Friday, March 30, 2012

My BFF from Blogville Who I Never Met

I hope you don't mind I borrowed my fave pix of Payton
I am saddened almost to the point of being wordless because my dear dear BFF, Payton, is gone. She gave it her usual good fight but in the end there was nothing to be done. I never met Payton but I know she was one puggie I could always count on for a bright thought, a happy smile, and a courageous message.
I considered all of the ways I could pay tribute to this BFF I never met. A little poem? Too torn up to rhyme. A couple of good anecdotes? We never met so I have none.
Finally, I thought I would do what my Mommy #1 does on all greeting cards she gives . . . so here goes

P -  Pugnacious and Pretty and you are both
A - Always lives life to the fullest
Y- 9 Years she BEAT the ol' PDE monster
T - Tenacious, to say the least
O - Odds she beat every day she lived
N - Nice to the Nth degree

I will miss you FUR ever and will always think on you with the greatest FONDness.

Love Noodles

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Butttttttt. . .

Oh My DOG! Where'd I go?
No Worries. . . I'll be back TOMORROW!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quit Buggin' Me!

It happened again. Some WICKED bug found my Mommy #1 yesterday. She came home from school EARLY yesterday and I gotta say, she was NOT her normal color. She was a little GREEN around the gills, if ya know what I mean. I heard Mommy #2 say something about her being SICKER THAN A DOG. I honestly have NO IDEA what she meant by that.

Believe it or not, this is NOT what's buggin me!

AnyWHO, it is normally kinda up to me to make sure Mommy #1 is comfortable and relaxing . . . BUT NOT yesterday! I was left IN MY ROOM for the longest time. I said MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY! Why am I stuck in my room when all I wanna do is snuggle and cuddle with Mommy #1.

Well, it turns out I cannot be TRUSTED around vomit. Doesn't matter WHO it belongs to . . . APPARENTLY I find it a little too intriguing. Mommy #2 says I only licked at it once but she is SURE it happened only once because SHE shoos me away the SECOND the stuff hits the floor, as it were.

I am not so sure this is still the case as, in my defense, I was just a wee PUPPY when the vomit incident happened. I am much more worldly and mature now.

So there I was - STUCK in my crate for the longest time. Then sometime in the afternoon Mommy #2 let me out and allowed me FULL access to the rest of the house. I BEE LINED it to Mommy #1's bedside and IMMEDIATELY settled down in that spot between her hip and her elbow - the spot I fit in SO WELL. I gently placed my head so that I could keep an eye on her and make sure she was okay.

 I plan to stay RIGHT HERE until she is better and back at school

Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Abounds

So Northern California may not be known for its colors or seasonal changes; but we actually do have some. Like now as Winter exits and Spring takes hold, there is an abundance of GREEN everywhere. I noticed it first on my walks where the grasses are getting taller than me and so lusciously juicy and tasty. The other day I looked up from my sniffing to notice the foothills behind our neighborhood were suddenly blanketed in green and some splotches of yellow. Not just green, mind you, but various shades of green from a bright grassy green down to an almost blue green. It is exhilarating to look up at the hills. And when I rounded a corner where I had a view of the valley, I could see across to the mountains which are now a vivid forest green dotted with areas of a mossy green. The green will stay awhile, especially if ALL OF THIS RAIN does not go away soon. And then one day, after the sun begins to heat up the valley and mild Spring gives way to warmer Summer, the hills will begin to turn a bright gold.

Friday, March 23, 2012

HAPPY National Puppy Day!

Also known as 

My First Photo Shoot

My First Posse - I am the one on all fours.

My First Best Friend

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine's Kitty Korner

Sunshine the Cat here to let you in on my alternative view of Blogville. Yes, that is right . . . we are talking CATS here and there is nothing you DOGS can do about it. So while Noodles is off doing something MORE IMPORTANT than her blog, I decided to sidle in and stage a COUP-for-a-Day.

Let's see - the latest news in Blogville is the inclusion of a refreshingly genuine and appealing new blogger called Tigger from Life of Tigger. This little ball of FUR has quite a lot of energy which can sometimes get her in trouble. Mostly though, she just ends up discovering more and wonderful things about her world and her forever family. Check out her blog (click in the blog title and it will link). Although she lives near my house I have never met her. But I know her humans and they are wonderful.

I had quite a laugh last week at the 'rents' expense. I was THROWN into a bedroom while some workers were in the house. They were going in and out of the front door and the pseudo-powers-that-be tossed me into the closed bedroom for "safekeeping." HA!!!! Well, I showed them! I figured out how to open the door (it does not really latch well) and PURPOSELY left it ajar. Then I found the tiniest and darkest hiding place and hunkered down for a nap. Well, of course once the workers left they tried to find me and couldn't. They looked everywhere they could think of and no ME! They tried the old "SHAKE the treat Jar" routine and I resisted the temptation completely. Then they started looking outside because they were positive I had ventured out while the workers were there (see, this is where the door left ajar comes into play). I just sat in my corner snickering while in the distance I hear "Sunshine. . . where are you Sunshine?" By this time they were kinda getting frantic. They decided to look around ONE MORE TIME (I doubt it was the last time they would have looked). Just to appease Noodles, they looked at the wall side of the bed (there are drawers on the bottom so no "under" the bed for this bed) and there they spotted me. I sleepily looked up at them, yawning. . . "Oh," I said "I didn't know you were looking for me."

I got so much attention all night from the whole family- the prodigal CAT returns. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh, I gotta go now. It appears Noodles is giving up on her mission. Take a peek at what she was trying to do. . . and I TOLD her she needed thumbs for that. . .

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wound Up Like a SPRING

It's Spring! Spring! Spring!
I feel as tightly wound up as a bed SPRING today. I just have so much energy that I cannot stay still. While Mommy was busy getting ready for work this morning I was wandering back and forth, back and forth. . . I was jumping up onto the couch and back up again . . . I was climbing the stairs and dashing back down again.
All of this in a space of 20 minutes! What is it about the first day of Spring that gets me so wound up?

Monday, March 19, 2012

The LUCK of the IRISH!!!! I GOT IT!

I won THIRD place in Bunk's St. Paddy's Day contest!!! I am so thrilled to WIN SOMETHING!!!! And talk about good company! First place was Kitty and Coco and Second place was the Mayor himself, Frankie Furter and Ernie! OOOOPPSSS! Frankie Furter corrected me on the FIRST PLACE winners. It was Benny and Lily not Kitty and Coco.
Monday, you know..... Thanks for letting me know Frankie.
I have to admit, I am a little like Puglet in that I will supermodel at the drop of a treat! I love the camera.
As Tyra says
           WORK IT
                         BE IT

or something like that.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Blarney Bites and BUNK's St. Paddy's Day Contest

Does anyone else see Big Bang Theory on the TV in the back?

Top o' the Mornin' to ye!!! Noodles O'Pug here with my OFFICIAL entry into Bunk's most FANTASTICAL St. Paddy's Day Contest.
But FIRST I've a WEE lil' tale to share wi' ye. It goes sumptin like this -
So Mommy #2 came home the other day with her arms SIMPLY LOADED with all kinds of GREEN. There was a POT for the GOLD, some GOLD, Socks, hats and COOKIES (whattha?) most of what she indicated were for me. 
"Noodles O'Pug," she said, "Let's get in the IRISH spirit today." So she laced a SHAMROCK around my neck, threw me in the green POT for holding GOLD  (she said I was GOLDEN to her. . .) and exclaimed loudly "I've got an idea!"
This is never a good thing
Next thing I know Mommy #2 is a cooking away making CORNED BEEF (now THIS is where the BLARNEY comes in cuz everyPUGGY knows my Mommys are VEGheads), cabbage, TATTIES and such. We FEASTED and laughed and told a lot of jokes.
MOMMY! I yelled. When are you gonna take me outta this POT! 
"Oh Noodles," she said, "You look so CUTE in there I think I wanna take some pictures first."
This is YOUR IDEA? I squealed to her. Taking PICTURES?
SIGH. Where are the LEPRECHAUNS when you need some MAGIC?
I tried to give Mommy the stink eye a couple of times but she was in all her IRISH glory and ignored it all. The rest, as they say, is HISTORY and I've got the pictures to prove it.
Bunk asks that I tell everyPUGGY why St. Patrick's Day is a GRRRR8 holiday for me.
That's so easy:
St. Patrick's Day is all about telling a tale or two and I love telling tales. That is why I have a BLOG- so I can share the tales and spread a little BLARNEY here and there. I also like food - and St. Patrick's Day is also all about the FOOD.



Thursday, March 15, 2012

What am I LOOKING at?

Okay, it is ULTIMATUM time. I am tired of recycling old photos of me AD NAUSEUM!  I mean, seriously why don't the 'rents take more pictures of ADORABLE me? 

So here we are, visually revisiting Pug Sunday AGAIN and it was 2 weeks ago! Since then the weather has turned completely and rain has moved into NorCal. March, it seems, tiptoed in like a lamb but swiftly turned into a LION! We are having a nearly unprecedented 7 days of rain (all hearsay and speculation but 3 days in and so far the predictions are spot on) and following that the air is still predicted to be "unsettled."

What does this mean for me? No long walks at sunset (just quick BIDNESS ones). No visits to my new FAVORITE dog park. No adventures at the pond PRETENDING to chase geese and ducks (while tethered to a leash and human). I am thinking I do not much like rain.

What does this mean for future photo ops for me? Not sure but I am working on some plans that will UP the cuteness FACTOR some and almost GUARANTEE some new pics of me. In the meantime. . .
this will have to do.
Oh yeah, THIS is what I saw!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Facing Guilt

I tried to say I didn't do it
I tried to look away
I tried to point to someone else
BUT my face gave it away

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Couch Thingy

I was on Facebook last night (yes, I DO have a Facebook page) when I came across the most wonderful-est picture in the world! It was a COUCH PICTURE of the Texas 1000Pugs posse (I don't have permission to use the photo but I am sure it will appear in a blog or two soon). Yes, you heard me. It included some non-Texans like Payton and Tiffy . . . but, you know, all of us Blogville Pugs are in the SAME posse, after all. It was a great picture and I just kept looking at it and comparing everyPuggy. Mommy #2 came by while I was looking at it and she thought it was just the best thing ever.


Mommy #2 let out what I can only describe as a SQUEAL and the ran away muttering something about
". . . I know I put that picture somewhere if only I can find it."
Sometime later (by this time I had moved onto websites about FOOD) Mommy #2 came back to me with a photo in hand. This is really special, she explained to me, because it was taken when my Mommy #1 was a baby.

Chinese for DOG

Mommy #1 was adopted from China. It was a special time for Mommy #2 because she would finally have the little girl she always wanted. At one time, all adoptive parents and their new families stayed at this famous hotel in Guangzhou called The White Swan. It hailed back to the early part of the 20th century (maybe even older) and was a beautiful colonial style luxury hotel. It is walking distance from the U.S. Consulate and going there was the final step in the adoption process. The hotel had (and still has) this red couch in the lobby area and it had become customary over the years for all adoption groups to photograph their children on this couch. The photo was a symbol of their rebirth into a new family and the good fortune it would bring them.
I looked at the photo and tried to pick out Mommy #1. It was not easy because NONE of the babies looked like Mommy #1 does today.

Purposely blurred

I completely understood NOW why Mommy #2 had SQUEALED and MUTTERED when she saw the Texas 1000Pug Posse picture.

I got such a warm feeling looking at that photo, kinda like the way I felt looking at the COUCH PICTURE from the 1000Pugs posse.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mommy is home sick

Hi. Nurse Noodles is here with a report from the homefront.
Mommy #2 is home from school today with a fever (100 degrees) and a stuffy nose. Her throat and head are better. I have been giving her HOURLY doses of snuggles, cuddles, and licks. I think they are starting to work.

Last night I licked her forehead a lot to help bring down her fever. She kept telling me to stop being a Licky Lou, though. I think she was confused because this was not my usual, constant rug and blanket licking. It was licking for a reason.

This morning I let her sleep in some because even though I needed to do my bidness and eat, I knew she needed her sleep. It was a small sacrifice to make for my patient's well being.

I am confident that with my ministrations she will be back on her feet soon.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today is the day we honor WOMEN everywhere - March 8, 2012 is INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY.
I live in a household of all women:
My Mommys,
My Aunties
My Cousins
Sunshine the Cat
The Birds (I think. . . how can you tell?)
And we do it ALL - so we know how STRONG and TRUE women are. I think it is time the WORLD stops thinking of women as inferior and second class. Instead they should recognize the differences and allow WOMEN to take an equal status with all men, boys, steers, and what all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happiness is a COLD Walk!

Even though the sun was out, today was COLD. Well to us NATIVE CALIFORNIANS it is cold . . . I mean it never even got to the SIXTIES today. I know, I know. . . you pugs in colder climes (like Archie in Colorado, Tiffy in Indiana (is that right???) and Payton near Chicago) are SCOFFING at me. But I was born and raised in the PERFECT NorCal Clime and I do NOT like anything below Sixty-Five degrees. I was all snuggled in my Sock Monkey bed near the heater register just loving it when Mommy #2 came home from work and suggested A WALK.

So we got on our walking GEAR and headed out. It was a BEAUTIFUL late afternoon and everything smelled so fresh and clean because it had rained earlier in the morning. There was a pretty good breeze blowing, though, and it had quite a CHILL to it. Nonetheless, we walked on, shivering just a little in the shady spots. I sniffed GRASS, TREES and some FLOWERS! Hey Mommys, I shouted, is THAT an ORANGE TREE cuz it sure smells orangy! I was lovin' it so MUCH!

Look at my face in the picture - don't  just OOZE Happiness? This was AFTER my invigorating walk and I tell you, I couldn't have BEEN HAPPIER! I am so looking forward to more COOL WEATHER walks. As long as the sun shines I think I am definitely on the ROAD to HAPPINESS.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

KreativBlogger Award

The Rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

Thank You So much for this Amazing Honor!
Andrea From The Sol

2. Answer the form questions below.

The Questions and my Answers: 

1. Favorite Song: "Zippity DOO DAH" from Disney's Song of the South

2. Favorite Dessert: DESSERT?? I get DESSERT??? If it's FOOD I'll take ANYTHING

3. What ticks me off: Unauthorized BUTT SNIFFING

4. If I am upset: Grumble under my breath - it ALMOST sounds like a snore

5. Favorite Pet: My Mommys ;-)

6. Black or white: I see a LOT of GRAY in the WORLD

7. Biggest Fear: Missing a MEAL

8. Everyday Attitude: HAPPY go LUCKY

9. What is perfection: A warm lap to CURL UP on

10. Guilty Pleasures: GUILT????

3. Share ten random facts / thoughts about yourself.
1. I am 13" tall
2. I am 13" long
3. I SHOULD weigh 13 pounds
4. I have a goofy ear inherited from my GREAT grandfather
5. I eat in 3.5 seconds no matter how much is in my bowl
6. I prefer human company but I am working on this
7. I was the only GIRL in the litter but NOW I live in a house of only WOMEN
8. I like veggies
9. I am NOT a vegetarian, though
10. My Mommys ARE 

4. Nominate (at least) 7 other blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

ALL of my FURiends have received a lot of awards lately and they are a LOT of work. So I am not going to burden anyPUGGIE with another award. Just know that I think you ALL are KREATIV BLOGGERS

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pug Sunday in My City by the BAY

Overlooking downtown SF. What a gorgeous day!

This is Pudge. He is twice as tall as me
and THREE times as wide. He is aptly
 This was my first Pug Sunday. We had intended to go LONG before this but it never happened. I am SOOOOO glad it worked out this time since I had so much fun!!! Although we got there kinda late (next time bring a MAP Mommy) there were still over 20 pugs running all over the knoll. There were PUGS of all colors and even a Puggle or two. I had a milestone day in that I actually PLAYED with some pugs! Only one or two but I did it . . . and I admit to INITIATING a butt sniff or two.
Banana. What a cool name! The pink is
a poop bag not a BOW. 'Nana is a


Sunshine, a lot of grass to cool my PAWS and treat my sniffer. I didn't see any of my Bay Area Pals but that was okay. I met some new ones. I got lots of OOOOs and AHHHHHs because I am so cute and petite. I am not bragging, it is a fact!
I forgot this DUDE's name but he chased

 Alta Plaza Park has a great view of the Marina district in San Francisco. To the right (but out of sight in this picture) is Alcatraz Island where the infamous prison once stood. The buildings are there but it is not used as a prison.
 Wildflowers dotted the grass giving the knoll an almost surreal look. There were so many people with dogs of all kinds in the park. But they didn't crash the PUG gathering. They waited until after the party started to break up before they ran into OUR knoll.
 I really enjoyed Pug Sunday in San Francisco. I also got to walk around SF Japan Center which is a short ways down the hill. It had lots of neat smells and sites. And there were not a lot of dogs there and NO PUGS so I got a lot of attention from passing humans.

I may LIVE in the suburbs but part of me will always
live in THE CITY by the BAY

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fodder and Frenzy

I am smilin' so much my JOWLS hurt!


Woke up this morning quite early because I wanted to get a gander at my BLOG. We were teetering on the brink of something FANTASTIC yesterday and I just wanted to verify to myself that is was true. TO MY SURPRISE it was BETTER than I imagined! I hit 200 followers and then 201 followers JUST LIKE THAT!!!!! I am humbled and happy and and and GRATEFUL to all of you who let me share my corner of  BLOGVILLE with you. Thanks for stopping by and spending time with me. I promise to ALWAYS share with my FURIENDS!


I am coming up to POST number 500 soon and I need to do something special. Maybe a contest, maybe a special post, I DUNNO. It WILL be special though cuz all of you are SPECIAL to me.


Thank you The SOL for bestowing on me the Kreativ Blog award. I will be writing more about this next week. I appreciate that you consider me, Noodles the Pug CREATIVE!


It is FRIDAY and a good day to just cut loose - but in a GOOD and SANE way, mind you. I have lots planned this weekend and the weather appears to be cooperating. Today, unlike yesterday and the day before and the day BEFORE, dawned sunny and bright. It is COLD right now but is supposed to warm up really nicely. I have my spot all picked out for sunnin' and snoozin' this afternoon. What's on tap for me this WEEKEND, you might ask? Well, the usual WALK, NAP and EAT, for sure. And lots of time with my Mommys who work and go to school all week. Then on Sunday we plan to drive NORTH to the City (San Francisco) for PUG SUNDAY! I have never been although we have planned a few times to attend. This time we are so determined to make it happen. Right now there is GAS in the car, SUNSHINE in the forecast, and PLANS to meet a friend there. Hopefully we will also meet some FURiends there as well.
I cannot wait. If you happen to be at PUG SUNDAY look for me. I am the cute GIRL pug in the METRO black harness and leash. 
This is how I will look running to GREET you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter Came Knocking Again

Winter came knocking again 

I am so ready for it in my brand NEW COAT! Yep! I said NEW. Cousins E and C picked it out and surprised me with it over the weekend. At the time I though, well. . . okay but it is sunny and warm outside so why do I need a COAT other than the 3 I normally "wear" on my body.

They musta had a PSYCHIC moment, though, because on Tuesday it began to COOL DOWN and by Wednesday it was COLD and WET. I am sooooo glad to have my new coat.

Let me tell you something about this lovely ensemble. First of all it has PINK on it. I look particularly sweet in PINK. The gray accent really brings out my FAWN coloring, as well. See the gray stripe that runs down my back? No, that is NOT in imitation of my actual back stripe. . . nope, that is a REFLECTIVE strip so I am visible EVEN if the sun happens to be on its way down OR the day is gray and stormy (like today). The neck and tummy bands are velcroed so they can be adjusted to my rather petite frame. They can also be let out should I OVERINDULGE in my favorite NON-CARROT snackables.

The best part about my new coat is the part you cannot see - the lining. It is pink and gray plaid flannel. It is PLUSH and COZY and WARM. I love my new jacket and I know I will get plenty of wear from it. At least today and maybe tomorrow. Come SUNDAY (Pug Sunday in San Francisco) the sun is supposed to return and warm up the Bay Area to the upper 70s.