Thursday, April 28, 2016

Since ALMOST NO ONE PLAYED, I am Extending this until Monday - How About a Little Help?

I wanted to use this picture today but I couldn't think of anything clever to write. So I gave it a couple of looks and decided to have a Caption the Photo contest. Yeah! But you only have until tomorrow morning (about 9 am pacific time) to come up with something clever.

There will be a prize!

And it WILL be sent in 2016, probably by May.

So put on your thinking caps and let your clever self SHINE. Good Luck to you ALL.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Back By Request. . .

A PoemByNoodles

Once upon a Time I knew
Who I was and who were You
Then came a day fresh and new
When I couldn't tell Who was Who

As we became better Friends
I knew our Love would never end
Friends like you are hard to find
Hard to keep, but I don't mind

You know Me better than anyone
What I eat and what is Fun
'Lo there be a day when I am Blue
I know I can always count on You

Once upon a Time there were Two
Then You found Me and I found You
And just like that we just Knew
We's be Friends Through and Through

Me and Tiffy

Monday, April 25, 2016

Zombie-Fied and Other Stuff

I am going through a period where I think I am running out of things to say. This happens and when it does you might see a run of POEMS or a couple of PHOTO ESSAYS. Usually they signal a dry spell - or simply busy times. Right now I think I have a little of both. It is Mommy #1's last month of HIGH SCHOOL and she has so many activities and things happening! And since she does not drive or have a car, she relies on Mommy #2 to get her everywhere. It can be a little tiring, you know. So the result is we are all a little ZOMBIE-FIED right now from lack of sleep, stress, and so on. Please forgive me if sometimes I ramble.

Hey did you all notice that BLOGVILLE has added a FACEBOOK page? I just found it this morning and I tell you, I am pretty excited about it. It is a closed group so not just anyPUGGY can join. That keeps the group manageable and I appreciate it. But what a GREAT idea! You can find BLOGVILLE news on it and when BAR happens later on it will be STREAMED LIVE! That is super cool.

I think I am finally adjusting to Mommy #2 working from home. We are establishing routines and I no longer expect her to bend to my every whim. Just most of them. Molly still pulls the "Let Me Out To Potty" ploy where she rings the bells because she is bored. She rings them to go out and then she immediately turns around and barks to come in. Her bark is ear-piercing and can be heard in OUTER SPACE so when she gets going it is in everyone's best interest to buckle to her demands. One day last week Mommy penned her up after she rang and barked like 4 times. She, Mommy, could not get any work done. Molly got the hint. I am just happy I can sit snuggled up to Mommy's feet when she works. It is my favorite spot. 

That's all I have today. I just caught myself staring at the screen thinking about nothing. That is what I mean by ZOMBIE. I think I will snuggle on my Star Trek bed and catch some ZEES. 

Catch ya on the flip side.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Morning Mourning and Musings

The world lost an amazing artist yesterday. Mommy #2 says she is kind of reeling from all of the losses 2016 has thrown at the entertainment industry. I mention the entertainment industry because let's face it - my great aunt Agatha's passing is not newsworthy.

In honor of the artist known as PRINCE I have changed the color of my page to purple. Just for the weekend, mind you. But he was a person worthy of this tribute. He influenced all of my favorite musicians! Really - music is played a lot in my house. Think of all of the songs he wrote that were performed by others - here's a link

So I am taking a few moments to just remember Prince Rogers Nelson and thank him for all he gave to the world.

It is raining again today. This is a nice change from last year when we got so little rain that we were begging for it from other states. It is still not going to be enough (helpful but not a cure) to solve our water woes and we are looking at another summer of water rationing. Not only that but on the heels of el Nino is la Nina - which is supposed to be a dry season.

I am lucky. I have a raincoat so I am good.

Tonight is the start of Mommy #1's dance show. She is a member of the dance team at her school and this is the climax of their year. They will perform 5 shows in total. Very exciting. It is also the weekend that she is going to decide what college she will be attending in the fall. Can you believe it? She is going to COLLEGE? I cannot even wrap my head around that. I know my COUSIN E went away to college last year and we only see her once in a while. I am not sure I can handle that with my Mommy #1. I will miss her a lot if this is true.

I am going to leave you with this Prince video. I found it on YouTube and it is awesome. Enjoy.
Have a magical weekend and make sure to tell those you LOVE that you. . . um. . . LOVE THEM.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Anticipation of a Treat

What this photo does not show is the sliding motion of my paws. I am jiggling
with excitement and my paws won's stay put.
There is nothing better than the anticipation of a TREAT. Other than actually GETTING the treat - that's a lot better. But the anticipation . . . . that is something special. It all begins with those magical words

"Noodles and Molly - do you want a treat?"

As if I would ever say no.

SHE goes about doing her THING while we spend a couple of seconds - which seem like hours - looking at each other in amazement, "Did she REALLY say that?" Then we realize it IS HAPPENING and we dash like idiots where ever SHE might be. At last we see them - the treats, that is - is her hand, teasing us.

"First I need you to sit and calm down," she says. "I don't give treats to girls who are acting all weird and anxious."

Well, who wouldn't be anxious? This is a TREAT! Not an every day occurrence around here. Okay, okay every day yes - for doing nothing special, I think NOT! But here we are, minding our own business and not doing anything special and a TREAT is being offered seemingly for no reason at all.

I am squirming and twitching all over at the thought of a treat. I yip. I smile. I yawn (?) Anything to make the time for the treat NOW. Nothing. We sit.
And sit.
And Sit.

My legs are no longer holding me up as I slide to a LAY DOWN rather than a sit. I can't help it. The burden of the moment is almost too much for me. It overwhelms me.

"Noodles, there are no treats for laying down," she says, And I try very hard to stay upright despite the increasing anxiety.

Finally she says "Good" and gives us our un-asked-for and unexpected treats.

I think I have just found paradise.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This POST Has Nothing To Do With FOOD

And it has EVERYTHING to do with potty habits - specifically SUNSHINE the CAT'S. She is old, I get it. She cannot leap as high as she used to. . . she walks very very slowly all the time. . . she is cantankerous, maybe more so than ever. . . and so on. So as a favor to her we tried some kitty litter (for her potty room) that would be friendlier to MOTHER EARTH and Sunshine's growing sensitivities to everything.

As luck would have it, was offering a kitty litter to try out and review so we LEAPT for the chance. After all, we LIVE with that awful kitty litter smell. Sometimes it's so present but vague that no one can tell if she naughty peed somewhere or simply used her box. Plus she had taken to pooping OUTSIDE the box on occasion and we were hoping a different litter might stop this nasty habit (it did not). The kl of choice was World's Best Cat Litter by World's Best. Hmmmm. Sounds a little snooty and egocentric, doesn't it? Perfect for a cat like Sunshine who is snooty and egocentric as well.

This litter is predominately corn and is therefore 
  1. 99% Dust free
  2. Has great odor control
  3. Clumps (making scooping easier)
  4. Pet, Human and Earth friendly
Those are all qualities we PARTICULARLY LOVE in my household.

Know what? It totally, Totally, TOTALLY lived up to its promises. There is none of that cat litter smell, no perfume (which we ALL hate) smell, no debris all over, no PUDDLES of pee in the cat box corner (from not absorbing) and it holds up to a cat's daily use. It does not disintegrate or expand into bigger messes (some biodegradable litters do). It really is a fine product which Mommy is considering as a permanent replacement to the commercial brands we have been using.

Did it stop Sunshine from pooping outside the box? Well, no. She still does it on occasion. But she also sometimes poops IN the box and so the litter must be to her liking. We think her poop-capades are more old age than bad litter.

I'm a HAPPY cat now
We give World's Best MULTIPLE PAWS UP for living up to its promises and for being a really quality product. If you are a kitty or if you live with kitties - do give it a try. I think you will be quite pleased with the results.

** I am not and was NOT paid for this review nor for any reviews I have done. I received the product free of charge for the sole purpose of trying out the product and writing an honest review. All opinions here are my own.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Musings

This was such an action-packed weekend for our household, First there was THE PROM. What a crazy thing that was. So much running around and so so so much preparation. I hardly recognized Mommy #1 in her make-up and fancy dress. She looked so grown up. She IS so grown up. She was 10 when I was born - nearly 11 - which means she is now 17. This is her last year in high school and I am not sure what next year will bring. I think she will not be at home next year, (But she is and always will be MY MOMMY #1).

So PROM took up Friday and Saturday of my weekend. All I really did was sit by and watch. I love her so much.

Saturday night my Aunt B and Cousin Lil' One returned from their vacation. I will give you a hint where they went -

They had a great time and the weather was perfect. They didn't even need to leave the resort because everything they could want was right there. Isn't that great? I would love to go to Hawaii, too. I once saw a video of a PUG MEET on Oahu and I thought it was a good place for me. After all, I love the beach and warm (not hot) weather. Perfect.

Once Sunday rolled around we were getting back to normal - aside from everyone sleeping in until kinda late. Even me and Mommy #2 and we are notorious early risers. we puttered about returning the house to a more normal state (sans suitcases and packages, make-up and curling irons). Later in the day - near evening - Mommy #1 returned from the prom and a day at the beach. She had so much fun and the Prom was everything she wanted it to be. I am so happy for her.

Even tho' I did not get to go to the Prom myself.

Oh well, maybe next time.

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Friday, April 15, 2016

Beach Weather's Back and so is The Prom

This is Sunset Beach just south of Santa Cruz

We have had some weirdly cool and rainy days this week. Weird because they followed some crazy WARM days. AND it looks like that is all changing again as the sun is out and the temps are warming up.

Mommy #1 is going to her PROM tomorrow. She is kinda all excited about it - in a crabby "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR ALL THIS" sorta way. I think she will have fun.

Her prom is being held at the *Cocoanut Grove on the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. This is a place where a lot of fancy schmancy events are held - weddings, proms, launch parties, etc. In the past, Sonny and Cher (they were big time pop stars in the last century) performed there. It looks like a magical place for a prom.

photo by TripAdvisor

*If you are interested in the history of the Cocoanut Grove, click here

Mommy #2 is a little peeved the PROM is being held so far from home. Santa Cruz is about 30-40 minutes away from us over the Santa Cruz Mountains. Straight-line-wise it is all of 27 miles. But those miles are windy and crazy in places. Not a place to TEXT or SPEED when you drive it. And we are talking teen drivers. San Jose is a BIG CITY with a lot of magical venues for PROM. Why it couldn't be held here is a mystery.

So Mommy and the other 'rents have laid out plans and rules for those driving. Some are taking a bus from school, too. Although Mommy #2 would be happier if Mommy #1 took a bus, she understands why this is not a favorite idea for a prom date.

But the weather should be perfect for going to the beach! Look at this

I really do wish I could go to the prom as well. I have only SORTA gone to prom - remember last year when I STARRED in some prom pictures? And what about this year when I STARRED in a PROMPOSAL? 

I have definitely earned my place at the prom. Just in case, I am dressing up.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

How To Have a Great Walk - by Noodles

A stroll in the park on a sunny Spring day

You would think walking is the easiest thing in the world. After all, we start walking at a very early age and generally have it perfected by the age of ONE MONTH. But to GO on a WALK is a whole 'nother matter because NOW you are adding in social behavior, good DOG behavior, and good HUMAN behavior as well as the actual walking. In my SIX PLUS years I have developed what I think is a pretty good list of GOOD WALKING RULES that I live by. It means when I go on a walk I return happy and so does my human. AND, more importantly, the people and pups I encounter have a good feeling about me as well.

Yes, it is metrosexual black so
I am often mistaken for a boy.
But it IS leather and so sharp looking

First up is the proper equipment. Tastes are different and so are sizes so take this for what it is - the suggestions of a PUG PRINCESS and what works for her petite stature and delicate temperament. I have always worn a harness. Long ago my Mommy #2 read that short pug necks put their already too skinny trachea in danger when pressure is applied to the region. For this reason, she was cautioned, a pug should be walked with a harness that does not encircle the throat. That doesn't mean I can never wear collars. After all, I have a lot of cute ones. No - it means the collar is for "dressing up" my look but not for attaching a leash. Big dogs and dogs without such breathing issues can certainly attach a leash to a collar and walk. No problems there.

Leash and harness
Next up is my leash. It has a handle and is made of some kind of cord. We got it at our favorite BOUTIQUE  Biscuits. It even has a hook for keys. I had a different one before but I wore it out. The important thing is TO HAVE ONE. There is a lot of controversy over what kind of leash is better and what length is proper. In the end, all I have to say is make sure you are always, always, always attached to one when out on a walk. The exception is is you are in areas that are fenced in and off-leash is permitted. Being on a leash serves many purposes - and limiting freedom is NOT ONE OF THEM. Every human wants their beloved dog to feel free and happy. Being safe trumps that, though. Having a pug or dog on a leash serves many purposes:
  1. Keeps us PUPS close to our humans
  2. Keeps us PUPS safe and away from on-coming cars, trains, buses, bikes, strollers, skateboards, and wild animals. One time we were walking in Lake Tahoe and a COYOTE approached. Actually, there were 3 of them. They had their eyes on ME, the tidbit of a dog. SO Mommy first shortened the leash to keep me close. Then when they appeared to step closer, she lifted me up using my harness. We were with a couple of other peeps and pups so we made a LOT of noise which eventually chased the coyotes away.
  3. Keeps us from running to LITTLE HUMANS or scared big humans. Not everyone appreciates a dog. Not even a cute smush-face.
  4. Keeps the pace of the walk reasonable and enjoyable for both human and dog. Who likes to be dragged a long when all you want to do is enjoy MOTHER NATURE? No one. Being leashed is just another way to moderate the tempo of the walk to everyone's enjoyment.
So you see, being on a leash is really the happiest way to walk and benefits everyone involved.

Do you know what my Mommy used to do when I tried to dash ahead and pull her along? She'd stop in her tracks and make me also stop. Then she would make me sit. It seemed like an eternity to me so I imagine it was like TWO MINUTES or something. Quietly she would say walk and don't pull. If I again tried to run ahead and pull the leash, she would stop. In the early days we never went more than a block on our walks because two or three times of stopping and Mommy was DONE.
Slowly I learned that if I wanted to enjoy my walk, I needed to walk at a reasonable pace. Even today if I start to get too ahead, Mommy puts me on a short leash (she holds it close to her) until I slow down and walk at a more relaxed pace.

The poop bags are necessary
but the poop bag holder and the
raincoat are just fun

Finally, one of the most important things to remember before heading out for a walk are - POOP BAGS. I cannot emphasize this enough. ALWAYS carry poop bags. It happens - all that free movement makes pooping an inevitability. Seriously - it happens all the time. So do it now - get some poop bags and MAYBE a cute holder and put them with your leash. Don't leave home without them.
UNLESS you carry a pooper scooper. That is more ecologically friendly albeit clumsy to cart around.

Which brings me to the most important point about POOP: Pick it up. Not you, dear thumbless puppy. No, I am talking to the humans among you. Pick up after your dog. No one, not even animals, enjoy stepping in dung. The only way to prevent this unpleasantness is to PICK IT UP. This is your new mantra - PICK IT UP. 

Aside from being unpleasant, poop piles are unhealthy. I copied and pasted this from as I thought it the best list of reasons I have ever read. Why re-write them when they say it all?

  1. Stormwater carries pet waste and other pollutants directly into waterways.
  2. Animal waste adds nitrogen to the water. Excess nitrogen depletes the oxygen in water necessary for beneficial underwater grasses, wildlife and fish.
  3. Animal waste may contain harmful organisms such as Giardia, Salmonella and E. coli that can be transmitted to humans and other animals by ingesting contaminated water.
  4. Roundworms and hookworms deposited by infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and be transmitted to other animals and humans.
  5. It’s the law! Many urban and suburban areas require you to pick up after your pet. Even if there is no restriction, cleaning up after your pet is always the right thing to do.
  6. Joining the growing number of responsible pet owners may encourage hotel managers to accept pets when you are traveling and help keep fees to a minimum.
  7. No one likes to step in pet waste and spread it into homes, cars and businesses.
  8. Scooping on a daily basis and applying lime will help prevent odors.
  9. It’s easy to clean up by carrying plastic baggies and paper towels in your pocket. The baggies can be secured and thrown away in the garbage.
  10. Your neighbors will appreciate your good manners.

While I am on the subject of picking up poop, remember to be a good citizen of the world by not peeing and pooping just anywhere. Some homeowners may not like pups using their lovely lawn as a toilet. And if it is a lawn where children play, all the more reason to be mindful of not leaving doggie bonbons or piddle puddles in the yard. I like to utilize the medians strips between sidewalk and curb for my bidness or sometimes the curb to wee on. Those are usually not considered private property and not usually played in. Just remember your mantra - PICK IT UP.

And THAT, my friends, is how to go on walkies and MAXIMIZE the experience. All of us are capable of putting on our best GOOD DOG BEHAVIOR. So keep these tips in mind next time you venture out into the great UNKNOWN - your neighborhood.

* My thanks to the following websites for sharing their wealth of knowledge:;;;;;

** Thank you also to as it was an invaluable resource for this post. If you haven't heard if them, check out their dog-walking services in a city near you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

If It's From Then It Must Be . . .

I get so excited when a box from arrives. I know it is usually filled with the most AMAZING food and treats imaginable. Even the non-edibles are fun as we have received toys and bandannas and bags before. I always look forward to the arrival of something from - to say the least.

So last week the PACKAGE guy came to the door and dropped something off. I repeatedly asked him "What is it? What is it? What is is? but he never responded. Maybe I was not loud enough of something. But Mommy said "I know what THIS is and it is NOT for you, Noodles." I had forgotten that this month we chose a Sunshine the Cat type item for HER to review. Apparently SOMEONE convinced Molly and Me that it was in our best interest.

This past weekend Mommy decided to open the package. I was very puzzled by this behavior as she generally opens packages right away so we can enjoy the EATABLES right away. We had had this package for almost a whole WEEK and I was thinking maybe this was a cat thing because they are very picky about food and snacks and maybe don't like to be thrown a treat at just ANYTIME.

I thought it a little strange when Mommy "posed" the bag of stuff with a cleaned out Kitty Potty Box. She does not usually do things like that. I figured she had some artsy fartsy reason for doing so and let it go. I went along with her INSANITY. I was curious about what kind of "treat" Sunshine would be reviewing.

Eventually, after taking like a BAZILLION photos, Mommy OPENED the bag. Out drifted this pleasant aroma - kind of nutty and earthy. Then she PUT IT IN THE POTTY BOX. Okay, now I was sooooo confused. Why did she (1) scrub out the potty box and (2) why was she pouring that delicious smelling stuff into it? It all made no sense. THEN I remembered that Sunshine has TWO potty boxes and perhaps this is why Mommy was apparently repurposing this one.

Then she walked away on some mission or other. I don't know. She was gone a long time. "Is this a TEST?" I thought. So I sat there. . . starring at the box filled with nuttiness. I walked closer and took a big sniff. It was too tantalizing. So I took a nibble.

That's where it all went crazy. I was snuffling into the pile of "treats" when Mommy came back and started yelling at me. I looked at her all confused because if she didn't WANT me to try the snack tray then she shouldn't have left it in FRONT of me like that. And Sunshine, by the way, was right there and she could have joined me in TESTING it.

Mommy pushed my little pug bottom out of the way, yelling the whole time "Bad Dog!" and running to get the broom (I was a little messy with my snack attack). I was so confused so I slunk into my crate and LAID LOW until the heat was off the situation.

Once she cleaned up, moved the SNACK TRAY and calmed down, Mommy explained why I was OUT OF LINE. "Noodles, Noodles, Noodles my dear," she said. "I am so glad that stuff is natural and non-toxic - but it is *CAT LITTER* and not food."  I was still a little confused because to me litter is the mess left lying around and frankly, Sunshine does this all the time. "Noodles, that is a POTTY BOX and kitty litter is what the cat potties into." 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am so embarrassed now.

*Sunshine is testing and will write her review later this month:
World's Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula
This litter is made from whole kernal corn and is people and earth friendly. Might I also add DOG friendly.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Weekend Was So Rainy But Also So Good

It was a rainy rainy weekend. My town received as much rain in 3 days as we usually get in ONE MONTH! Really! Not flooding quantities of rain, but a lot nonetheless.

So it was a good day to stay indoors, take naps and slowly get around to chores (remember we had a guest on Sunday). I did a lot of what I like to call - LAP NAPPING.

I am an expert at lap napping. Yes, I have many beds scattered through the house. And YES, I spend a lot of time napping. But there is something special about curling up on a LAP that TRANSCENDS all other forms of napping.

It is relaxation taken to the extreme. It is being with the human I love most (i.e. whoever has the available lap) and just spending QUALITY time snoozing. THAT is what I call L-I-V-I-N-G.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Keep Calm - It's Friday

This is my HAPPY place. 

First of all I want to apologize to everypuggy who felt I was quitting Blogville and blogging in general. No I am NOT. I was reacting to the retraction Blogger informed us of - and honestly, I am still fuming about it. But I am not a quitter in any way, shape, or form AND I could never abandon my dear dear FURiends here in Blogville.

Plus, I am a frustrated writer. I could never give up my favorite creative outlet.

So, I am calm now and will continue to blog and share for some time now. I AM on Facebook and Twitter but that is for keeping up with those who left Blogville and to connect with friends far away.

It's Friday ALREADY! How did this happen. I am pretty sure yesterday was Monday and I woke up this morning to the realization that the week is over. Or nearly so. I hate when that happens because I then start feeling like I accomplished nothing when in truth I did plenty.

I have big plans for the weekend. I am NOT going anywhere except maybe a stroll around the neighborhood. But I do want to help my Mommys clean the house because we have a good FRIEND coming over on Sunday for Brunch. We don't see her a lot but she is a very nice person.

I plan to organize my treat basket so that Mommy does not waste any time going eeny meeny miney mo when she goes to grab a treat for me. And it will also help rotate the snacks so I don't repeatedly get the same one. Variety is the spice of life.

I also have some big games to watch. Hockey and Basketball seasons are winding down and I want to see the final games of the season. I love both sports and frequently VOICE my opinion of a call or a goal. And now it is BASEBALL season! HooBOY do I love me some baseball! 

In the meantime, have a great FRIDAY and a wonderful WEEKEND everypuggy. I love to hear from you all and about all of your adventures.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's a Little Too Late Now, Blogger -

Dear friends,
Are blogs still relevant? I have noticed less and less traffic to my blog this year and I am wondering if this is a trend. I think Blogger really blew it when they limited readers to only those with Blogger or Google accounts. I lost so many faithful readers that day because not only do I post here in Blogville, but also on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Any readers from those venues would not have been able to comment or follow.

This past week when I went to write my post,  I have noticed a message from Blogger.

Coming in Late April! 
All visitors will be able to view your Blogspot domain blogs over an encrypted connection by visiting Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs will continue to work. As part of this change, the HTTPS Availability setting will go away, and your blogs will always have an HTTPS version.

I am sure most of you in Blogville have seen the same thing? But I wonder is it too little, too late? 

I noticed the shift a couple of years ago when many of my blogpals started posting more on Facebook than in Blogger. Slowly their posts went away until today they are solely on Facebook. Why? Well, for one thing, Facebook takes less commitment. You are either on posting a status or you are not. It does not require planning what to write about or how much to write. It is meant for the here and now in 100 words or less.

A lot of younger bloggers have defected to Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram. Why? Because Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram are  more immediate (and transient). Audiences can bloom overnight and with little effort. They can also fall by the wayside just as quickly. I guess for them it is more about instant acknowledgement and gratification. Then they are off to do something else.

But does it have to be that way? Blogger grew as a place to share ideas and events. It is a place to share immense joy and intense pain. It has also been a place of advice, information, and support. None of this can truly be dealt with in a short blurb in a quickly expanding page. If you don't read it today - too bad so sad because it will be gone to the bottom of an infinite "page".

I'm kinda out of ideas to be honest. I have watched my fandom take a huge hit when non Blogger people were eliminated. And despite this turnaround by Blogger, I don't think the readership is coming back. A blog is a little bit like a restaurant. Once people are forced to stop going there (say for reconstruction) they seldom come back. They find someplace new to satisfy their cravings or they change their cravings. In any case, they cannot be counted on to return.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wordless Diciadain - Nàiseanta Latha a 'Bhreacain (Wordless Wednesday - National Tartan Day)

The heather filled hills of Scotland

Ranger says it is National Tartan Day so I am doing my best to represent the Scots. Why not? Mommy says her favorite show - Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is set to return to TELEVISION this week so it is fitting.

I can't find my PLAID!!! Hammish is
ALWAYS wearing his

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

She Went to the Beach and I Got Treats

We are very proud of our Japan Town. It is very beautiful and filled with wonderful businesses. Biscuits is located on
the left in this photo - sandwiched between Kogura and Nikkei Traditions

As some of you might know, Mommy #2 abandoned me and went to the coast. She went to a BEACH that allows dogs so there was really no excuse for her to not take me. She told me later that it was a bit cold and I probably would not have enjoyed myself much. I think I would have but that is a discussion for another time.

On the way home, she and Auntie B stopped by JAPAN TOWN for some ice cream at Jimbos (they serve yummy stuff there - very Hawaiian - I know.  .  . I have tasted it before. So she decided that since she was in Japan Town, she would pay Biscuits: Give a Dog a Bone a visit.

According to Wikipedia, San Jose's Japan Town was originally settled around a China Town. The two cultures still share cultures in the area. It is one of THREE Japan Towns still viable in California..

BISCUITS is our favorite boutique because it carries very healthy toys, snacks, and food as well as organic pet health products. There are clothes that support the local teams and even kimonos so we can attend Nikkeimatsuri and Obon dressed in style. There is so much to buy that a pug can go crazy trying to make a decision. Mommy limits me to one thing ONCE in a while.

AND THE OWNER, Ms Jennifer, is the coolest human I know! She recognizes me when ever I go there and she always always always gives me a treat (with Mommy's permission). She has a real understanding of what pooches like and she is MOM to TWO rescues!!!

So Mommy and Auntie B looked around and ended up buying these treats for us

 Don't these look fun? Mommy is such a Star Wars freak that I am not surprised she bought these. I am sure she wishes they were for her. They contain wheat so they are not for pooches with allergies - but otherwise they are dog friendly. We have not tried them yes so I really cannot tell you if they are yummy or not. BUT, they are from BISCUITS so I am betting they are the best. Everything I have ever bought at Biscuits is yummy IF it is eatable.

We, me and Molly, DID get to try these PUPCAKES, though. OMP! They are NOT to be believed. Absolutely yummy and delicious and tasty and any other superlative you can dream up. I give them FOUR paws up just for being food - FOUR MORE for being the stuff dreams are made of.

I am sorry a lot of you are not in the Bay Area to be able to visit Biscuits. It is just the best. But if you have a favorite boutique near you, be sure to visit it. Buying local and supporting small businesses is the WAY TO GO.

I am so happy Japan Town has this shop.

Monday, April 4, 2016

After Thirty Days, I FEEL Healthier. . .

Thirty Day Challenge for Holistic Blend Chicken Rice and Vegetable

Look at all that GOODNESS!!!

March was a special month for Molly and Me. We chose to do a 30 day challenge for a product on This particular product was **Holistic Blend dog food. We had never tried it before so we were game - but before we said yes, Mommy checked out their website for the IMPORTANT stuff like what is in the food, where it is made, and what claims does it make regarding our health.

She liked what she saw so we said YES to the challenge. The BIG BAG OF FOOD arrived a couple of days later but Mommy tortured us by making us wait until March 1 to start the challenge. In essence, we did a 31 day challenge because we ate the food - and only Holistic Blend Chicken, Rice and Vegetable - for the whole 31 days.

This was after 15 days

Let me be more specific here - I, Noodles the Pug, ate the food for 31 days, two meals a day. Molly was super GUNG-HO for the food at first, as we all were; but after about a week she decided it was not for her. First she took a long time to eat her food and then she stopped eating it all-together. I helped by eating it for her UNTIL I got caught. No double meals for me after that. I was only trying to be HELPFUL. . .

This is how much food I get per meal

Me sitting pretty before TASTING
BUT why am I upside down?

But I found it to be a super YUMMY food that I will happily eat all the time. YES, it is true I am a pug and therefore ANY food is yummy and I will happily EAT it all the time. But it remains true that Holistic Blend is a very fine food and I honestly believe it made me full longer (what are we talking? Thirty - Forty seconds? Well then, YES it did). I give it FOUR PAWS RAISED VERY HIGH for quality and tastiness.

This food is SOOOO Tasty!

Did it improve my health? Well, hard to say. I am pretty young still and quite healthy. My coat remains shiny and soft, my eyes clear and focused. It did not improve my teeth but it never claimed to and that is the one thing Mommy wishes could be improved. But I digress.

The truth of the matter is this - a good quality food has far reaching benefits which make the price inconsequential. I gain more in health points (and less in body weight) by eating such a rich in protein and low on filler food. In the long run, in terms of vet and food bills, it is a better bargain than cheaper less nutritious food.

I suggest if you are unsatisfied with your current kibble AND/OR just need a change, let your fingers do the shopping on and order yourself a bag of Holistic Blend dog food. There are more flavors available - Turkey and Salmon, Lamb and Rice, and Marine 5 Fish in addition to the Chicken and Vegetable that I tried. I am sure you can find one to suit your palate.

* I was not paid for this challenge nor for the comments and opinions in this post. I received free of charge enough food for the 30 days for two dogs.

**FROM the FACT SHEET of Holistic Blend dog food 

Free range Chicken (Human Grade/ No By-Products or Rendered Meats) • Holistic & Conventional Veterinarian Recommended • Chelated minerals, whole grains, fruits, antioxidants and herbs • Balanced Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids (5-2 ratio) • Ingredients allow for smaller feeding portions
Chicken meal, whole brown rice, hulless barley, chicken meat,
oatmeal, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols, a
source of vitamin E), potato, natural chicken flavour, sunflower oil
(preserved with mixed tocopherols, a source of vitamin E), wild
salmon meal, dried whole eggs, flax meal, yeast culture, dried
kelp, tomato, carrots, pumpkin, cranberries, spinach, broccoli,
green apple, blueberries, pears, bananas, rosemary extract,
cinnamon, turmeric, capsicum, chamomile, dandelion, paprika.
Vitamins: choline chloride, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3
supplement, vitamin E supplement, niacin, L-ascorbyl (source
of vitamin C), inositol, D-calcium pantothenate, thiamine
mononitrate, riboflavin, beta-carotene, pyridoxine hydrochloride,
folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement. Minerals: calcium
carbonate, zinc proteinate, ferrous sulfate, iron proteinate, zinc
oxide, copper proteinate, copper sulfate, manganese proteinate,

manganous oxide, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, L-lysine.
Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 25 % min
Crude Fat 15 % min
Crude Fibre 3 % max
Moisture 10 % max
Ash 8 % max
Omega 6 3.5 % min
Omega 3 0.45 % min

Friday, April 1, 2016

An Empty Bag Tale by Sunshine the Cat

Holistic Blend Cat Food ROCKS

I am Sunshine the Cat and I am 14 years old in MAY! I am slower than I used to be but still feisty. I think most of my longevity is due to a good diet and lots of love. I am a very loved cat.

Not so long ago all I would eat was junky food - Kit n Kaboodle and Cat Chow were my favorites. I struggled with my weight as a result because those foods, while offering a lot in the way of nutrition, are full of fillers and non-food group stuff. So along comes Noodles the Pug and her Mommy began by feeding her the food she felt she could afford. And she learned a lot along the way. She learned that pet food with EMPTY CALORIES, like the above mentioned kinds of food, are fine and dandy until you realize your pet is getting fat despite really small portions and getting lazier as a result. It was a mean cycle of trying to find something to fill a pug belly and keep her healthy. I was in the same cycle.

Enter and their panoply of healthier food choices made with real meats, real veggies, and real good-for-you grains. Our household has since tried a lot of them. The best foods, we have discovered, are so rich in proteins and minerals that eating a regular (small) portion provides everything a healthy animal needs AND helps keep the weight down. In the long run - even though these foods COST a little more, the return in a healthy pet makes it a BARGAIN in lower vet bills.

So I spent a whole entire month eating Holistic Blend Cat food for both of my daily meals. No additives - which I had been insisting on since we tested them a couple of months ago - were allowed. And guess what? I not only ATE EVERY NUGGET, but I did so in ONE SITTING and willingly. ALL-MONTH-LONG. I begged for my meal and willingly jumped up to eat it as it was served. Thirty days of eating ONE FOOD and loving it for THIRTY DAYS.

And HOW did I do? Well, my weight stayed the same. So did my age so I still move slowly and get up from my chair gingerly. But I am a regular visitor to my box (yes, SHE checks my poop, too) and all is well in that department. I consider this a PLUS-PLUS for a 14 year old CAT.

At the end of the day, I think this was one of the best foods YET that we have tried for this here SENIOR cat. It is yummy and filled with the things I need to keep me healthy and relatively active for the rest of my years.

Will I still like this food if SHE gets me another bag? Hmmmmm, good question. I am, after all, a fussy C-A-T and am not above switching my allegiances from one moment to the next. But I really like this food and HEY! I just might find it in my heart to keep eating and enjoying it.

CHEWY.COM offers a whole variety of Holistic Blend cat foods. I tried chicken and salmon because I really love chicken. But I recommend venturing out and trying another flavor. I don't think you will be disappointed. 

*I received one bag free of charge of Holistic Blend cat food in order to try the product and offer an honest opinion. I was not paid any money nor was I told what to write about the product. All opinions expressed in this post are Sunshine the Cat's and no one else's.