Thursday, February 22, 2018

Visitors from Another Planet, Sorta . . . BUT First

I just want to say how SAD I am today. We lost one of our own - Blogville's Commissioner - the irreplaceable SARGE. I am sure many of you have heard the news by now and all would agree just what an influence he was on all of us. He was FUNNY, CLEVER, and COMPASSIONATE. Those are the qualities of a great LEADER. And Sarge was definitely a LEADER. So take a moment today and think of Sarge. And then go out and do something special for someone else. He would have wanted that. 
I love you Sarge - have fun with all of your FURiends over the Rainbow Bridge.

Now . . . our Visitors. . .

 These two are so FUNNY. It has been a pretty entertaining week with them here because they are kinda different from us. . . they are BOYS.

You know the book about Girls Are From Venus and Boys Are From Mars? I think that is very very accurate. Those two, Pablo and Moose, have a very different idea about energy. They are walking about constantly. And they follow my Mommy everywhere - even to the BATHROOM! Granted, I do that too, normally. I have given them free reign to follow Mommy everywhere she goes.

And you think I am a fast eater? I do not hold a candle to those two. Not at all!!! They eat faster and more completely than me. And there is NO LICKING the bowl afterward. No way! They are down the road and onto something else - and the bowl is licked spotless. They can eat faster than I can type E-A-T.

Toys are not safe around those boys. Well, toys are meant to be 
played with. . . I get it. But our toys are more for decoration than play. SOMETIMES we take them out and scatter them as IF we had been playing with them; but in truth, we just scattered them. These
boys, however, have playing down to an art. They each grab a toy, preferably with a squeaker, and then they run, and they squeak it, and they run, and they shake it, and they run. . . on and on. .

You get my drift? It is so different from how we play.

And when they get treats - well they become wild BANSHEES for a treat.

But when all is said and done, they are GOOD BOYS. They get along with everyPUGGY in the house and even let everypuggy pet and play with them. They are not at all possessive of their food dishes (Molly, ahem) nor their beds. I am guilty of always laying on their beds and they are CHILL (my house, my bed. That's my rule).

I think I am going to MISS Pablo and Moose when they return home on Saturday. They are different than us, true. But they are good boys and very entertaining.

I hope Auntie L and Cousin L are having a good time in PARIS, France; because we are sure having a good time here.

We are WHIMZEED out! Mommy gave us each one to eat
and we did. Then we napped. Molly was downstairs
"protecting" but not eating hers.


Idaho PugRanch said...

We are so very sad about Sarge, such a shock.
Glad your visitors are good boys!
Hazel & Mabel

Casey said...

I don't think it's a boy thing. Jessie is the wild thing in our house! It's just different pawsonalities.