Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tahoe Talk - Day Two

The view from our cabin.
Hello from Lake Tahoe
As you can tell, I am writing my adventures a day behind because, frankly, when I start writing nothing has yet happened.
But you will get the whole story, I promise.

Following the COYOTE INCIDENT of day one, we were a little freaked out. Every little sound had me yipping my little heart out and it took quite a while for us all to calm down and sleep. There were no COYOTE sounds our first night.

Last night was a whole 'nother tale as we "enjoyed" a COYOTE SYMPHONY right after sundown.

But on to my SECOND DAY adventures. The day dawned bright and cool. Mommy took me out for my morning bidness which means WALK #1. I love walking around here as there are few cars and lots on interesting smells. All in all, we took FIVE WALKS throughout the day. I napped a lot ;-) inbetween walks.

One of my naps
The air is really crisp and fresh here and I LOVES LOVES LOVES the taste of the breeze as I walk along. I met up with Echo, the dog I met yesterday when we had the COYOTE ENCOUNTER. She was walking beside her mommy as her mommy RODE A BIKE! How novel! I never even considered that. I might be able to convince my Mommys to let me try it before we leave the meadows.

Aside from the BBQ chicken I had for dinner last night, I had one last adventure - my Mommys got me the BIGGEST Bully Stick I have ever seen! It is almost too big for me to handle. But I am trying - between naps.


pugtails.net said...

Walks, napping and nom-ables. Sounds like a dream holiday.

Kitty+Coco said...

Oh Lawdy! That bully stick is huge. Wonder if I could convince mom to get me one...
Anyway, I'm sure your barking totally scared off the big dog cyotes. Way to put them in their place, Noodles. Happy napping.

Kitty and coco

Tessa the Maltese said...

All those walkies and naps sounds like a great vacation to me!

That bully stick is HUGE, it is like the biggest ever! Enjoy it!

Woos, Tessa

Payton said...

BBQ chicken and bully sticks...I'm not sure your vacation could get any better!

Frankie Furter said...

I think those coyotes were trying to sing you to sleep.... BUTT becareful.. they can be TRICKY!!!

Love that HOOOOOOGE Bully Stick!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Look at all the fun your having,
walks and barbeques,, and site seeing... and huge bully sticks,
Life is perfect as long as those coyotes leave you alone

Misiober said...

Oh what a great vacation you have Noodles !!!! Lots of adventures. The Coyote Incident was sooooo scary, I''m glad all of you are just fine !!!
and I just LOVE napping Noodles !!! too cute and sweet ! Kisses pretty boy Gosia

Hound Girl said...

What a great vacay!!! Wow we are jealous!! Keep having fun!!