Monday, February 19, 2018

Pablo and Moose Visit Casa de Noodles

Pablo at top, Moose at bottom. Mommy
could not RIGHT this pic

Mommy left on Saturday evening. She was headed up the Peninsula to spend the night with her friend Auntie L. Auntie L and her daughter were going to PARIS, FRANCE for L's dad's birthday. Because of the quick turnaround on the trip, they could not take their two pups, Pablo and Moose. I know you have heard of my great FURiend Pablo. He is this super cute Havanese who came over a long time ago. But Mommy sees his HuMom a lot so in a way WE keep in touch. His brother is rather new. Moose was a Foster Fail and became Pablo's brother last Fall. Moose has a lot of emotional problems because it seems he was abused in his former home situation. PLUS he was a Street Pup for a long long time. So he has developed a lot of fears and phobias. Nonetheless, he is a really sweet pup and I am happy to call him FURiend.

So Mommy was gone ALL NIGHT and I was pretty sad. I sat right by the door waiting for her and then had a pretty lonely night sleeping without her. I understood - but it still made me sad.

The next morning, they all got up and ate some breakfast. Then they took the boys on a walk so they could have good feeling for Mommy. THEN, Mommy took everypuggy to the big big airport near SF. (In fact, it is called SFO). After dropping off Pablo and Moose's HuMom and HuSister, Mommy and the boys headed south to OUR HOUSE.

They were very good boys on the long drive to my house

Once they arrived at Casa de Noodles, I made sure the boys felt very welcome and I swear, I only laid on Pablo's bed when HE said it was okay. But I got into a little trouble anyhow because Mommy said it was a bit of a power move and NOT ACCEPTABLE. Okay okay. I get it. I went back to dominating Molly's red bed while she hung out with Cousin C.

Later on we showed them where to potty (Opps, Moose still had a couple of accidents - but I think he will catch on) and at dinner time we all RESPECTFULLY ate from our own bowls.

Finally, after Mommys #1 and #2 and Cousin C returned home from the hockey game (Go Sharks!!!), everypuggy settled down for a good night's sleep. Pablo and Moose preferred sleeping next to the front door because, I am pretty sure, they think their HuMom will be over soon to take them home. It's okay. All of the FURiends who stay here do the same thing.

I am thinking this could be a fun week.


Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Pablo and Moose are lucky to have such a great place to stay. We understand house guests and how sharing is hard as our cousin Emma stays with us for almost 6 months. Phod says be gentle with Moose, cause Phod was also abused and found as a street dog.

Idaho PugRanch said...

It is so nice of you to let Moose and Pablo come stay with you for a bit
Hazel & Mabel