Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Waving Goodbye To Another Year

It's here - at last. The end of 2014. It hasn't been a particularly AWFUL year for me - but it hasn't been a stellar one either. Too many FURiends crossed the Rainbow Bridge and too many Human Friends bid farewell. That said. . . I got to spend a lot of time with a LOT of people I care a lot about; I got to go to another baseball game which was AWESOME; I got to go to the beach; I COMPLETED 1000 posts and 100 Good Thoughts; and so it goes.

Hi from the Patio at Eddie Papas

One of my BEST memories was also one of my most RECENT memories - meeting up with my PUG FURiends and their 'rents for lunch and laughter. Just before Christmas, and at the tail end of some warm weather, we met HALFWAY at a restaurant in Pleasanton called Eddie Papas. This COOL eatery allows pups on the patio which is cool cuz THAT'S where I'd wanna be anyhow.

I partied with

Baloo and Draego






Zoey and Phoebe

Noodle in jail

Why was Noodle in JAIL? Well he had a tough time keeping it cool with the DUDES. As a matter of fact, the DUDES had trouble toning it down all around. BUT boys will be boys, eh? What's that Mommy? The GIRLS had their moments as well? I certainly don't re. . . Oh yeah . . . I guess we DID start a little BARK-FEST at one point. Can you imagine?

Anyhoooooooo. . . Noodle cooled his jets "en carro" while we ate and chatted. Finally we exchanged gifts and then took some final pictures. It was a week before Christmas so everyone had lots to do - we couldn't spend ALL day sitting at a restaurant!

Here is the group shot - excluding Draego and Fezzik and Phoebe and Zoey . . .

look carefully and you can see me peeking over Ellie's shoulder

Happy NEW YEAR Everypuggy!!! I hope 2015 brings you all lots


Maxfield Parrish-esque

Mommy #2 was on her way to work when the SUN started to make its appearance. She was in awe of the vivid colors and contrasts. So she took out her phone and snapped a photo (don't worry! She was on the train, not driving).

This is the photo she took. She was so disappointed because although dramatic, it in no way truly captured the sunrise which she thought looked like a Maxfield Parrish piece.

Picture courtesy of Maxfield Parrish Gallery

So when she got to work, she doctored it up to give the picture more of a Parrish feel to it. What do you think?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Back At Work

Christmas is over and it is time to start putting things back in order. 

(Oh, don't worry. The TREE doesn't come down until after New Year's Day. . . . . )

  • But all of the party mess is cleaned up

  • And all of the presents are unwrapped

  • Plus all of the sales have been exploited

Whew! That was quite a LOT of activity. But I have a lot more ahead of me as today marks my BACK TO WORK day. I have BLOGS to write and IDEAS to share. A Pug's work is NEVER done.

Come Wednesday it is time to REFLECT and RESTORE and get ready for the New Year. I plan to make this, My Fifth Year as a BLOGGER, the best one EVER!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ho Ho Ho, Yawn

Why is it the one day of the year you NEED your energy to be at its peak, it fizzles out completely. Granted, the long hours of writing Christmas cards did not help. Or the made dashes to the store for dinner ingredients. . . Or the frenzied cleaning and wrapping before all of the relatives descend on you.
One thing is for sure - despite all the activity and exhaustion, it is one of the most wonderful times of the year because it is time spent with family and friends.

Merry Christmas ( or whatever you celebrate during the winter solstice) to all of my Blogville family.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Tears at Christmas Time

My G'day Mates from Down Under

Again a tragedy has happened that altered my planned post for today. You see, on Friday, two very special FURiends of mine who I never met in the fur BUT felt as if I had, crossed over the Bridge quite unexpectedly. Pictured above are Opaka and her brother Dax. They hail from DOWN UNDER also known as Australia. They were on vacation with their awesome 'rents when Opaka was attacked by a brown snake and Dax jumped in to save her. He actually took the brunt of the attack.

Just so you know, this is a link for information about the brown snake from Australia -

It is a dangerous snake and one that kills more humans than any other snake in Australia. Since we are talking small dogs, it most likely mistook them for food. Anyhow, both were rushed to the emergency clinic, given a couple doses of anti-venom and put on life support. They didn't make it despite a deluge of prayers, Juju, etc from all over the WORLD!

I cannot begin to express my sadness over this whole turn of events. First of all, I did my super duperous JUJU dance and it FAILED! Second of all, two of my dearest Blogville furiends are gone, poof, just like that. It really put a damper on my holiday spirit.

Please hug your HUMANS tonight, tomorrow and every night because LIFE is too short and too unpredictable to let the opportunity pass you by to say I LOVE YOU.

And give a little shout out to Dax and Opaka as they join their sibling Kai who preceded them in crossing the bridge.

RIP my FURiends

PeeEss - I also lost a KITTY FURiend over the weekend. Kizzy is the sister to Winston Wilber and Sam "The Boss" Cooper up in Canada. Kizzy got sick suddenly (also on FRIDAY) and went over the bridge the following morning. I will miss Kizzy. For a cat she was pretty sweet and stately.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Frenzy


Christmas is almost here and I have NOT done my shopping yet! I made my list. I checked it twice. I guess the only thing left is to head out to the MALL and face the music.

Wish me luck - I think I am gonna NEED it.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thoughtful Throwback Thursday

My first Christmas with Molly
Look at the size difference!

My third Christmas with Molly
My how she has changed!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday

New Record - we have topped all historical recorded totals for December rain
New Data - we are more than halfway to a normal year
FACT - we are still in a drought until the reservoirs are full

Okay, I lied. There are a few words here

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Which One is the PERP, Ma'am?

The 'rents decided LAST NIGHT was a good night to FINALLY pose for our Christmas Cards. Little did they know what they were in for. First of all, only TWO of THREE could be wrangles into costume, a-hem. Then there was the ATTENTION problem of one little BLONDE (Hint: Not Me). I will not show the finished product, but here are the OUTTAKES -

We DID get a decent shot - but it took a LOT of patience and TREATS.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Chatting With The SANTA Man

"Hi Santa," I said as I climbed up onto his lap. "My name is Noodles (the Pug) and I am here to talk with you about this year.
You see, Santa, this has been a tough one for a lot of people and pups. I cannot begin to list everything that went awry, or everypuppy and everykitty who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Besides, I think you know already. You know EVERYTHING, Santa. But I just want you to know that I CARE. I really really care what happened to others. I really really miss my FURiends who were too sick or hurt to stay in this world with me. And I really really need to know that next year won't be quite so hard."
Santa smiled down at me in his MOST benevolent way and said, "Noodles, you KNOW I cannot make predictions and promises like that. Bad things happen all the time and there is no way you can stop that from being true. And believe me, although it does not seem like it, there is a reason for the bad - it balances out the good.
But I will tell you that if you continue to be a good puggy AND continue to CARE for others like you do . . . well, I am sure that good behavior will make the next peep or pup do the same. . . and the next . . . and the NEXT . . . and so on. Before you know it, there will be so much GOOD WILL that you will see the BRIGHTER side of everything. The world will SEEM a happier place to be because you will no longer be seeing the bad."
"So Santa," I whispered. "Does that mean I should IGNORE the bad stuff and pretend to not see it?"
"No, no, Noodles," Santa said, chuckling as he said it. " My dear sweet Noodles. You cannot live in ignorance in order to be happy. Instead, be aware of the bad stuff and strive to overcome it. In the long run, it will make you happier."
"Oh Santa!!!" I said. "You are the WISEST peep I know! Thanks. I will try very hard to make people and pets smile a little more. . . and think about others a LOT more. . . and well, I guess I will do the same."
"Merry Christmas, Noodles!"
"Merry Christmas, Santa!"

Friday, December 12, 2014

And Then What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear

Folks - we got a lot of rain yesterday. Over 3 inches in a 24 hour period. I know some of you will scoff at this piddly amount. But you must understand that normally we get MAYBE 15 inches of rain in a year. And the December normal is under 3 inches for the whole month. We got that in one day. It was a little unsettling because the roads were flooding, the creeks were rising, and my back yard was squishy and wet. Every time I came indoors from doing my bidness, I had to endure a total TOWELING. I put it right up there with WATERBOARDING for torture devices! Awful.

But then this morning I walked outside to do my THING and know what? The air smelled so clean and fresh. It tickled my whiskers and made my lungs so happy. And when the sun came up, through the clouds which are hanging around and threatening more rain - I saw the RAINBOW. It was so lovely and magical. So we were a little inconvenienced by some rain (to hear the television stations talk it was nearly Armageddon). If I could wake up to this beauty every day . . . I'll suffer through it.


Happy Weekend EveryPuggy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Answer, My FURiend, is Blowin' in the Wind. . .

I keep checking the sky for the answer but I haven't found it, yet.

We gots some stormy clouds outside today. We need the rain, true. But with water puddling up and creeks overflowing (I live near a couple of creek crossings and one river), the roads are just not safe. That's okay cuz my Mommy #2 is working from home today. That means she is safe and I get lots of cuddles.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa, Dear Santa, Here is a List of the FEW Things I Really WANT for Christmas

Lots of puppers ask me “Noodles! What do you want for Christmas?” Well, if I had MY way, my list would be VAST. But I don’t. I was told by my Mommys to keep it short – keep it simple. Okay. Okay. I can do that THIS TIME.

Luckily I have spent a lot of time REVIEWING products (and by that I mean TREATS) and places for this blog. This gives me the chance to CHECK OUT a lot of things perhaps my Mommys would NEVER think of (being HUMAN and all). I have to admit I mostly like everything EATABLE and I am not so adverse to clothes. I draw the line at stuff like ELECTRIFIED collars and fences, CAR restraints, and barbed ANYTHING.

That said, there are a lot of less tangible things that I think I would like for Christmas. After all, my BIG ROOM (pen) is getting a little crowded with Molly and all of our combined toys and outfits nestled within. So while writing this list, I attempted to think OUTTA THE CHRISTMAS BOX and pick more conscientiously.

So here it is, for your LISTING pleasure, my Christmas 2014 WANTS:
  • Tropiclean Treats and water refresher
  • Woodrow Wear Socks made to wear on long walks
  • A trip to the beach - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Anything I want from Biscuits. . . What? I can’t ask for something that vague? Well, okaaaaaaaaaay. . . a new kimono OR my choice from the treat jars
  • A new GRANDE bed from PetSmart because SOMECAT peed on the old one and it DID not survive the washing
  • A year supply of HALO Spot’s Stew because it is yummy
  • For all the pets in the HSSV (shelter) to find forever homes (just not MINE)
  • ANYTHING from Pugs in the Kitchen – the YUMMIEST SNACKS IN THE WORLD
  • A new leash in some color OTHER than black. My Mommy is so picky she can’t DECIDE on a color so I am stuck with BLACK. Not cool for dainty flower NOODLES
  • For all my BLOGVILLE, Google+, Wordpress, FB, Twitter, and Pinterest FURiends to have the


I don’t think THAT’S asking too much, do you?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Resume for an ELF Position

I WANTED to be the ELF


Dear Chief Elf Recruiter
My name is Noodles and I am applying for your recently advertised position of ELF. I think I would be an asset to your North Pole organization and I don't even mind a little cold now and then. I work well with PEOPLE and ELVES (other dogs and pugs, not so much) and am very very VERY willing to please. I am including my resume which I think you will see is quite varied. Although it may on the surface seem like I am a Jill-of-all Trades and master of none, to borrow a phrase - in truth I think my wide range of experience is what makes me the candidate to fulfill all of your ELF needs.
Yours truly,
Noodles (the Pug)

Noodles (the Pug)
Cali Gurl, USA

Objective: To work as Santa's ELF and bring joy to everyone

Work History: I am a PUG PRINCESS and as such do not WORK. I await my Mommys so I can beg for food and cuddle by their feet and on their laps. That is my JOB and I do it well

Education: I was born a PUG. That's all the education I need. . . but I do read the newspaper a lot

Skills: Eating, Cuddling, Snuggling, Eating, Clinging to legs, smiling for the camera, Eating, Going outside to do my bidness, Greeting everyone at the door, Eating

References: Check out A Bowl of Noodles on Blogspot. That should provide all the references you need

I DO Hope I GET the JOB

Friday, December 5, 2014

Finally Friday

OMP! All that decorating really wore me out AND we are not nearly done! I am kinda glad the weekend is gonna be kinda rainy so we will stay INDOORS and concentrate on getting the house all ready.

We pulled out box after box of decorations trying to decide on a theme for this year's tree. Sometimes it is old fashioned, sometimes it is Asian (4 out of 10 of us are Asian, kinda) and sometimes we honor the MOUSE - Mickey Mouse. I know what ever we finally decide will be lovely.

Today I think we will put up the tree. We have an artificial tree because my mommies and aunties are afraid of the flammability of real trees. They remember many houses catching on fire from over dry trees and lights so they just do not want to risk it. Plus, the fake ones are not AS MESSY and look very consistently nice. We have had ours for YEARS! That means we have saved almost, what. . . . a BILLION live trees? Maybe not quite that much. . . but a lot.

So it takes time to put up the tree and shape the branches JUST SO. Then we add a zillion lights so you cannot even look at the tree without sunglasses on. So cool. That should take all day because we take a lot of breaks for hot cocoa (Mommy) and Christmas Movies.

Have a great weekend EVERYPUGGY and have fun Decking YOUR Halls.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Decorating For The Holidaze

  • Mommy #1's show...........CHECK!
  • Trip to Coronado.............CHECK!
  • Thanksgiving....................CHECK!
  • Back Home......................CHECK!
That leaves - 

I am buried up to my TAWNY neck in Christmas decorations!!!! Mommy said she needed my help and me, being Noodles the PUG said, OF COURSE I will help.

So we went out to the GARAGE and sorted through eleventy-million boxes until we found the one marked CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.

I love stretching my creative muscle when it comes to Christmas. I can be as fanciful as I want. . . I just need to avoid this all too common error

Image provided by

Image provided by

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sock It To ME

Me and Molly and our naked feet

Over the course of my 1000+ posts,

I think I have made it pretty clear that I love to shop locally. My favorite dog boutique, BISCUITS (here is their YELP review) for example, is located in Japantown a scant 3 miles from my house. It is not only convenient - but the owner, Ms Jennifer, is always so nice to me and pets me and talks sweet to me.


So WHAT I AM SAYING,  is I like to find backyard talent and not just bargains because, well, there is just nothing like the sense of community I feel when I shop the ‘hood.

Imagine my delight when I came across a BRAND of doggie wear that was created by someone in my town? It’s true. I was reading a local newspaper (online, of course) when I spotted a color story about a local woman, Lorraine, who created these special therapy socks for dogs called Woodrow Wear. These socks are made to provide traction to pups that need help due to disability, illness, or just plain slick floors (like Molly and our stairs, commence rolling eyes).  And unlike normal dog socks, these are made to STAY ON the paw rather than slowly ooze off. I cannot tell you how many socks I have lost because they just work their way OFF. This is aggravating. My interest was therefore peaked and I made it MY mission to FIND OUT MORE.

I emailed Ms. Lorraine for more information about her product because, as I have said before, I like to highlight local talent where I can. Despite a CAH-RAY-ZEE schedule, she emailed me all kinds of info regarding her product, how it came to be, and how effective it is. This is some GOOD reading, I tell you. Very interesting – most of it can be found on their website www.woodrowwear.com.

What I found to be most INTERESTING about her product was the enormous number of testimonials from people who as a last ditch effort tried WOODROW WEAR to give their struggling dogs some mobility. One video brought TEARS to my already liquidy brown PUG eyes as it showed a doggy who was confined to a rug ALL THE TIME because she could not get any traction on the wood floor. She had some sort of hip or leg problems, too. First the video showed the doggy with NAKED paws slipping and sliding all over the floor. Then the video showed the dog taking its first steps OFF THE RUG while wearing WOODROW WEAR socks. You HAVE to check it out here http://www.woodrowwear.com/VIDEO.

These socks really seem to work. I think I NEED some (Hey! Christmas IS just around the corner) to TRY out. I am wondering if they will stay on my dainty feet and protect the “knuckles” when I go on my walks. I have this nasty tendency to drag them sometimes and the result is bloody paws if Mommy does not stop me in time.

The Woodrow Wear socks are supposed to be durable enough for outside wear (they even have some for SNOWY conditions!!!). Then I think I might get MOLLY some for Christmas so she can try them. She has a dickens of a time negotiating our stairs because of her excessively FURRY paws. She goes SPLAT almost every time and the HUMANS end up carrying her up the stairs. If these will stay on her skinny feet they may be just the thing she needs to tackle the stairs herself.

So what I am trying to say is - You just never know what you will find in your own BACKYARD

Check them out! I think you will like what you see.