Monday, October 14, 2019

Fallish Around Here

It's cool and clear today. The sunshine spreads for miles and the winds have died down (it was SO WINDY on Friday). In other words, FALL has arrived in NorCal. My favorite things about the FALL are the cooler days so IF I want to go outside or go for a walk, it is cool enough for me to do so as much as I want. In Summer, my excursions are minutes long at best. Can't be too careful with flat-faces in hot weather.

So you all know huMOM #2 went to Apple Valley on Thursday. She came back the same day - well, evening, but had to go straight to work! I saw her only briefly that evening before we headed to night-night.

Saturday was a pretty fun day. Mommy #2 had a friend over to help make LEMON CURD. Well, actually it was more Mommy teaching her how to make it. They talked A LOT and giggled A LOT. The kitchen smelled so wonderful with lemons, too. I helped by making sure I was RIGHT BY THEIR feet while they were cooking. I was careful I did not trip anyone with a hot pan in their hand, though. That was all afternoon and then Mommy and I sat in the couch watching movies the rest of the evening.

Sunday was FUN DAY. We got up early and went to breakfast with Mommy #1! How special is that? We went to Panera and it was a nice enough morning to sit outside and eat. That is why I got to go! We were outside. After breakfast, we walked around the shopping center which included a visit to PetsMart. I like that place. The cashiers give me TREATS.

Then we drove to Mommy #1's apartment on campus and GUESS WHAT!!!!! I got to spend the NIGHT with her! Yes! I really did and I liked it so much. I loves loves loves spending time with Mommy #1.

Mommy DID LEAVE ME for a while in the evening (I stayed with her roomie - but mostly I slept) so she could attend the SAN JOSE SHARKS game. It was the first home game following the return of Patrick Marleau to teal. The whole town was buzzing with excitement over this one and both of my mommys said it was one of the BEST games they'd ever gone to. It was helped a lot by them winning the game.

My Mommys are in this photo of Patrick Marleau. They were
at the glass for warm-ups

Mommy and I cuddled a little while before heading to bed and this morning Mommy #2 arrived to pick me up. I am ready to snooze now because I am so exhausted from all the todoing this weekend.

Happy Monday everypuggy.

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