Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I went CRUISIN' the other day.
Yeah, you heard me. Cruisin' and not ashamed to say so. Oh, I did the perfunctory walking first - all the way to the shopping center. A WHOLE quarter of a MILE!
Then I did the pout thing.
Then I did the liquid eye thing.
Next thing I knew . . . I was CRUISIN'. In a lime green stroller just my size. Sah - WEET!!!
I realize not everyone can look cool in a stroller.
It's good to be a pug.


5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

Wesa luvs your limey green stroller...I can't believe that you had to walk THAT FAR. So not a puggy distance.
Lots of hugs and licks,
The Slimmer Puggums

Life with 5 dogs said...

That is one cool green stroller you have there. Looks like you had a nice stroll.

The Mama Monster said...

Hahahah so cute!

~The Monster Crew

Minnie Moo said...

Wow, that's an awesome stroller. I got to get one of those for me! I pout too sometimes on walks...walking is for non-pugs.


Minnie Moo

Maddy the Puggle said...

OMG! Where did you get that stroller?! and you do look cute in it-BOL

Vito and Gina said...

Love the second picture of you just chillin' in your stroller! I hope this doesn't give my Mom any ideas...she already has enough ideas for me like sweaters and hats.


The Devil Dog said...

Hahahahaha, Lucky does that to PlusOne. Then after she gets too heavy, he gives her to mom, who carries her home. lol


Southern Fried Pugs said...

That's awesome! Love the green stroller.

dw said...

You are one lucky puggie!

Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

Whoa, that is one way too awesome stroller. I think you are just way cool strolling in it. Green is so your colour. Mum!!....... I wants a stroller like Noodles, I needs one so I can looks cool too!