Tuesday, October 31, 2017

HOWL-n-Good Treats #chewyinfluencer AND My Costume is Ready for the BIG NIGHT

I am here to alert my FANS to a wildly good TREAT. As you know, I am all about the treats. And especially during Halloween when the HUMANS want to put me in costume. So I asked Chewy.com for a HALLOWEEN treat and they came through in a BIG way with Blue Buffalo Boo Bars.

We kind of ate them up

They were only for a limited time but I gotta say - we LOVED them and they are totally worth the wait for next year. BUT you don't really have to because Chewy.com carries Blue Buffalo Health Bars (and there is a pumpkin cinnamon flavor just like the Boo Bars) all year round.

What we like best is they are CRUNCHY but not too tough that Molly-with-the-limited-teeth can't enjoy them. She totally does. Also, Blue Buffalo Boo Bars (or Health Bars) are a nutritious treat made with all natural ingredients - and they are free of poultry by-product meal, corn. wheat and soy. So many pooches with allergies can still enjoy these treats.

Here is what BOO BARS are made of
Oatmeal, Barley, Oat Flour, Pumpkin, Flaxseed (Source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids), Cane Molasses, Carrots, Salt, Canola Oil (Source of Omega 6 Fatty Acids), Cinnamon, Calcium Carbonate, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (Source of Vitamin C), Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Oil of Rosemary, Vitamin E Supplement.

We recommend you try some TODAY!

**We received a bag of Boo Bars free of charge from Chewy.com for the sole purpose of trying them and writing a review. All opinions are our own and we received no payment whatsoever.


Tell me what you think!!!!

Molly was less than thrilled with hers

Monday, October 30, 2017

Then This Happened . . .

I crack myself up.
Still crankin' away at my costume. Pretty sure this is gonna be an ALL-NIGHTER.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Four Days To Left Until HOWL-O-Ween! What To DO!!

I'ma running SCARED now! When did September end? Why is it so close to the end of OCTOBER? I was caught totally UNAWARES by this crazy crazy weather we have been having! It's HOT outside, again. So un-Fall like. Even the trees are a little confused. I saw some BUDDING last week.

OMIPUG!!! I am running out of time to CREATE the perfect COSTUME. I have had my THINKING cap on so tight that I have a headache!!!! And it has to be good, you know. My public demands it of me.

I whipped out some fabric and hauled out the SEWING machine in hopes of inspiration. So far I have NOTHING but a color scheme.

I guess that is what my weekend will be consumed by - COSTUME creation. I feel extra pressure given the AWESOME costumes worn by all of my FURiends who entered my contest. Give them all another hand for being so creative and daring!

Good luck to all of you still in the same predicament as me. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sunshine Has a New Home #chewyinfluencer

MY Music pillow bed
 This is Sunshine the Cat, my sisteroid from the BEGINNING.



MY Snoopy bed (now deceased)
This has always been true no matter whose bed it was or what size that bed.. She would saunter up to it and MAKE IT HER OWN. Now this bugged me a lot because I have some really nice, comfy beds. But I didn't often get to sleep on the one I want to because of 
Sunshine and Molly. They are much more aggressive than I am.

It's Just Not FAIR!

She completely took over my crate and my BELOVED Star Trek bed.
(Yes, I DO have a lot of beds but that is a tale for another time.)

So I tried and tried to reason with her but she always told me "Finders Keepers" and proceeded to settle in for the long haul.

Then - one day IT HAPPENED!!!!!
Ms. Natalie from Chewy.com asked if Sunshine the Cat would be interested in reviewing a special product for Chewy.com. I was a little miffed that MY Ms. Natalie specifically asked for Sunshine!!!! Whattha?
But as soon as Ms. Natalie described what it is that Sunshine would be reviewing I KNEW!!! I Knew this was MY CHANCE to win back my beds.


It took less than a week and this very large package arrived for Sunshine the Cat.

This box is HUGE!
It is a Frisco 24" Cat Condo in Cream. It does not take up too much room and is easily moved around the house for optimum comfort. It can be wiped down and vacuumed for cleanliness. I suggested the kitchen since this is where my crate was and Sunshine was ALWAYS in the crate. BTW - please ignore the ugly flooring. We are in the process of replacing it.

Sunshine - Why am I on this box?

Noodles: You are SO gonna thank me, Sunshine

Noodles: And here is the bottom floor

Sunshine: I can totally access this second floor and
you DOGS can't

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Peace and quiet!
 Oh! Did I tell you it is really sturdy? It can support a fair about of weight - more than most cats should weigh.
This is never gonna happen naturally!!!
Ever since we set up the condo, Sunshine has spent ALL OF HER SLEEPING time there. No longer am I fighting HER for my BEDS. She is happy because her food is right above the condo and the condo is an easy step down from her food dish. It is a WIN WIN. And the Condo is really attractive looking, unlike some cat condos. I bet when we get our new flooring in that it will look ever BETTER.

Best of all - I can return to this

Thank you Chewy.com for making my BEDS my own again.

PeeEss: The condo is currently ON SALE on Chewy.com

** I received one cat condo from Chewy.com free of charge for the sole purpose of using the product and then reviewing it. We were not otherwise compensated in any way and all opinions are our own. No one dictates to Noodles the Pug.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Earthquake and a Winner

Noodles here - finally. I must apologize for my assistant. It appears she has something going on with her BACK which she likens to an Earthquake.

They are actually muscle spasms and they have been so bad she grunts and groans when ever she stands up, walks, sits down, lays down, and so on. Pretty much all the time. As a result, she has done little more than sit at her desk working (this happened when she is very busy at work) and napping. The napping part I have been HELPING her with. I snuggle right up on her sore back and act kind of like a heating pad.
SO we are late to the PAWTY with our pick for best costume. If you recall, we enlisted the help of a celebrity panel to pick the winner. It's a shame there can be only one winner as ALL of the costumes were so very very awesome.

But the judges deliberated and pondered and snacked (a lot) until they came up with a WINNER. As a reminder, here are the CONTESTANTS


Hazel, Lightning, Misty (Cupcake) and Misty (Riding Hood), Timber
and Mabel

Astro, Hailey and Zaphod, Madi, and Princess Leah

The JUDGES really had a very difficult time but eventually they awarded one PET a perfect score

And the winner is . . . 
                                  Are you Ready?
                                                           Can you believe it?

OMIPUG!!!! What a fantastic costume! I am so excited for you, Hazel. Since Mommy's back is acting up it may take a week or so to get your PRIZE BASKET to you. I hope you like it. Have your HUMOM send me your address at noodlesthepug(AT)aol(DOT)com.

Thank you everypuggy for playing along with me. It was super fun.

Friday, October 20, 2017

In the Midnight Hour She Cried, More, More, MORE . . . PICTURES!!!!

This is it PEEPS n PUPS. . . The final day to submit a HALLOWEEN picture of yourself. There will be a prize package of goodies to whoever the PANEL of JUDGES decides has the best costume!

These judges really know their stuff so whatever you send. . . it better be GOOD. So far I have the following CONTESTANTS - Give them all a BIG HAND

You gotta admit. . . these are some really really GOOD costumes. It is going to be tough to choose.

So remember - you have until MIDNIGHT Pacific Time TONIGHT (that's 3am tomorrow morning ET . . . and sometime in the morning ENGLAND TIME). That's a lot of time.

Hope to see some more GRRRRR8 costumes. I will be announcing the winner on Monday.

Have a super duper fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TWO DAYS REMAINING!!!!! And By The Way, Mommy's Home

REMINDER - All Contest Photos are due by
Midnight FRIDAY, October 21, 2017

So I was so HAPPY Yesterday because my Mommy came home from San Diego. She shared some PHOTOS with me so I am sharing them with you.

********************************Dateline Wednesday *******************************

This is the MAP Mommy showed me of her walking route. The bottom right, where it says Hil and Park Blvd, THAT'S where Mommy started every day. The Hilton Bayside is where she stayed. Today she walked along Harbor where the Convention Center is. Then she cut to the promenade along the Bay.

This was the front of the convention center AND Mommy's shadow! It doesn't look so long but IT IS. This is letter F and Mommy started at letter H. She was heading to A way way way down the street. On the Map this roughly corresponds to the Gaslamp District which was across Harbor, the railroad tracks, and the lightrail tracks from the Convention Center.

When Mommy got closer to these twin towers she thought it was a pretty picture - especially with the palm trees lining the roadway. She remembers when San Diego only had a couple of tall buildings like this. That was a long long time ago.

Mommy walked up to Sea Port Village and then crossed back to the bay side. She walked a third of the way around the park right in front of Sea Port Village. She had planned to do it all but was running out of time. 

 That is the Coronado Bridge in the background. It is iconic and it links San Diego with Coronado Island. Remember Mommy had lunch on Coronado Island yesterday? Well she crossed that bridge to do so.

Before she knew it, it was time to get her and Aunt B's luggage and check out of the hotel. They waited a while at the airport because the flight was delayed over 45 minutes!! She was reading a good book so she said time just FLEW! Haha, Mommy. The above photo is of San Diego by Seaworld. This was the last they saw of San Diego as they flew away.

At Last!!!!! SAN JOSE! Do you know the way to San Jose? I sure don't. I live here and I would get lost trying to get here. Mommy says it is really easy, though. One loooooong highway ride.

See the shadow of the plane on the freeway? Isn't that a cool shot? Aunt B took it.

I am so happy my Mommy is home that I CAN'T STOP grinning! I hope Mommy does not go ANYWHERE for a good long while. I miss her too much when she does.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stopping to Smell the . . . Stuff!

Because Mommy is away from her "office", she feels she can get out and explore during part of her day. Don't worry. Her boss thinks she is not working AT ALL even though she told him otherwise. So she walks. The first day she and Aunt B walked about 5 miles and yesterday Mommy figures she did at LEAST that much. There are a lot of neat-o things for her to see. One of the things she likes to do is check out the local flora. In San Diego it is not too different from NorCal - except for the more desert-y places outside of SD. We don't have those so much in the North. These are some pictures of some FLORA she saw on her walk this morning.

This is the view from her "office" for the next couple of days. Not too bad, eh? She is going to take a walk later and see some more of the downtown area. She might even head over to the mall, Horton Plaza but she is not much of a shopper so maybe not. She is also going to lunch over on Coronado Island so that will be fun. She is meeting a friend from UNIVERSITY and that means she has known this person for DECADES!!! Remember, I am talking Mommy #2 not Mommy #1. Mommy #1 is at UNIVERSITY right now. Mommy said it is quite warm in San Diego (kinda like here at home) so she is not wandering a lot in the middle of the day.
She is thinking she MIGHT even break tradition and sit by the pool reading. She has not done something like that in a long long time.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mom's Away and I'm So Blue

Mommy #2 took off again! This time she and Aunt B went to San Diego. For Aunt B it is work - for Mommy there is no good reason. She wanted to go because she always wants to go with Aunt B when she goes to convention BUT Mommy cannot usually afford it. This time it was close(ish) to home. Plus Mommy loves San Diego and likes to take any opportunity she can to visit. She sent me some photos of what she is up to so I thought I'd share with you.

This is the view from the promenade in front of her hotel. You
are looking at Coronado Island here

Downtown San Diego. She was just past
 Sea Port Village down in the Marina 

This is a statue of the famous WWII photo called
The Kiss. It stands next to the Midway, a Navy
carrier now a museum

This is a view of the Naval Station on Coronado Island. That
is the Aft portion of the Midway on the right and a modern
carrier on the left in the distance at Coronado

Mommy and Aunt B took a tour of the Midway and really enjoyed it. There were a lot of Naval veterans who were docents at the ship and they told a lot of stories and gave background information about the running of the ship and what it was like to be in the OCEAN on the ship. She said it was very fascinating. Her favorite part was being on the flight deck and seeing all of the planes and helicopters. While they were there, she and Aunt B got to see the Disney Wonder take off for Mexico. If you have never been on a Disney Cruise or seen it take off, you gotta. It is the most festive and fun thing ever. Or she she told me because dogs other than PLUTO are not allowed on the cruise.

This is the inside of a deli Mommy walked to. It is downtown
but close to the convention center. It has wall are dedicated to
the world famous San Diego Comic Con
In the background of a walking bridge. It looks like a sail.
It connects from Mommy's hotel and Petco Park (you can see an
edge of the park on the left side of the picture)

This is Mommy's hotel. It is surrounded by the
train yard/docks on the left, Petco behind, the
Convention Center to the right and the San Diego
Bay/Coronado from the front.

I'd say she has it pretty good there in San Diego. Once she returns, I am going to let her know how much I appreciate her having fun and leaving me at home!

In the meantime, KEEP those costume photos rolling in AND pass the word. The more the merrier! I will post them on Thursday and Friday. And remember, you have until MIDNIGHT Saturday October 21, 2017!