Thursday, November 16, 2017

Molly's New Bed

I used to possess ALL of the beds in the household. That is no longer true. Some of my beds have been tossed because they were raggedy and unfixable. Some were uncomfortable. And some were ruined by a thoughtless cat (guess WHO that is). I have had many beds. And I share them. With anyone - human, dog, cat, whatever. As long as I have ONE of them to myself, I am happy.

Well Molly is not like that. She decides she wants a bed, she TAKES it, even if I am still in it. I am used to it, I guess, even if I don't really like it. Sometimes it helps keep me warm when the temperatures drop. Sunshine is NOT so generous. She wants her SPACE - period! I think she has shared a spot with us once or twice but that was when we had a really big bed.

Anyhooooooo . . . My beds now number TWO. And I am fine with that IF I get to recline on ONE of the two. Hahahaha. I thought I had solved the problem when I insisted Sunshine get a new CAT CONDO to hang out in. And she does hang out in it most of the time. When she is not there, she is taking ONE OF MY BEDS. She has two more BEDS of her own. The cocoon she lets Molly hang out in and occasionally she will take it over. She has another bed in Aunt T's room.

Molly has TWO beds as well - one is by the Cat Condo and heater vent. I love that spot so when I find myself without one of MY beds, I make my way there. Often, Sunshine is there. Sometimes, Molly pushes me outta there. Her other bed used to be in her crate (oh yeah. She has a bed in there as well) but seldom does anyone use that bed. It is flat.

The other day Molly's Mommie and my Mommy #2 went shopping AND they came back with a NEW BED for Molly. I was pretty sure it was for me (history) but I kept getting shooshed away from it. Molly loves that bed and spent all of Monday in the bed. Her new bed is RED.

Red Bed.

This was yesterday when Mommy was working in the office. NOTE who is in the RED BED. Not Molly, that's who. When EVERYPUGGY'S back was turned, I snuck in and settled down. No one noticed for the longest time. Molly TRIED to bully me out of the bed but I pretended to be in a DEEP sleep.

No matter. . . she staged a coup over my BLUE BED. She knows how much I love my BLUE BED.I was really awake and I saw the WHOLE THING.

This morning I trotted over to the RED BED and make myself comfortable. Mommy was preparing to work and the bed is right next to the office. Well, next thing I knew, Molly was sidling her way INTO THE SAME BED. She didn't even ask. She didn't look me in the EYE. She just MADE HERSELF at home.

If I wasn't so cold I would kick her out.

I know you are all thinking "Where is Noodles' Star Trek bed?" Mommy just muttered something about STINK and LAUNDRY. 


Idaho PugRanch said...

We have so many beds all over the house we rarely have to share although I try to share with Hazel but she likes them all to herself. I actually prefer the back of the couch and love seat anyway

Anonymous said...

Oh Noodles, this is an UNFAIR situation. You need your own snuggly bed, near a heater vent. But we think Molly loves you so much she needs to be snuggly with you a lot. We are cogitating on how you might resolve this DILEMMA.

Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Casey said...

We solve this problem by not having assigned beds. ALL beds can be used by everyone -- except for Pigeon's bed, because it's just too small for us pups! But Jessie and I freely alternate which beds we use. We'll even go into each other's crates when the doors are open. And of course we ALL share the BIG bed in the master bedroom!