Friday, September 17, 2010

Yakkity Yak!

I have a problem with chewing. Aside from my well documented obsession with chews - I MEAN SHOES - I live to chew on string, plants (sorry Auntie T) and paper.

More recently I have discovered the wonderfulness of chewing on THROW PILLOWS. And we have a lot of them. Mommy has been so upset by this behavior that she has started to BAN me from the couches. And I love couches. I love snuggling with my Mommys on the couches.
Unless I get this pillow habit under control, though, I am never gonna be allowed on the couches again.

But help is on the way thanks to my lovely pal Bellatrix. See Bellatrix sent me some Himalayan Yak chews. She loves them and is sure I will too.

So I tried one half of one.
Hopefully with the help of the Yak I can eventually overcome my pillow chewing madness and be allowed on the couches again.
Thanks Bellatrix - for giving me hope in the shape of a CHEW.


Bellatrix- I'm a pug! said...

Awww Noodles!! So awesome, I'm glad you like the yak chews...they are the best chew things ever!!!!!!! Mom just ordered me more because I"m such a chewer. She even gets me jumbo ones and I go through them like crazies. Every pug should know the joy of a yak chew. I was happy to share that joy with you. Until we meet Noodles, we'll always have yak chews.

Simply Pug said...

Oh Noodles! We hope that the Yak really helps you out so you can enjoy the freedoms of being on the couch. We know you can do it!
~Pug Hugs Baby and Lucy

Maddy the Puggle said...

Oh Noodles! Not allowed on the couches-GASP! I would be so upset! Hope those Yaks help get your chewing under control so you can get back to the cuddling :)