Monday, February 28, 2011


As I was rummaging through my wardrobe this morning, I noticed my NEW JACKET was missing. Impossible, I thought. I don't have THAT many clothes that some could easily go missing - where did I put the silly thing? I have not even WORN it yet!
So I looked in my Sock Monkey bed, my Snoopy bed and on (and under) Mommy's bed - Nothing.
I looked in the closet and on the coat rack - nothing.
Then it struck me -

Sunshine the Cat in MY new jacket

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Farewell Darling Emmitt

One of the first followers to my blog was Emmitt (and Melissa). I LOVED having such an instant connection to new FURiends and friends. And when I checked out their blog and etsy store I was instantly in LOVE with them. So much love and fun all in one spot.
So when I read this morning that sweet Emmitt had joined Cyrus, Stubby and Betty over the Rainbow Bridge, I could not stop the overwhelming sense of sadness that I felt. So while I am happy that they are free from their earthly pains and problems, I am sad at the loss of their lights here on earth.
Thank you Emmitt for blessing my life so much.

Love a TEARY Noodles

Friday, February 25, 2011


The mailman (really is a man otherwise I would have written mailwoman) arrived at my house yesterday with a package addressed to ME! What???? I didn't order anything - although I had ASKED Mommy really really nicely for some special BULLY STICKS which she IGNORED.
Anyhow, here I was faced with a dilemma - do I open it right here and now or do I wait for Mommy #2 to return home from work?
I chose to OPEN the PACKAGE

ONE of my prizes
It was my PRIZE from Rocket Dog and Hooties' costume contest. If you read their post, I won Cutest Costume for my NOW FAMOUS Mickey Mouse ears.
So, inside the package was the above PIGGY (my new most favorite toy), a Bedhead squeaky toy AND a treat holder for attaching to my leash (and Mommy led me to believe that the WALK was the TREAT). OMD!!! This is beyond exciting. Thanks RD and H for hosting the most awesome side contest to Mango Minster 2011 (aside from mine, that is) AND awarding me a prize!

YAWN! Smack! Smack! Smack!
I need

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

At LAST our HEATER has been FIXED!
I had forgotten what being WARM was like.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shiver Me Timbers

This is how cold it has been in our house lately. Well, IT SEEMS this cold. I am so cold despite my multiple layers of fur that I have taken to wearing sweaters indoors and finding my way under blankets. I know a lot of you live in SNOW COUNTRY, but we are talking the temperate zone called SF Bay Area in California! It's not supposed to EVER be cold. And I heard it was going to be COLDER later this week. Maybe even SNOW in the South Bay - where NO ONE knows how to drive in the RAIN much less SNOW and ICE!

My family does tend to keep the house cool, turn off unnecessary lights, unplug unused appliances. Granted. But the truth of the matter is ENOUGH WITH THE SUFFERING!
You see, our heater broke and the part is ON ORDER. In the meantime we just have to BUNDLE UP and suffer.
Oh me oh my!
Did SOMEONE say Spring is coming EARLY?
I certainly hope so.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Love My Mom

For the first time in over a year, I got to see my Mom - my FUR Mom, that is. She happened to be in town visiting and my Mommy #2 arranged to meet up with HER Mommy.
I was very nervous all morning and could hardly control my behaviors. They were ALL OVER THE PLACE and getting me in trouble!
But then the time came to leave the house - during the most ridiculously heavy rainfall this region had ever seen. It took forever to get to her but finally we got to the place, found a parking spot a MILLION miles away, and trod through the pouring rain until we reached the place she was staying.
It took just one glance to know which PUG was my mom. I look a lot like her, you know. Then Mommy #1 took me over to speak with her.
But there were no words to adequately say what we had to say - so we just looked each other in the eyes and touched noses.
Nothing more was needed.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Another Chilly Rainy Monday

Monday dawned all GRAY and CLOUDY
I just don't feel like being all active and LOUDY
Mom's at home because of the HOLIDAY
Cuddling for warmth in BED she will STAY
The birds are TOGETHER all huddled like Football PLAYERS
And Sunshine the Cat lies in the CLOSET beneath some LAYERS
It seems like a good day for keeping it LOWKEY
And making the best of time with my MONKEY

Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you ready for FUN Corbin?


There is something ABOUT CORBIN that just breathes fun. And where do I go to have FUN?
Here's a HINT


So while pondering what I would do with CORBIN for a day of FRIENDS AND FUN, naturally I thought of Disneyland. But not just ANY Disneyland . . . No, I thought of the newest Disneyland  - Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island - CHINA! 
Click the Pix to Bigify

It’s a world of Dogs                             
And a world of Pugs
It’s a world of fun
And a world of hugs
There’s so much that WE share
And the World best BEWARE
It’s a CORBIN world after all.

Click HERE for what we will do in HK Disney.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweater Day - or How I Can Save Mother Earth

DATELINE: February 17, 2011 -
I, Noodles the Pug, was resting comfortably in my crate next to the heater grate. Ah, this is the life, I thought - as warm air wafted over my head. I have no care in the world. I want for nothing.
But there was something bothering me and I could not put my paw on it - something so profound that it would take a special dog - such as myself - to figure it out. That something is a theme I have only touched on here and there in my Blogworld. That something is APPRECIATION.
How can I show my appreciation for all I have and to WHO or WHAT?
Then it dawned on me what I could do to show my appreciation for all I have - I could GIVE BACK in little ways. And to WHO? Why Mother Earth, that's who. Just like my two Mommys, I want Mother Earth to live forever and be healthy forever.
As a little pug, I am limited on what I can do - but I am giving it my all beginning today - Winston's International Sweater Day in conjunction with the Canadian World Wildlife Fund's Sweater Day. It is really simple - all Sweater Day means is
  • turn down our heaters by THREE DEGREES
  • wear SWEATERS when indoors to keep warm
(I just got an ADORABLE Martha Stewart Barn Sweater that I am totally loving.)
I bet you are thinking What Difference Will One Little (BUT CUTE) Pug Make in the GRAND SCHEME of things.
A lot - look at all that our DEAR STUBBY accomplished while he was alive. He made a DIFFERENCE because he believed he COULD!
And we all can too.
Imagine all of the gas and electricity that could be saved if we all use less. And how much cleaner and happier Mother Earth will be.
It's WORTH the sacrifice to me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I BEG to Differ

I'm NOT begging!
Sorry for my absence from Blogworld yesterday. Mommy was SO mad at me she couldn't write A THING! Okay. That is a SLIGHT exaggeration, but she is mad at me and has been since Sunday. Why YOU ask? How can ANYONE be angry with this adorable PUG MUG?
Well, it SEEMS I was begging.
And not just CUTE begging which is sitting right next to Mommy and staring intently up at her.
And it wasn't even CALM begging which entails a little WHINE with the STARE.
No, this was all out, full on, outta control FRENZIED BEGGING complete with jumping and shrieking.
And a few facts  (Mommy insisted)
  1. It was not dinner time
  2. It was not treat worthy tricks
  3. It was not necessary
To make it a WORSE infraction - Mommy THE VEGETARIAN was cooking me chicken and brown rice. It YUCKS her out but she does it for me and how do I repay her? With an all out BEGGING assault. No gratitude. No pleasure. ALL-OUT-BEGGING is all she got for her efforts.
I feel sorta bad that I upset Mommy so much.
It did smell good.
And I am always hungry.
And I am cute and cuddly.

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's ME - the CUTE one!

 Remember this picture that I posted yesterday? I got a lot of guesses about which of these positively ADORABLE pug puppies is actually ME! I think it is obvious. Most of my BLOGGIE pals actually guessed incorrectly.

I am not on the right, although admittedly, it does look a lot like me.

I am also not the one on the left or middle.
The puppies standing are three of my BEEFY brothers.
I am daintily on all fours.

One of These is NOT Like the OTHERS

Hi - This is a FLASHBACK FRIDAY!!!
This is a picture of me and 3 of my brothers when we first met my FOREVER FAMILY. Can you guess which PUPPY is ME?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Watching Television

I love watching television with my humans. The sports shows are fun - exciting too with all the whistles and lights. You know I love hockey and baseball the best - but watching the Super Bowl gave me a new appreciation for that game as well.Those dudes are BIG and kinda scared me so I barked, barked, barked - and barked some more.
BUT I got the BIGGEST kick out of the Puppy Bowl! DOG! Can those kids play! And with such intensity. I wonder if I have a chance at making it in the SHOW?
Oh, drat. I was just informed that you have to be under 1 year to be in the PUPPY BOWL.
I also enjoy Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer - not that I need his instruction . . . not me, the PERFECT Diva Dog! But I like the drama of his show - how a seemingly bad doggie turns out to simply be misunderstood. The with Mr. Milan's help the doggie's true colors shine through and suddenly the doggie is a PERFECT PET.
Finally, I like to watch iCarly.
Those crazy kids and their webcast. Hmmmmm, I wonder. . . . do you need thumbs to do a webcast?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Conclusion

All that Mango Minster 2011 campaigning has made me sooooo TIRED

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dog Park

Dog Park, dog park, DOG PARK
Goin' to run, an' jump, and BARK
There'll be lots of other POOCHES there
Some with short fur, some with HAIR
I might even venture to take a SNIFF
Of one or two BUTTS, just a Whiff
Are you friend or are you FOE?
Come play with me before you GO
To tell the truth, I'm more BARK than dare
I mostly sit by my HUMAN'S chair

Monday, February 7, 2011

Do Yourself a Favor and READ Stubby's Mom's Post

 All of us who cherish our pug children will understand the pain Michelle (Stubby's Mom) is feeling.
  The Life of Stubby



Cuz I'm CUTE!
Cuz I wanna win.

A Bowl of Noodles©: It's in the BAG - We have a NAME GAME winner!!!!

A Bowl of Noodles©: It's in the BAG - We have a NAME GAME winner!!!!: "Sunshine in the BAG looking for the winning submission Hi! Sunshine the Cat here to report on the latest A Rose By Any Other Name game new..."

It's in the BAG - We have a NAME GAME winner!!!!

Sunshine in the BAG looking for the winning submission
Sunshine the Cat here to report on the latest A Rose By Any Other Name game news. I have finally gone through all of the entrants' submissions (Go to the sidebar for a link to all of the entries) and picked the TOP TEN entries.
Here they are (in order of points earned from using their name LETTERS)
Miss Natty
Sunshine (another CAT named Sunshine? Cool!)


THIRD PLACE -Spunky (Cat)
SECOND PLACE - Charlie (Golden Retriever)
FIRST PLACE - Praline (Cat)
Special Honorable Mention for most words - Corbin (Pitty Mix)

Winners - please email me at and give me your mailing address so I can send out your prizes.

THANKS again for playing my side game to Mango Minster 2011 and don't forget to VOTE FOR SHAMELESS DOGGIE & DIVA Today.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why do I do what I DO?

(Edited for suitable content)

I'm a, a diva, hey
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, hey
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, hey
I'm a, I'm a, a diva

I'm a, I'm a, a diva, hey
I'm a, I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, hey
I'm a, I'm a
Stop the track, let me state facts
I told you give me a minute and I'll be right back
Fifty million round the world
And they said that I couldn't get it
I know you read the paper
The one that they call a queen
Every radio round the world know me
'Cause that's where I be

Tell me somethin' where your boss at?
Where my ladies up in there that like to talk back
I wanna see ya, I'd like to meet cha
What you said, she ain't no diva
I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva

I'm a, I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva
I'm a, I'm a, a diva, I'm a, I'm a, a diva, hey

I think that sums it up!!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I put the DIVA in Pe-DI-gree!

I sense that some of you are not convinced of my DIVANESS. Well, although I feel it is BENEATH me to have to explain, I will appease the CRITICS and let you in on my BIO -
as I like to call it

Noodles, aka Fiona Wee Bit's Lady Liberty,  was born to greatness. If there is any doubt. check out her ancestors - also known as the WHOs WHO of PUGS. Her dam was known to the SHOW ring as "Ms. Ultima" and her sire is to-this-day a CHAMPION known by the singular moniker of #1.
As the ONLY Girl from a litter of 5 pug puppies, Noodles was expected to bring PRETTY back into the world of PROFESSIONAL SHOW DOGS. She has never disappointed, either. Blessed with stellar POSTURE, EXTREME tail curliness and ADORABLE expressions, Noodles struts and sashays around the ring WOW-ing judges RIGHT and LEFT.
While she is known everywhere as Her Royal Highness Noodles, Queen of Divas, she aspires for more - it is her desire . . . and YES, her Destiny to be the SUPREME DIVA of the Universe.

So there you have it. The story of ME.
You may bow in AWE.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mango Minster 2011 is QUICKLY approaching

Oh dear, I don't know if I will ever be ready in time for the BIG Mango Minster 2011 event!
I still have to get my nails done, teeth whitened, snout freshened. . .
So LITTLE time to do it, too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Compiling A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME entries

Check back tomorrow for some updated entries and other kinds of fun. Til then, I think I will stay snuggled in this blankie - it is way too cold for me.