Thursday, February 8, 2018

Olympic Dreams

Are you as excited about the Olympics as I am? I am SHIVERING with excitement, I tell you. I just love to see the WORLD come together in the SPIRIT of good will and healthy competition. Well, I am not sure about that second part - I am sure there is some UNHEALTHY competition going on, as well. But the ATHLETES are there to do their best and represent their respective countries; so on some level there is HEALTHY competition.

As I have shown you before, I am a pretty ATHLETIC pug. I run, on occasion. I jump. . . for treats. I swim when forced to. But these are all SUMMER type sports and I just wish I had the opportunity to show the world what I can do in WINTER. Living in the Bay Area has its drawbacks, after all. No SNOW. Not much COLD. And the only Wintery type sport going on here is San Jose Sharks Hockey.

Go Sharks!!

So last night I was dreaming about the OLYMPICS and WINTER sports. And THIS is what I was imagining I would be really really good at - something like CURLING? Or maybe ICE SKATING? I think I would be very good at both

I dreamt of competing and, of course, standing on the MEDAL STAND. Yes, either sport would suit me - I am calculating and graceful, as ANYPUGGY will tell you.

BUT I am also BUILT for SPEED, don't you think? So maybe I would be better suited for these sports



Huh? Huh? AMIRITE? You know I would look pawsome in those outfits, in any case.

But DREAM as I might, I could not imagine myself getting anywhere in these two sports. Looking good in the outfits is just part of the sport.

I then I realized these DREAMS were more along the lines of PIPE DREAMS. And maybe I should look to my overall strengths. And so I returned to the sport of CURLING. I mean, I have a delightfully curly TAIL. And when I sleep I curl into a ball.

It just FEELS right. So this time, I dreamt of CURLING but with a

Yes, yes, yes. I think THIS is the dream I will work towards for the NEXT winter Olympics. . .

Like I said, I'm a

Now, where did I put that CHIP BOWL and Cheese TRAY? I've got an Opening Ceremonies pawty to plan. . .


Idaho PugRanch said...

We are watching the Olympics as we type! We like the figure skating
Hazel & Mabel

Julie said...

Dearest Noodles I finks you could be a WINNER at any sport you put you mind to...especially if there were TREATS as prizes butt, I haf to warn you, watching the reports from there it is very COLD!!!!!!! I should be an armchair participant if I wuz you....(butt, that still means TREATS fur prizes, Mommy!!!!!)
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Casey said...

That's brilliant, Noodles! I'm pawfectly happy being an ace Olympics spectator, but Jessie thinks she and Stanley should try for pairs figure skating.

Angel Payton, Donald, and Daisy's Gampy said...

I'd have to say you are definitely into it Noodles!!

Love, Gampy