Monday, July 25, 2011

Tahoe Talk - First Day

Hello my pals in Blogville. We finally made it to the lovely south shore of Lake Tahoe. It was a pretty long drive (about 4-5 hours, I am told) but I just chilled in my crate, snoring and occasionally watching the scenery change.
We arrived mid afternoon and unloaded the car. I was the last to be unloaded, harrrrruumph! Because of the coyotes and bears, I am not allowed off leash. Once the car was empty, I was finally allowed to relieve myself! And whatta relief it was!
The rest of the afternoon was uneventful and I played with a chewy treat most of the time. The Mommys were setting things up, putting things away, and so on.
Après dinner we all took a walk around the meadows. It was a lovely time of the evening and the day was cooling off so nicely that I hardly panted at all. We met up with this other doggy who was walking her mommy. She was a senior cocker spaniel named Echo (pretty name huh? She was named after a Sierra lake near Tahoe). She is deaf but you can't really tell.
All of a sudden they stopped and said GULP really loudly. Up ahead were two HUGE coyotes staring hungrily at Echo and Moi! They were scary looking. We weren't too sure what to do but Echo's mommy suggested we walk as a group and talk very loudly. Maybe, she thought, it will scare them. It didn't really scare them but they did start to walk away some, slowly. We kept walking and talking loudly and saw that the coyotes had turned a corner - the corner WE were heading toward. We saw one pooping near the softball field but not the other. I think he said "You do your thing Dude, I am going over here!"
Hee hee.
Then we saw why. A Bluejay was dive bombing at the coyotes and screeching at them! They wanted nothing to do with him and kept on going and at a much faster pace!
The rest of our walk home was uneventful, whew!
Sorry for the lack of pictures of me. Mommy is having some computer problems and her iPad is not letting her add photos.

9 comments: said...

Yikes, Noodles! Those coyotes sounded scary. Good thing you had that Blue Jay looking out for you. I hope you have a fun time there without any more coyote encounters! -Love, Sid

Payton said...

Oh, Noodles! You be careful there, you here! That is an order!

Anonymous said...

Scary! Your story has left me all shook up. You sure owe that bluejay a whole heal of gratitude. He sure saved your bacon, and that of your mommies and your new friendst too.

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Eeeeek! You make sure to tell those coyotes that Noodles are NOT delicious!

Benny and Lily said...

You be careful of those coyotes Noodles. A recent article says they try to pull a pup off a leash, so scawy. We saw one the other morning
Benny & Lily

Frankie Furter said...

NOODLES.. you did such a gooood job of describing stuffs that we really didn't HAVE to have pics to SEE the Scary Coyotes in our heads.
butt I would still like to see the pics sometime.
I will prolly have night mares though.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Noodles
Your camping trip sounds like a real challenge keeping those coyotes away from you.
Jeepers,, they can be scary,, so please be carefuls.
Blue Jays are ok,, but no coyotes.
Don't forget to toast some marsh mellows

Anonymous said...

wow Noodles you be extra watchfull there specially at night! sheesh! Sounds fun but sacary!

Try to have a great time. Frankie is right you do a great job of describin the camp we didn't even need the pics!

woos, Tessa

~!*Kel-z*!~ said...

Well noodles u should just throw some rocks at them stupid coyts n made a bunch of noise n wat not. they would have ran off n left u alone (if they rn't rabbie[sp] infested). 1 time me n gramps where riding in a pasture n we came right up 2 1. we were super close but he just looked at us like.. "sup" we didn't take much mind 2 him n took note tht he was there incase he went after the calves. those coyts wont bug u unless they r hungry or trying 2 protect their pups n watnot. regardless stay safe!