Friday, October 11, 2019

Apples AND Nothing to DO With Me!

I am staging a bit of a protest today. You see - Mommy #2 took off yesterday morning and did NOT return until AFTER her night job. Yes, it was close to night-night time. And that meant I had to NOT ONLY hold my pee for a long long time, but I also had no HUMOM to cuddle with and chat with and . . . just BE with. She is my WORLD, after all. That is unless Mommy #1 is home and then SHE is also my WORLD.

She went to visit our furiends in Sacramento - Auntie S and Sif, Xena and Thor. Sif and Xena are doodles - Thor is a newfie.

Sif (front) Xena (back) - I don't have a good
photo of Thor

That is BESIDE the point. What she did while there is the POINT. They went to Apple Valley and SMELLED (and ate a little bit of) APPLES. I loves loves loves APPLES, as anyone who follows my blog knows.



Mommy had been PAST APPLE VALLEY, but had never actually been to AV. She really liked it because it is beautiful and quaint and filled with farms nestled in the Sierra foothills. It is amazing territory. She said they had fun and ate apple donuts. She DID NOT bring any apples home for me to taste. I am a little sad about that.

Like I said, I love APPLES.

I am working on my peevishness about this latest Mommy transgression - meditation helps.

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LBJ said...

So sorry you got left alone. Here's hoping both Mommy #1 and #2 are home with you soon!