIN'

On Friday Molly and I, along with huMOMS and Cousin C, took a drive to BART, caught the BART train to Oakland, and attended BARK AT THE PARK. If you have never been to a BATP then you totally need to do so. It is a lot of fun. This was my 5th time attending and I gotta tell ya, each year I enjoy it. I was a little disappointed at the lack of vendors, though. Not that I need ANYTHING, mind you. But it is nice to see the stuff, get freebees (who DOESN'T like free stuff? And it is usually so handy), and chat with the vendors. And last year there was an ICE CREAM (soft serve) machine on the concourse. It was so yummy.

The lack of vendors aside, there was one I was very very very anxious to see again and that was the Lucy Pet Products/Foundation Gnarly Crankin' K9 Wave Machine. I gotta tell ya, it is the adventure of a lifetime to experience it. Not only was there a wave machine, but there was also a booth with Dr. Karen Halloran, the Lucy Pet resident vet. She was there to tell people and their pups about the new food Lucy Pet Products has developed as well as inform them of other LP Products like the conditioners and shampoos (which I use to keep my coats shiny, clean, and bitchin') and Sunshine the Cat's favorite - the Lucy Pet Cats Incredible ammonia eliminating kitty litter. More on that later.

First . . . Molly and I SURFED!!!!

I am telling ya - there is nothing like it. The FREEDOM of riding a wave (yes, the human held on to us the FIRST time. I did a second one SOLO) cannot be beat . . . except perhaps sticking ones head out of a moving car . . . but in any case, it was PAWSOME!

Then we visited the booth and talked with "Doc" Halloran. She gave us the inside scoop AND SOME SAMPLES of Lucy Pet's new food. I was so excited to try this new prebiotic-good-for-your-gut food! In fact, I ended up doing just that during my pregame warm-ups dinner break. It is every bit as good as Doc said and I give it a big 4 pseudo-thumbs up on flavor, texture, and crunchability. The gut health will have to wait until I get a big bag and try it out! They have kitty food too and Sunshine is going to try it tonight.

If you are not familiar with Lucy Pet Products and its associated Foundation, check it out. I included links in this post and my sidebar has a link as well. It is a stellar company that believes in giving back to the community by offering free spay and neutering for cats. The products division helps fund the foundation. I loves loves loves companies that give back. What a great mission.

After going through the line and getting our shot records checked, we received our goodie bags and allowed to enter the park. First stop was the Avoderm photo spot. In the past this was a very professional spot with REAL photographers. Not this year, though, and the guy at the booth only took photos with OUR phones. Hmmmm. Not happy about that. I still look cute but iPhones lack depth and rich colors.

Our seats were in the bleachers which at Oakland are pretty nice. They face the sun which can be a problem but overall - for bleacher seats - they are pretty nice.

Even pups get seats. I spent most of the game in my seat but opted for Mommy's lap once in a while.

Mommy and I took a walk and found this photo spot. I look pretty good, huh? If I could have held the bat I would have.

The Jumbotron had live feed of the field parade. We opted not to parade this year but in the past I have done it. I was looking for my FURiend Fezzik. He was there and he eventually got on the Jumbotron but not for the parade. I was on the Jumbotron as well. Mommy was so surprised she did NOT get a photo of my 15 seconds of fame. When she finds it, though, she will post it.

As the sun went down it became quite pleasant and I enjoyed it that much more. I tried a SELFIE and I kinda like it - though I was aiming to get the action in the field as well. We had fun and all but after 9 innings of baseball it was time to head home. I was tired and slept most of the way which I could do because I was in a bag AND did not have to drive home.

Sunshine tried the hat on for size

Our loot from the goodie bag
It was the best day and I look forward to it again next year. Really! I mean it! If you have a chance to go you totally should. In the meantime, here is a little Affirmation to start your week.


Julie said...

Oh Noodles you are a surfing STAR!!!! I'm am very very impressed
And just look at all your goodies, that's some haul you've got there.
What an amazing day, betcha can't wait to go again
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Idaho PugRanch said...

We are sooo impressed with your surfing!!!! What a fun day!
Hazel & Mabel

Two French Bulldogs said...

Holy peanuts and cracker jacks!!! You lucky dogs!!
Lily & Edward

Hilary said...

wow! What an amazing day. And I love the hats!

Katie Dawn Wing said...

What a spectacular day!!! And youre awful brave to go surfin! No way I could have done it.

Puppy Growls,