Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out for a Stroll

I love to walk. No, really I DO! Despite this picture I am really a very active pup, for a pug. I am so happy when my human picks up the leash and harness, places it on me, and says "Noodles, wanna go for a walk?" I am usually so excited that I run out the door, sometimes pulling my human along with me. After a stern word or two, I calm down and prance like a proper pug, stopping occasionally to check out something particularly odorous. And I am always sad when we have to return home because I am no longer on a walk.
One THIS particular day, my human (actually Humans as it was almost the whole household on an adventure) decided to walk to the shopping center A HUNDRED MILES AWAY (Human Note - it is less than 1/4 of a mile. Someone is prone to exaggeration) on a day where the temperatures approached INFERNO! That's okay I'm tough, I thought, I can handle this. I am a healthy and young pup. What CAN'T I do?
Um, did I mention how hot the sidewalk made my paws?
Um, did I mention that I am a pug and more suited to the fog banks in San Bruno than the toasty temps of the Southbay?
Um, did I mention I am JUST A BABY?
Okay, I had a tantrum outside the Jamba Juice and no amount of bribery would get me to move. I gazed longingly at the stroller (NOT brought for me, harrrumph) wishing I could just ride . . . a little. . .
Um, did I mention that I am a little
. . . spoiled?
But I really do like to walk :-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I a Biter?

Hi to all of my new friends.
My name is Noodles and I am a pug, as you can see from my lovely profile picture. I was born last year (2009) on the Fourth of July - yes, I AM a Yankee Doodle Gal. My full official registered and never used name is Fiona Wee Bits Lady Liberty aka Noodles.
I will be celebrating my 1 year born on date in 3 more days. I am so oblivious to what that means.

I was adopted by my human when I was 12 weeks old and have been spoiled rotten ever since. I live in a big suburban house with 6 humans, 2 birds and one cat I love to harrass.

My human is hooked on this blog called Daily Puglet and that is where the inspiration for this blog came from. Although neither of us can approach the absolute hilarity of Puglet and his human companion, we hope to present a pug point of view of the world and maybe bring a smile to everyone's faces.
But I gotta ask - does this make me a BITER!!??!!
I hope not.
I don't want anyone calling Cesar Millan on me.