Tuesday, February 6, 2018

NorCal Splendor

Hiding in plain sight
 We have had some really good weather here in NorCal lately. Well, not good from a water standpoint, but great from a get-out-and-enjoy-it standpoint. And that is what I do best - ENJOY it.
I was out sunning in the back yard when Mommy took these pictures of me. It was just before she and Auntie B took off for the coast. . . without me.
Ahhhh, this is how Winter should be. . .
I can't really be mad at them. I mean, look at me. I am as comfortable as can be and not at all inclined to come in when called. That is what prompted Mommy to look out the window, as a matter of fact. I was not coming when called. Of course, had she shouted "TREAT" I would have been at the door TOOT SWEET!!!

I wanted to share Mommy's pictures from the coast because she said it could not have been more PERFECT. It was in the low 70s which is perfect beach weather. You don't want it too warm because the sand gets too hot and then you get too hot. And Mommy cannot sit out in the sun for long stretches like she used to when she was younger. Plus really warm days are always very very crowded at the coast. This day was PERFECT in every way.

Look at that view. Can't you just hear the waves gently lapping at the shore? Can't you just smell that sweet salt air? Mommy says her soul resides at the coast. I think mine does too.

 I am getting anxious to visit the coast just from these photos!

Mommy and Auntie B spent the day walking up and down the shore letting the cold Pacific Ocean tickle their toes. They also collected sea shells and they got quite a haul! There were tons of shells along the shore! It was low tide when they got there so some shells that are not usually easy to find were very very available.

They also saw a wide variety of sea life. If you BIGIFY the photo to my left you will see some shore birds flying low to the water just behind Auntie B. Mommy said it looked like they were drawing in the air.

And of course there were the many sea gulls flying around and cawing at each other. There is something very magical about the sound of a Sea Gull cawing. Maybe it elicits thoughts of voyages and adventures on the high seas? Or maybe it is just a pretty sound. I dunno. . . but I LIKE it.

They also saw some DOLPHINS swimming along the shore!. Can you imagine? They's come slightly out of the water and then not show up again for quite a distance. They are so cool! Mommy said at one point a POD of FIVE went by.

 If you BIGIFY this picture you can see one of the dolphin's back. We don't know that guy. He walked into the frame just as Mommy snapped the photo.

They also saw a SEA OTTER floating on its back and riding the waves. One does not often see SEA OTTERS down in that area but it was definitely there. Must have been good feeding grounds.

They also spotted a sea lion ON THE SHORE! It must have caught a wave along with the surfers who were out there, and rode it in! It was left when the water receded BUT since the waves were so close together, it caught the next wave outts TOWN. It all happened too fast for Auntie B and Mommy to capture it on camera.

So that was Mommy's magical day at the shore. I spent a lot of time snoozing and exploring the back yard. And when Mommy got home, I got lots of hugs from Auntie B. I love her so much.

And THAT, my FURiends, is the splendor of life in NORCAL/


Casey said...

OMD, a sea lion?! I've never seen one of those! Sounds pretty pawesome. I'm jealous of your beach.

Julie said...

What a PAWFECT day fur all...and yes I am green wiv jellyness...especially about seeing Aunty B!!!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx