Monday, October 21, 2019

Noodles the Pug - College Senior

Doesn't it seem like only YESTERDAY that we sent MY GIRL off to college? It went by so quickly and here it is. . . SENIOR year. I can hardly believe it myself.

This weekend I spent with Mommy #1 on campus. No, her school is NOT that progressive and does NOT allow students to have dogs (or even PUGS) in the dorm or suites. But Mommy gets special permission to once in a while bring me on campus for a long weekend visit. It is so special and I love it so much. She has a 2 bedroom suite so it is like having space ALL TO MYSELF when I hang out in her room. And we sit together in the common area A LOT studying and watching movies. It is so nice.

Then there is the SOCIAL aspect of a weekend visit. I get to see A LOT of Mommy's friends who also live in the suites or nearby off campus. They all take time out of studying to come by and say HI. What I like most about being on the college campus is the sense of purpose that everypuggy has. It is kinda exciting. I will miss it a lot once Mommy #1 graduates (Spring 2020).

We didn't go a lot of places over the weekend, just hung out together. I really really enjoy doing that. We don't get to often enough.

Today Mommy #2 came by to get me. It was an extra special thing because I got to go to Mommy #1's work(campus job) and meet all the people she gets to work with AND THAT is from where M#2 picked me up. They are some pretty cool folk and I was so happy to put faces with names AND scents. Mommy talks about them a lot - but you know humans, their ability to accurately describe another BEING is quite limited.

I am happy as a clam to be back home. I know Molly missed me a lot. I know Mommy #2 likewise missed me a lot although she won't say as much. She does not want Mommy #1 to think it is NOT okay to steal me away for a couple of days. She thinks like that - my HuMOM #2 does.

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