Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh! Those Bad Boyz!

We had house guests over the recent holiday weekend. Uncle K, Aunt D and gang came all the way down (from wherever UP they are from) to spend some time with us! Included in the gang are 2 golden retrievers who are kept in the backyard while I dominate the house.

We don't play together because, frankly, they are BAD BOYZ!

Oh, I pretend I do not like their barking and jumping on things. And I hide a giggle when they scale the swingset and slide. Deep down, deep deep down, though, I find this behavior


Kinda attractive.

Mommy(s) think I don't like them because I go to the glass doors and bark, bark, bark at them.
And bark, bark, bark some more at them.

I am really just telling them - "Hey! Look at me! Aren't I CUTE?"
I was really sad when they left.
Hey! Kand K! Come back soon - I wanna - um - TALK!


Corbin said...

They should know about your cuteness! Bark and Bark away if they ignore you!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Noodles watch out for bad boys!

Life with 5 dogs said...

Nothing like giving them a good bark especially if they are ignoring you.

Bellatrix- I'm a pug! said...

Oh Noodles everyone knows bad boys are so much fun...but eventually they will sniff the butt of the first Lab they see, or will eat all your treats or steal your favorite stuffed animal. Stick with the good boys (I've got my Spencer), someone who'll appreciate your cuteness!

Simply Pug said...

Oh Noodles! We need to gather more pugs to make them notice. Let's concoct an evil plan (muhahahaha) on how to make them pay! They need to see how cute you are! No matter what!
~Baby and Lucy

Minnie Moo said...

Bad boys are the bestest! Its hard for mommys to understand that. :)


Minnie Moo