Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Wanderings

The weekend here was GLORIOUS. In reality, the WHOLE week prior to the WEEKEND was glorious - warm, sunny and very UN-WINTER-like. As a result, we did a lot of this and that out doors. We even harvested TWO strawberries from the garden and I was the lucky recipient of both.

Molly and I went on several walks with different PEEPS everytime. Now THAT was fun. It was warm but not too warm for me and the sidewalk was cool. So I really felt like I could walk for miles and miles. But I did not.

We celebrated Cousin E's birthday yesterday. The house was decorated and presents were wrapped. And the smell of special food was all over DA HOUSE. We had Mexican food. I SAY we, but you know I did NOT get that lucky. Molly and I had to settle for DOG FOOD. But Mommy got us some special CANNED food that is a special LIMITED edition kind: MERRICK Pugs n Kisses. We heard about it through the GRAPEVINE and begged and begged for some. We generally like anything Merrick sells.

This one is especially yummy - partly from the PUGS on the label and partly from the recipe . . .

Real de-boned beef in a savory broth, along with fresh sweet potatoes, green beans, peas and apples. My mouth is watering just describing it for you. And it is grainfree so it is easy on sensitive tummys. I don't have one but I have heard Mommy complain about my stinky belches. As if! With Merrick Pugs and Kisses I do not belch as often or as "stink-aly"

I'm not reviewing this product, just sharing. We love it.

I spent some time waiting in the foyer for Mommy (and a bonus Mommy #1 was home from university for Cousin E's birthday pawty). She went to a Celebration of Life for someone very near and dear to her. And she went to the OPERA which is a lot of singing. Strange singing. She loved it - to each her own. To be honest. I like it as well. The arias are very emotional.

We watched a lot of Olympics when it was dark and that was great. I especially like the DOWNHILL and SNOW BOARDING events. . . and the Ice Skating and Dancing. . . and the LUGE. . . and the Speed Skating. . . I guess I really just find it all fun and exciting.

Whew! What a whirlwind, huh?
How was your weekend?


Idaho PugRanch said...

We should have mom look for that Pugs and Kisses food!
Hazel & Mabel

Julie said...

Oh Noodles, I would luffs to be SHARING a bowl of Pugs and Kisses foodables wiv you!It sounds delicious
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx
PeeS Happy Birthday to Cousin E

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We are jealous of your weather. Phod would be a good sharer, but Lee not so much! Sounds like a good weekend.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend...especially the Pugs and Kisses. It has heated up again here, so we've been walking in the morning and hibernating in the afternoons.