Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Love Surprises - Don't You? #chewyinfluencer

It was THIS kind of afternoon. I was taking my usual NAP when Molly started to YAP.

This is not unusual. Molly YAPS a lot. She stands by the door watching the world go by and YAPS whenever she sees movement SORTA toward the house. And she keeps YAPPING even tho' everypuggy in the house is telling her to stop it. And I am like - "Stop it Molly! Stop it Molly!" And she keeps on yapping. And so I walk over to her and say IN HER EAR "Stop it Molly! Stop it Molly!"  But she doesn't and pretty soon I am doing THE PUG SCREAM "Stop it Molly. . . stop it Molly . . . stop it MOLLY!" Then we BOTH get time out for being yappy. But. . . but. . . but. . . This happens all the time.

But I digress. That is a story for ANOTHER time.

So Molly starts yapping and the next thing I hear is a THUMP at the door. That's it. Just a THUMP. Well, that's odd, I thought. But then Cousin E, who was still home at the time, yells downstairs "It's your package from CHEWY." Hmmmmm. We hadn't ORDERED anything from Chewy.com. That's ODDER.

But it wasn't ODD at all because there have been PLENTY of times we got unexpected TREATS from Chewy.com. They treat us like OLYMPIC GOLD and we love them so much.

So Mommy opened the door and sure enough, there was a CHEWY.COM box sitting on the stoop. Mommy brought it in and immediately tried opening it despite Molly and myself a-jumping on her legs and acting like out-of-control kangaroos. Yes, we were that bad. We KNOW what a Chewy.com box means.

Inside was a HUGE bag of something called Dr. Lyon's Dental Treats and a note addressed to Mommy #2. I SWEAR, Mommy, I did NOT do anything wrong to cause Ms Natalie of Chewy.com to TATTLE on me!!!! I only wrote one or TWO emails begging for treats. . . I said over and over while looking at Mommy with my BIG BROWN LIQUIDY EYES. She said she was aware of that. Whew.

The letter was an explanation of WHY we were getting these treats and WHAT they were. As Influencers, we are privileged to try these DENTAL CHEWS before they hit the CHEWY.COM webpage.

Oh My PUG!!!! It was like going to Church, it was such a religious experience. A HUGE bag of treats for us?

Mommy immediately started taking photos leading up to the moment we could actually TASTE the enclosed treats.

If we SMILE will we get the T-R-E-A-T?
 Molly: Hey Noodles! These smell GREAT!
Noodles: Oh yes, Molly, they smell really yummy.
 Mom! You are totally TORTURING us now.
At last! We get to eat these and it isn't even a mealtime and we didn't do anything GOOD? In fact, we were kinda bad? Mommy, you do realize you are reinforcing BAD behavior. But, if you are willing to let bygones be bygones, I GUESS I could try a small nibble.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A small nibble. . .

Mine was gone in under 2 minutes. I am pretty sure it had a good FLAVOR but I didn't CHEW it long enough to be sure. Maybe it still has dental powers if unchewed?

Molly's was gone in 5 minutes which, for an almost toothless pup is very respectable. She normally takes 2 hours to consume a dental chew.

So what is my take away at this point?

  • They are UBER tasty
  • They are too soft for a pug to get chewing action
  • They are TREATS so I don't care, gimme more
Mommy said I should also give you the DETAILS about the Dr. Lyon's Dental Treats. So here goes:

They are GRAIN-free which is important to many dogs AND they have a minty flavor. My breath smelled GOOD for a long time. 

The BRUSH shape (looks like hearts on each end, one smooth and one ridged) helps clear tarter and plaque from teeth as one chews (as if).

They do NOT contain corn, wheat, soy so they are digestible.

All natural ingredients - some imported - and the treats are made in the USA.

Ingredients: potato flour, pea protein, vegetable glycerin, pea starch, gelatin, water, natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, ground flaxseed, sunflower seed oil, citric acid, zinc propionate, peppermint oil, and mixed tocopherols.

Each (small dog) treat is 50 calories so they definitely should be factored into a calorie conscious diet, like MINE. Recommended limit is 1 chew a day.

So like I said, it was such a pleasant SURPRISE from Chewy.com and it really made my otherwise HO-HUM MONDAY turn into a fun and exciting day. I gave one dental chew each to my two boyFURiends, Pablo and Moose, for VALENTINES DAY and to see if they like them as much as Molly and I do. I am pretty confident that they will.

** We paid nothing for these treats and we promised nothing for these treats. Everything written in this blog comes from OUR hearts and minds only.

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Julie said...

They do look VERY tasty Noodles and you do have such a beautiful smile you want your reefs to be sparkly whites
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx