Friday, July 28, 2017

And The FUN Continues . . .

Lulu Rockin' The Hat

Do you remember our house guest from April - LULU? Well, she is back. I was just complaining to Mommy that I never see Lulu and, truth be told, I kind of missed her. She is funny because she is so young and full of energy. And she is CUTE as anything with her red "beard" and her "Flying Nun" ears. Really, what's not to like? Well, as luck would have it her Mommy and Aunt are both on vacation RIGHT now and couldn't take her with them. So we stood up high on our haunches and said SEND HER TO US!!!!

So Lulu arrived on last Friday night and I am telling you it has been non-stop fun since the minute she arrived. We have been playing chase the pup and wrestling and playing bitey-mouth almost non-stop! I am feeling like a PUPPY again. I think at this point you could say we are a bit like sisters more than FURiends. Yes, we are that close.

Mommy tried to get a VIDEO of Molly and Lulu playing; but true-to-form they stopped playing just as she started recording.

But I think you get the idea. Usually they are much more energetic.

Note the 3 beds lined up. That is because Molly and I were fighting over LULU'S bed and ignoring our own bed. So Mommy added the bed from Molly's crate (that Sunshine the Cat and I use but Molly never uses) so we could all have a bed while she is working. It worked. We happily all nap close to Mommy on our own beds.

All too soon it is time for Lulu to go home. Her Mommy and Aunt return this weekend and will be anxious to have her home. I, PUGsonally, cannot wait for the next time Lulu comes to stay.


stellaroselong said...

she looks like a ball of fun! mags

Two French Bulldogs said...

Looks like you guys are a good pair
Lily & Edward