Thursday, October 17, 2019

So Sew!

Hi Everypuggy
I am working hard trying to finish my Halloween costume in time. It has not been quite as easy as I thought. But I am confident I will have SOMETHING done on the day of the HAUNTING.

First of all, I had to find a pattern. That SHOULD have been easy but Mommy has found that ready made patterns DO NOT fit a pug. Even if a PUG is featured on the pattern envelope - it still never quite fits me right. The ONLY sewn costume that ever fit me right was the StormTrooper costume. And MOMMY created that one from scratch using a template online for a HUMAN costume. She's pretty clever, that Mommy of MINE.

Looking around the internets, I found something that MIGHT work even though it is not specifically a PUG thing

It gives Mommy the basic outline of what she needs to cut out. From there we can design something.

The next thing we had to do was shop for fabric. Have you ever BEEN to a FABRIC store before? It is OVERWHELMING. There are so many kinds of fabric and so many colors to choose from. I did not know where to begin!

I mean, do I want something HALLOWEENY or something I can wear some other time or something not HALLOWEENY but good for a costume of unexplained type? There was just so much I had to decide!!! But I did have my socks to build off of and so I took some of them along.

We spent hours. . . . NO DAYS . . . wandering in and out of the aisles comparing colors, textures, and overall CUTENESS. Because, in the end, I want to look CUTE and not scary. I am totally NOT into the scary.

Then it was down to business - cutting out and preparing to sew. This is the hard part but I am pretty sure I can do it. Mommy has to start working on Monday so I am ON MY OWN with this project. Wish me luck. I can sure use it.