Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun Times

Went to a barbecue yesterday. Yes, ME the DOG was invited to the barbecue.
I was on my best behavior, unless someone opened the door. Then a quick slip by their legs and I was IN THE HOUSE - underfoot - in the kitchen! Oh it was sweet BLISS! All that food preparation going on and an amazing array of food bits dropping on the floor.
I did this about SIX times before I was banished to my crate for a time out. So . . .
I took a nap.
After my nap I took a short tour of the yard. There was a river of red lava rocks (or pebbles. . . or stones . . . OH WHATEVER!!!) that I found extremely fun to run through. In addition to the tickly feeling on my feet, they also made this cool swishing noise when I ran through them AND dust and rocks would fly from my wake!!! How COOL is that? I was asked to stop throwing the rocks out of the river. I stopped and tilted my head questioningly. Then I started dashing through the rocks again.
I was grabbed by my Mommy and escorted to my crate to reflect on my not minding,
I took a nap.
Then it was time to barbecue and the whole party moved outside. It was fun for a while until I wandered into the vegetable garden and tried to HELP pick tomatoes. . . I said HELP . . . help myself to a cherry tomato or two. Then I was rousted from the garden and into my crate, for another respite.
I took a small nap.
I was rewarded for my good behavior with one of the bestest and ynmmiest dinners I have ever ever had! They made me a hamburger!!! And smothered it in lettuce!!! And sprinkled it with kibble! For once I did not really gobble my food. I savored it.
When I was done, I walked to my crate - on my own - and took a much deserved nap.
Fun Times.


Life with 5 dogs said...

We are glad to hear that you were able to go to the barbecue. What a special treat to be able to have your very own hamburger.
Your Friends

Minnie Moo said...

The BBQ sounds wonderful. And you got a hamburger and lots of naps! Wish Lincoln and I could go to sometime....


Minnie Moo

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Noodles that sounded like a great weekend! When we get times out Mom picks us up and holds us funny because we don't have crates. I thinks a crate would be nice to nap in like you do. Did you take any pictures of your yummy hammburger?


Corbin said...

Ohhhhh, hamburgers are my favorite! Sounds like a super fun bbq!

Noodles said...

My sock monkey bed is in my crate as well. It is comfy cozy and not a lot like punishment ;-)
Love Noodles

Bellatrix- I'm a pug! said...

I was totally into reading your blog then you mentioned hamburger....and I blissed out. You are one lucky dog Noodle. I'm going to go and dream hamburger dreams.

Simply Pug said...

BBQ on a MONDAY?! Oh Noodles! You are one lucky pug who doesn't let Monday turn you down.
~Baby and Lucy the Puglets

Noodles said...

It was Sunday Baby and Lucy. I posted it Monday.
Love Noodles