Tuesday, June 30, 2015

APP So Lutely

The Background Info

I live in Silicon Valley. Everywhere you turn there is a new tech company sprouting up.The latest impetus for these start-ups is the APP.

An APP - or application software if you are an old-timer - makes a computer do something for a user and a Mobile App makes your smartphone, iPad, or other mobile device do something for a user.

The Idea Info

So I was sitting in a ray of sunlight the other day, tummy growling for food, when a thought popped into my head - Why not tap into the collective knowledge in Silicon Valley and develop a PUG APP?

What would this PUG APP do? Well, I am thinking along the lines of an APP that tells the HUMOM'S smartphone WHEN the PUG of her heart is HUNGRY. And, said APP would then prompt the HUmom to feed this PUG. WITHOUT looking at the CLOCK to determine when feeding time should land.

Why is this important? Simply put, what PUG is hungry ONLY 2 times a day and 12 hours apart? We need to EAT when our tummies say to eat NOT when the arbitrary feeding time comes around. And I am pretty sure that given a prompt, MY Mommy would automatically feed me. She is very concerned for my comfort and well being and NOT that of the clock.

The Action Info

I am going to GOOGLE how to create an APP right now! I mean - look at all the APPS out there right now. . . how hard can it be?

I'm a Genius

Monday, June 29, 2015

This is Dedicated to the One I Love - Corbin

Sorry for being so melodramatic today. But this weekend I lost one of my very best FURiends here in Blogville, Corbin, and I am quite sad about it.

Photo from Corbin's blog

Now that you're far away from me my Corbin
Running free o'er the Bridge, my Corbin
I'll hold you memory very close to me ee ee
You taught me lots, my FURiend Corbin

Each night before I go to bed, my Corbin
I'll whisper this little poem to you, dear Corbin
And share it with all of Blogville, ille, ille
This is dedicated to the Corbin I love

Corbin and I were FURiends pretty much from the beginning of my Blog. That was when we were just pups, way back in 2010. I was impressed by his rugged good looks which was tempered by his sweet disposition. This was new territory for me as I had no experience with pit bulls - other than what I saw on the news (which was never good).

But through Corbin's blog and the main PITTIE himself, I learned to love this much maligned breed. Now I know that and in truth they are loyal, gentle and sweet dogs. I see Pitties in a whole new light.

We even went on a DREAM DATE to Hong Kong Disney back in 2011. Good times. . . great memories.

What I will always remember about Corbin is his dedication to educating others about Pit Bulls (Not the rapper) and pit bull/dog rescue. 

I have so much I want to say about Corbin but I find myself overwhelmed by the task. There is just so much TO SAY about this wonderful pittie. . . my FURiend. . . that I am struggling to put it all into words.

I will miss him so much. Run Free Corbin.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Heat is On

Weather here in Silicon Valley has been heating up the week. Last weekend is was mild but sunny so I spent a lot of time outside. But that ended by Tuesday this week when the mercury climbed up, Up, UP to the nineties! That's pretty hot weather for little puggies.

So instead, I will be COOLING my heels inside where the AC maintains a delightfully pug-friendly temperature.

Have a great weekend everypuggy.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kicking Up My Heels and Celebrating

Thank you all for your concern for my health. I have a confession - I was really only out of it for one WHOLE day. And half of the next. But after that . . . well aside from this STUPID CONE (and occasionally the blue donut) I am back to normal. My fold looks good - you cannot even tell there was anything cut out of it! And the loss of my front teeth did not affect my smile because I NEVER (okay, seldom) showed them anyhow!

If anything has me down it is my weight loss regimen. How I hate to D-I-E-T! And Mommy says once the cone is OFF and the dogter gives the ALL-CLEAR, I am back on the walking circuit. She just does not want to risk any infection at this point. I think she is in denial or maybe in PROCRASTINATION because if ANYTHING is gonna give me an infection it is the DIRT I manage to get on my collar everytime I go outside. I use it like a shovel cuz it makes a funky sound.

So yeah, thanks all of you for proving the awesomeness of Blogville and its sense of caring and community.

All this love is kinda ADDICTING!


I got a call from the dogter yesterday regarding the nasty BUMP which is now gone. He said it's all good and this is what it was:

A histiocytoma: a benign skin tumor that originates in the Langerhans cells, immune cells that function to provide protective immunity to the tissues that are in contact with the outer environment -- the nose, stomach, intestines and lungs, but mainly the skin's surface. These cells are also referred to as dendritic cells, and histiocytes.

Well, glad to now it is gone and nothing to worry about.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dazed and Confused. . . or Am I Just Sleepy?

Mommy says she has gathered a lot of fun little things to write about following my surgery on Saturday. I told her to stop creating something out of nothing BUT she reminded me that is what she does best.

So here I was, sitting in the kitchen minding my own business - and that is the last thing I remember. I fell asleep sitting up . . . supported only by the blue ring.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Minus one BUMP and Five TEETH

As some of you may or may not know, I had SURGERY on Saturday to remove a large bump from the inside of my fold. It didn't look especially scary, but it was growing fast and bothering me - so my Mommys both agreed it was best to get it taken care of A.S.A.P.

Mommy #2 first took me to the VET a couple of weeks ago to have the bump looked at. The dogter put me on antibiotics for a week to see of maybe it was an infection. Well, that decidedly didn't work. The above picture was after a full week of pills and antibiotic salve treatments. So back to the vet we went. This time the dogter suggested surgery as an option - although continued topical treatment was still an option as well.

My Mommys are very very careful with my health. They LEFT the previous vet office when the dogter seemed to not know too much about PUGS. And I didn't like the dogter too much which lessened Mommy #1 and #2's confidence in that office. So when they found this vet - JUST down the street in the OTHER direction - they knew what to look for in a dogter. When they walked into the office, they saw plastered all over the walls and shelves . . . PUGS! Portraits, stuffies, books, and so on. And when Mommy #2 asked if they treated PUGS, the receptionist said OF COURSE! We have several pugs as regulars!

When I finally saw the dogter (there are two, father and son, and I have seen them both) I really LIKED HIM A LOT!

Fast forward to Saturday. Mommy dropped me off at 9 am. She was a little nervous - as was I. While I was under, the dogter called to report I was doing well, the bump was removed and would they like a dental since I was already under. So Mommy said yes as I was overdue. Sadly, I lost 5 front teeth during the cleaning. They were not in good shape and I totally blame ME! I would NEVER let Mommy brush those teeths no matter how hard she tried. The rest of my teeth, luckily, are in good shape.

They called Mommy about 2 pm to come and get me!!! I was sooooooooo groggy. Can you tell?

I am pretty much back to normal now - appetite back, fiesty-ness back. I have to keep the cone on for TWO WEEKS until the stitches come out. The vet's office does not want me rubbing my snout. It does itch, I gotta admit. Mommy says that is because it is healing.

Oh yeah, I am back on the D-I-E-T, by the way. The dogter said that although I LOST weight, I was still a little heavy for my very petite trachea. So to prevent problems down the road, he wants me SKINNY!!!! I gotta lose TWO MORE POUNDS! Mommy says no problem. 

Goodbye treats.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Being Controversial

I feel like being a little edgy today. . . a little CONTROVERSIAL. I get this way sometimes when I watch the news. And we have sure gotten a lot of strange and disturbing news lately.

I especially get this way when the news involves HATE. What is this all about anyhoo? Hate is bad . . . hate is wrong. . . and HATE kills. Where does all this hate come from? Is it the government? The society? The home? Are some people/pups just BORN that way? I cannot make sense of it.

And whether you're a ROTTWEILER, a GSD, or a wonderful PUG - what makes you so different from each other? Sure, size. . . color. . . snout or lack of. . . but deep down

You're still all DOGS

So Blogville - let's unite and take a big step toward solving this dilemma of HATE. Let's resolve to treat each other with 

  • Respect
  • Love
  • Understanding
Because if we all do that, pretty soon there will be no more room for HATE.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

It FINALLY Arrived and We're GLAD It Did!

Yes. You HAVE seen this picture before.
Ahem - I need a new assistant.

June 1, 2015 we got an email from Ms. Sydney at Chewy.com asking what we would like to review for the month. We always love getting emails like this from Ms. Sydney. So we perused the offerings, batted around the idea of giving Sunshine the Cat the GLORY for this month, decided AGAINST that DUMB idea, and chose something we KNEW our Mommys would NOT BUY us in a million years -

Merrick Backcountry

We chose this particular one because
  1. We've never ever tried it or any Merrick canned food before
  2. Duck and Venison made our collective mouths water
  3. Our inner WOLF said to
Ms. Sydney said YES and promised to ship it out RIGHT AWAY. So we went to the door and waited. . . and waited. . . and waited (Mommy said it would take more than 2 hours but we didn't believe her). Then we went to bed and when we woke up, we waited by the door again. This went on for more than a week and NOTHING. So we emailed Ms. Sydney and she said "Patience is a Virtue. . ." and she promised FOOD was on the way. 

She was right. Not TWO DAYS later it arrived

The blur on the left is ME trying to swiftly open the case
and help myself to an early dinner
Oh My DOG!!!! I am soooo glad this is what we chose to review because not only is it the tastiest of foodables, but it is sooooooo insanely good for us. Get a load of the FIRST TEN INGREDIENTS -

Deboned Duck, Turkey Broth, Dried Egg Product, Carrots, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Potatoes, Pea Protein, Deboned Venison

I know what you are thinking. . . HOW CAN I GET ME SOME OF THAT THERE DELICIOUSNESS?
Well you can go to Chewy.com for all the yummy choices. Or any reputable pet food store should carry it. DOESN'T MATTER - just get yourself some. Because I am PURELY going KOOKOO for KOKOPUFFS over this stuff.

It could because we only get a small amount ONCE a day and our kibble the other meal . . . OR, more likely, it is because this is a GREAT TASTING, NUTRITIOUS, and filling (for Molly, not me. . . I'm a pug) MEAL-IN-A-CAN.

Not only that, but Merrick  Backcountry is Grain-free, uses deboned meat is the main ingredient, has
added vitamins and minerals, and contains no corn, wheat or gluten ingredients. And the plant, products, and produce are all from or made in the USA.

We give it TWELVE paws up (we enlisted Sunshine the Cat's paws) as the goodest stuff in our cupboard today.

*We received some Merrick Backcountry canned food for the sole purpose of testing the product. We were not compensated in any monetary way nor are we forced to do anything more than try the product and give our honest opinions of the product. What you see here is ALL US

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What's Up With The 'Dubs and All That Noise?

It has been SUPER LOUD at Casa de Noodles. It has been going on for a while now and rivals the weeks of last year's WORLD SERIES win of the SF GIANTS! You see, our perennially cellar-dwelling basketball squad is finally something to shout about. They are on TOP OF THE WORLD!

It actually started a couple of years ago when surprisingly the 'Dubs (that's what we TRUE fans call them) started to string together some WINS. It happened occasionally. But it was happening MORE AND MORE. Then last year they had a WINNING season!

But NOTHING could have prepared the 'Dub Nation for what happened THIS year when they went on to be the winningest team in basketball AND moved up all the way to the NBA PLAYOFF FINALS.

Tonight is GAME 6 of the best of 7 series.

It's gonna be 


Beware - I am sure you will hear us from all corners of the globe.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Blogger Boo Boos and Ima Back!

No doubt some of you NOTICED some weird dating of my posts last week. It was the strangest thing as they were all dated Tuesday June 9 BUT NONE OF THEM were posted on June 9! I wrote ALL of them before I left on vacay and then posted them through my iPad. I suspect some sort of incompatibility between the BLOGGER APP and BLOGGER. In any case, everything post was dated June 9 even though it was PUBLISHED June 10, June 11, and June 12. How weird is that???

Just wanted to explain in case you all thought you were going CRAZY or something.

Happy 60th Anniversary ears

ears with flash

Mommys said Disneyland was fun but they SURE MISSED ME! I sure missed them as well. They had a lot cooler temperatures in the Land of the Mouse than we did in the SF Bay Area! So GOOD FOR THEM!!!! I made sure I let them know how much I missed them by sneezing in their faces and rubbing my GOOD DOGGY SMELL and FUR all over them. I think last night I slept the best of all of the previous FOUR days.

NOTE: R.I.P. sweet Chef Sasha. Our FURiends over the Rainbow Bridge will be eating fine tonight!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


June is GAY PRIDE Month and there are faires and festivals throughout the world celebrating everyone's' right to LOVE who they wish. Right here in my town there will be a PRIDE celebration in August. I am pretty sure the city Fathers and Mothers mean


and not this

Anyhoo. . . I think this is an important event to discuss because it is a celebration of LIFE. And we all know that LIFE is one thing we should celebrate and honor and enjoy every chance we get because it is truly a GIFT.

Furthermore, as a PUG, I am very acquainted with Pride. I am proud of who I am (a PUG Princess) and what I am (duh! A Pug). . . I wish everyone could say the same. . . that they too are proud of who they are and what they do. 

And it does not matter if you agree or disagree with the lifestyle - that is an individual decision and I PUGsonally don't think I have the right to JUDGE another. Besides, it doesn't impact my life nor my right to ENJOY LIFE how I see fit. 

Heck!!! I SNIFF BUTTS! And no one ever looks on with disdain when I do it.

But I am off the point. 

I see Gay Pride as a positive thing - and in the end it is all about L-O-V-E. And love, wherever and with whoever you find it, is a good thing.

SO, celebrate BEING ALIVE and BEING in LOVE and being a part of the CITY/STATE/COUNTRY where you live! Join in the fun. 

You don't have to be a member of the LGBT community to attend the PARTIES. 

You Remember TIFFY, Don't You?

This is from a while ago when I stayed at Tiffy's house

I went to visit Tiffy the other day. I visited with her and her delightful and wonderful 'rents as well. It was all so impromptu and fun. I can't wait until we do it again!

Mommy, Aunt B, Lil One, Molly and Me all piled into the car. We (the younger ones, anyhow) had no idea where we were going. I love a good adventure. And as long as the AC is on in the car, I am a happy traveler. Molly not so much. She whined and lunged all the way. She wanted to ride in Aunt B's lap which is a BIG ROAD NO-NO!!!!! Whatever, Molly.

I started to recognize where were were going once we got over the hill. I first thought we were going to AUNTIE B's but when we passed her exit, I KNEW we were going to see TIFFY.

By that time I was pretty excited but I contained it very well by pretending to be asleep. I wanted to set a good example for Molly - but she was having NONE of it.

Before I knew it, we were pulling into TIFFY'S neighborhood and then I saw her AWESOME 'rents in the yard! YAY!!!!

Tiffy came out to greet us and soon (after the requisite water visits) all THREE of us were playing in her back yard! It was warm but not too much for us. We wandered all around checking PEEmail and having a good old time while the 'rents caught up on the news and stuff.

Then it was time to go. I already miss Tiffy and cannot wait until out next adventure.

Pug on a HOT Tin Roof - not really

(I have neither a tin roof not am I on top of it. I just liked the way that sounded when I typed it)

Knew I'd get your attention with BACON

It was HOT here Monday. It was so hot that one could FRY BACON on the sidewalk. It was so hot I could not move from the AC floor vent. . . sorry Sunshine. You gotta move faster of you want to HOG prime territory like that.

Up until Monday we were wondering where SPRING went to. Actually, we still are as we seem to have segued from WINTER straight into late SUMMER!

It is HOT - the kind of dry heat that puts us all in danger of wildfires. The hills are especially dry this year since we have had THREE LONG YEAR of drought.

Maybe the milder SPRING temps will return next week and we can PUT SUMMER in its proper place.

In the meantime, I just sat poolside and sipped a mint julep. Heat is fun when you don't have to walk, work, drive, shop, etc. . .

Monday, June 8, 2015

Noodles in the Moon

Please overlook the sad photoshop.
It looked awesome when I saved it.

I am a LUNATIC. By that I mean I am DRAWN to the moon - especially the full moon. It is so incredible how the full moon illuminates the yard as if there were a spotlight on it. And I love how we can see the MOONRISE a couple of times as we climb the foothill to our house. AWESOME!!!

There is also something else I love to do. I love to sleep in MOONBEAMS! It's true. I love to snuggle inside the bright shaft of light streaming through the window. It doesn't warm me up like the sunlight does, but it makes me feel so safe, secure, and happy.

Pixalated profile

Friday, June 5, 2015

I wanna Be Like YODA

I WANNA be like YODA
Wise in everyway
I wanna teach the JEDI
To keep the Empire at bay

I WANNA be like YODA
And scramble all my WORDS
So no one really understands me
Not even Mynah Birds

I WANNA be like YODA
Stronger than an WOOKIE
HE can lift a SPACESHIP
To retrieve a COOKIE

I WANNA be like YODA
and occupy a SWAMP
Spouting out my ISMS
BUTT your will I STOMP!

Rhymin' by NOODLES

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Noodles! Sit!!!

Okay, aside from the mismatched flooring, this is one of my favorite pictures BECAUSE it demonstrates just how perfect my S-I-T is.

Pugs have a peculiar way of sitting.It is nearly HUMANLIKE. . .

BECAUSE unlike most dogs who sit on their HAUNCHES

we sit on our BUM!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Post Dance series

HELP! We can't move!

This pillow is so comfy

I am trying to get my beauty sleep



Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Da Dance of the Century! Noodles and Molly go to the BLOGVILLE Dance!

Hi All,
We are on our way to THE BIG BLOGVILLE DANCE!!!!!! A little while ago Molly and I decided that we needed dates. So we went to Yente Ruby to fix us up. She did a FANTASTIC job of it too as she found us two Chihuahua BROTHERS to dance the night away with. AND they agreed to go with us!

I don't think Chico and Shiver know what they are getting into!

This is toooooooo exciting.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Carrots On Top

If given the choice, would I choose REAL CARROTS over Nutro Carrot Treats? That is the question I set out to answer and one at which I hope to succeed. Let's face it - how can I lose? Either way I get to eat something.

First Off - real CARROTS

The CARROT, Daucus Carota, is a root vegetable generally identified by it's ORANGE color. This despite carrots actually being available in many colors from purple to white. They are CRISP, SWEET, JUICY, CRUNCHY. . . I am getting hungry just thinking of their goodness. Admittedly, I love almost anything EATIBLE. . . I am a pug, after all.

Carrots NATURALLY contain Beta Carotene, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. That sounds healthy - right? They also contain Vitamins A, B, C, E and K and are high in fiber (cellulose). You CANNOT go wrong with a real carrot. They are portable and have a really good shelf life if kept in a cool place/

Second Off - Nutro Crunchy Treats WITH Real Carrots

I won't lie. . . these are YUMMY treats! I will beg for them, do TRICKS for them, and generally be obnoxious for them. They are so close to a real carrot only lacking the JUICINESS. Full of good carrot FLAVOR, these treats are made from Whole Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Dried Carrots, Chicken Meal, Sunflower Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Natural Flavor, Molasses, Natural Carrot Cake Flavor, Cinnamon, Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract. I am not sure WHY Nutro felt they needed to add the CARROT CAKE flavor, cinnamon and Rosemary Extract.

It's as if they decided REAL DOGS don't DO carrots. No matter, because in spite of this technicality, these treats are pretty good for PUGS and pooches, are 100 PERCENT natural products and American Made (which only matters to Americans, I guess).

What we all want to know is - 

She found a way to eat both

*Chewy.com sent us a bag of treats for the sole purpose of reviewing them. Any opinions and observations made are ours and ours alone. We do not get paid by chewy.com or Nutro at all.