Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Chilling November Morning

Hello! How did everypuggy do last night? Did you go Trick or Treating? Did you have a lot of TnTers? I did not go out this year. I have in the past and I really really enjoyed it. But Cousin C only went out for a short while and Mommy did not think I would want to go. She was wrong, of course. I desperately wanted to walk around the neighborhood showing off my WONDER WOMAN costume.

From this angle I look like. . . well, NOT Wonder
Woman. More like a Fifi or a Gigi
So I stayed home and announced each and every TnTer who came to the door - "There's Batman! There's Wonder Woman! Yo! That's a cute Butterfly." It was exhausting but necessary work. At least that is what I THOUGHT - until I was sequestered in my pen in the dark den. Away from the action, all I could do was SLEEP and occasionally bark when the doorbell rang.

We had over 120 visitors last night. That is a lot. We have had more, years ago. But it doesn't seem like people take their kids out much anymore. And if they do, it isn't to our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is older now and all the trees are very grown. It is dark enough to make walking at night kind of difficult and a little unnerving. It is safe, to be sure; but quite dark.

I kinda like Halloween, though. Not the ghost story stuff. No, I don't like that. I like the spirit of fun that pervades the day and I really really love the rustle of falling leaves and the whisper of the breeze when it sidles through the as yet unfallen leaves. It is almost magical. Fall is definitely here.

Happy November to you ALL


The Daily Pip said...

120 visitors! Wow! Sounds like you were a big help announcing them all to your family.

Idaho PugRanch said...

120! OMD!!! We had 8 and they were relations
Hazel & Mabel

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We get 0 kids in the country. We are sure the kids all loved you!