Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'll take THAT one

My Mommy #2 was sick this past weekend. She said the FLU bug caught her despite her trying hard to out run it. I felt duty bound to stay close to her, bring her comfort, warm her tootsies, and so on. What ever I could do to help.
But we had a PROBLEM. It seems we always wanted the same pillows and bed space. So a lot of time was spent with Mommy #2 switching pillows or moving her feet while at the same time I would be switching pillows and moving to another spot on the bed.
With 4 pillows and a full bed you'd think there would be plenty of room!
And yet we always ended up IN THE SAME SPACE!
I think deep down Mommy #2 really wanted me on her pillow and draping over her feet.
After all - is there anything more COMFORTING than a warm puppy snuggled close?


Simply Pug said...

Oh Noodles! Whenever we paw your bloggie we always find you doing something sweet or sour in a cute and funny way. This time your sweet side has really made plenty of awes come out of our human and we really love the way you help your human. Be her guardian angel and you shall get something much more in return....LOVE.
~Baby and Lucy

The Teacher's Pets said...

I totally agree that there's nothing better than a pug to keep our tootsies warm. Pillows pale in comparison to pugs, anyday! How nice of you to be concerned about your mom and I hope she is feeling much better now!

Maddy the Puggle said...

When Mommy or Daddy are sick I ALWAYS know and make sure to be extra calm and cuddle with them (very close of course) to make them feel better! Great job looking after your Mommy Noodles!