Friday, April 22, 2016

Morning Mourning and Musings

The world lost an amazing artist yesterday. Mommy #2 says she is kind of reeling from all of the losses 2016 has thrown at the entertainment industry. I mention the entertainment industry because let's face it - my great aunt Agatha's passing is not newsworthy.

In honor of the artist known as PRINCE I have changed the color of my page to purple. Just for the weekend, mind you. But he was a person worthy of this tribute. He influenced all of my favorite musicians! Really - music is played a lot in my house. Think of all of the songs he wrote that were performed by others - here's a link

So I am taking a few moments to just remember Prince Rogers Nelson and thank him for all he gave to the world.

It is raining again today. This is a nice change from last year when we got so little rain that we were begging for it from other states. It is still not going to be enough (helpful but not a cure) to solve our water woes and we are looking at another summer of water rationing. Not only that but on the heels of el Nino is la Nina - which is supposed to be a dry season.

I am lucky. I have a raincoat so I am good.

Tonight is the start of Mommy #1's dance show. She is a member of the dance team at her school and this is the climax of their year. They will perform 5 shows in total. Very exciting. It is also the weekend that she is going to decide what college she will be attending in the fall. Can you believe it? She is going to COLLEGE? I cannot even wrap my head around that. I know my COUSIN E went away to college last year and we only see her once in a while. I am not sure I can handle that with my Mommy #1. I will miss her a lot if this is true.

I am going to leave you with this Prince video. I found it on YouTube and it is awesome. Enjoy.
Have a magical weekend and make sure to tell those you LOVE that you. . . um. . . LOVE THEM.


LBJ said...

Prince was one of the few artists of the 80's that she liked to listen to , when she was busy with college and work and stuffs. She was very sad he is gone. Thank you for the remembrance.

Abby Lab

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We loved Prince too!