Orijen Cat Food

Stop the presses! Stop the presses! Champion Pet Foods brand Orijen has just announced a new line of PRODUCTS FOR CATS! That's right - for kitties like Sunshine the Cat.
We have long know Orijen for its FANTASTIC dog and PUG food. This is epic, though. EPIC! This new line of food, like all Orijen products mirror the kind of foods cats would eat in the wild - foods that are protein rich and carbohydrate limited.

Check out Orijen's website to find out more about their "Biologically Appropriate" philosophy and what it means to your pet.

The treat packet Sunshine the Cat tried is called Orijen Original Cat Treats. They are freeze-dried yumminess which is 100% meat and are a fresh local (to Canada where Orijen originates) product. They arrived yesterday and she was totally tearing into the package because she JUST KNEW it was filled with yumminess. Then she started prancing around and meowing. It was hilarious! She was flummoxed why it was taking so long to reach her mouth.

The treats come in 5 flavors:

  1. Original - cage-free chicken, wild caught turkey (we have lots of those in our famous park, Alum Rock) and Pacific flounder
  2. Tundra - elk, venison, quail and steelhead trout
  3. Regional Red - boar, lamb and beef all locally ranch raised
  4. Alberta Lamb - free range lambs from local ranches
  5. Wild Boar - raised naturally on local farms
They are very very VERY fragrant. I was begging to try them but NO! They are for CATS. I guess I will have to experience some Orijen treats for myself - Hey Santa! Here's another stocking stuffer idea!!!

Anyhow, Sunshine went all goofy on her self begging for more and more treats so I guess it is safe to say she liked them. NO!!! She LOVES them.

They should be arriving at your local pet store soon. BUT I KNOW you can find them for a GREAT PRICE at www.chewy.com. Then you WON'T have to go out in the snow to buy treats and they will be delivered quickly right to your door. Orijen Cat Treats are soooooo worth it.

And I am sure you can tell we were so totally gifted with the treats to try. We did not pay for them in exchange for our HONEST opinion of the product. None of the opinions are from any source but us and our own experiences.

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