Tuesday, November 14, 2017

This Weekend Mommy Disappeared

Mommy #2 DISAPPEARED for 3 whole days this past weekend. I should have known the signs. . . her BARREL of building stuff appeared, she went shopping for extra snacks, and long discussions with Auntie D. Happens every year and it ALWAYS catches me off guard. In our house, this is called Showcase Time. It is the time of year when Auntie D's ballet studio puts on its annual showcase. Mommy and Aunts B & T danced in it at one time. . . Cousin K and Cousin E danced in it at one time . . . and my Mommy #1 danced in it until she started university. So this show is very very important to our family.

Mommy spends one weekend helping sort and distribute costumes. The sorting takes a long time. Aunt B helps too. This year, because of her back, Mommy couldn't do quite as much so Auntie D and Aunt B had to do a little more. But that is how FAMILY (even extended family) works.

Then the real fun begins. . . SHOWCASE WEEKEND. It is held here.

Santa Clara Convention Center
Unfortunately and fortunately it is located near here, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, Levi Stadium.

And they had a game. Bummer. It made getting to the shows difficult. But people made it happen.

View from Convention Center parking toward Levi Stadium

Friday ALL DAY was move into the theater and set build day. It is a lot of work. But at the end, the sets really make the show and Mommy says it is a labor of love. 

This is what the sets looked like this year. From
the audience seating the "buildings" look

The next two days were even longer and Mommy left early in the morning and returned late at night BOTH DAYS!!! She was pretty tired too. I missed her a LOT, even though she did come home to SLEEP.

The audience view

There is NOTHING like being onstage. The whole atmosphere buzzes with excitement and expectation. With THREE shows, anything can happen. I can tell you - a LOT of MAGIC happens.

Behind the scenes - Mommy's point of view

Dancers awaiting their turn to dance
Mommy says she gets a lot of satisfaction from SHOWCASE. The culmination of all of the hard work is so worth it. And the dancers take away even more - confidence and pride in performing; satisfaction in doing their best; and a sense of camaraderie and family with people NOT in their families. It is really really special.

The Showcase went very very well and pretty much everyone is pleased with all they accomplished. Mommy is already planning on what she will do differently next year.

If it ain't broke, Mommy, DON'T fix it!

This is my FAVORITE part of being in the THEATER . . . gazing out at the audience and DREAMING . . .

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