Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I AM Princess of THE . . .

So, what do you think I won a ribbon for THIS year?

 That's right -

Second Year in a ROW!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Positively Pugoween

On my way to PUGOWEEN

Every year this rescue group called PugSavers (out of Sacramento) hosts a Halloween fete for pugs and pug mixes. It is a lot of fun even though the drive is LONG (at LEAST one hour from our house).

What is most fun about this event is the chance to meet up with our BESTEST pug pals and their families. We all live kinda distant from each other so every chance we get to visit is PRIME TIME.

In attendance were: ME, Bellatrix, Spencer B, Zoey and Phoebe, Beebe and Brady.

Hi Spencer B's Grandpa -
Got ANYTHING for us?
My partner in crime, Bellatrix, and I made to rounds begging for anything we could get. Usually this was pizza because that was what EVERYONE BUT US PUGS had for lunch. Note how I am WHISPERING in Belli's ear about something I have observed. She countered with a HEAD BUTT to let me know she agreed.

Then our Mommys broke it up.

I think there might have been close to a MILLION pugs in attendance. Every where I looked there was a pug and a few mixes. We all sniffed hello, a few played. I think mostly we just drank water (it was a very warm day) and BEGGED.

Towards the end of the play time was the HALLOWEEN COSTUME contest. It was broken down into 6 categories:
  • Boys Bought
  • Boys Homemade
  • Girls Bought
  • Girls Homemade
  • Group Bought Group Homemade
None of us won anything but here are a couple of pics from our group:

Beebee was Glinda the Good Witch. I didn't get a picture of Brady because he dashed away. He was a handsome gallant with a black cape. 
 That FUNNY girl Bellatrix was a Fallen Angel. Considering she does NOT like to wear clothing of ANY KIND, she was a trooper. I think she looked great and deserved a participation award.
Zoey was a Captain Hook and Phoebe was Tinker Belle. Their clever Mommy made their clothes from some BABY CLOTHES! Didn't she do a fantastic job?

I PUGsonally think they deserved to win one of the homemade costumes: either individual or group. But shockingly they did not.

Neither did I! It seems the judges had a hard time thinking of me as a girl considering my costume -

Like I have said before and I will keep saying - NO ONE SAID ALL STORM TROOPERS ARE BOYS!

Here are the winners for homemade and store bought costumes:
Pirate crew - best Group Home made

Wizard of Oz crew - best Group
Store bought

Space man - best Boy Homemade

Pug Shot - this is Bailey. I am pretty
sure I lost to her last year -
best Girl Home Made

BUT I DID WIN SOMETHING! Check back tomorrow to find out what I won.

REMEMBER: This is the last day to enter my MADLIBS contest. Check out my October 16th post for information.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Inspiration

Who DOESN'T love the look of the Storm Troopers - minions of Darth Vader? I mean, look at them! So crisp, uniform, and commanding! And I am pretty sure they are not ALL men because that would be so SEXIST and we ARE talking a futuristic time.

So a STORM TROOPER is what I decided to be for Halloween. I know it is not dainty LIKE ME. . . and not girly LIKE ME. . . but it is kinda KICK B--T which is very LIKE ME.

So here are the first shots taken of my costume - during the final trying on BEFORE the laser and latches were complete.

From the side. I actually like wearing this. . . sorta. . .

From the top. Be afraid. . . be very afraid. . .

Tomorrow I will let you know about my FUN DAY at Pugoween with my pal Bellatrix, her sweetheart Spencer B, our mutual PUPpals Zoey and Phoebe and a cast of hundreds (maybe).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Costume Workshop


I am madly working to get my costume ready for PUGOWEEN this Saturday! As you may recall, I missed out on FIRST PLACE by a mere technicality - I couldn't quite see out of my PIG MASK. So this year I plan to DAZZLE and SEE.

I have my PUG FORM out and ready to size my costume to my EXACT measurements. Oh! There is so much to do.

Check in on Monday for pictures of MY COSTUME!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Conference

Hey, Sunshine the Cat, I said.
Whatcha want, Sunshine the Cat said
Do you see what I see, I asked?
Yeah, she replied, but I don't know WHAT it is. Do You?
It looks like something outta this here VACUUM, I postulated!

The Molly Ball

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wenesday

Pssst. . . I am TRYING to be a good BIG sister and play. The little stinker (see her head in the first frame) wanted nothing to do with me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Short on Words

Sorry for being so terse
And extremely short of verse
For I am a little done in
By my SF GIANTS big win

Congrats for making it into the
2012 World Series!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

By Golly! It's MOLLY!!!!

So my weekend did not really turn out as I had planned it. I did NOT have my Mommys all to myself as I thought I would. They both left early in the morning on Saturday and did not return until well AFTER my appointed dinner time. The other humans were in and out, too. . . mostly OUT which meant I spent a lot of time in my pen, snoozing.

So that was Saturday. It was not a big deal day. No sleeping in snuggled next to my Mommy #1 and no fun with MOMMYS.

Sunday was a little different. Almost everyone was up pretty early and bustling about excitedly. I even got my nails trimmed which I was NOT expecting. I was also kinda gussied up a bit - nose fold wiped, ears wiped, and tear stains wiped. A quick brushing and then my WALKING HARNESS was put on.


The WHOLE family piled in the car and we drove a short way to the place I had my girly operation AND got my shots. I like the place, don't get me wrong. I just couldn't figure out what was going on. MOMMY took me out of the car and we started walking around. This was most unusual since I can walk around my NEIGHBORHOOD just as easily.

Then we went INSIDE to this place called a MEETING ROOM and I encountered somepuggy I never knew. . .

HI! What ARE you?

She is a little ball of fluff and her name is MOLLY. We were there to meet her as a potential FAMILY MEMBER. Molly was from a HOARDER situation, kinda. When the good people rescued the MOMMY they found out she was pregnant. The mommy and her 6 puppies went to FOSTER CARE when the puppies were 2 days old.
Her mommy is Maltese but the daddy is a mystery. In the HOARDER house there were also Shih Tzus and other small dogs.
Molly had been adopted but brought back when the adoptive parents realized they had to leave her home alone too much. She they took her back to Foster Care and my Aunt B, Cousin E, and Lil One hoped to adopt her.
The is right, we were there to ADOPT her.

Hi. My name is Molly. I am a maltese mix.
I weigh 3.5 pounds and am 10 weeks old.

And here is the CATCH! It all depended on me!!!! The shelter people wanted to know if I would be angry about her or if I would be aggressive. AS IF!!!

Of course I passed with flying colors and even kept my tail tightly curled so they would KNOW I was not at all unhappy about MOLLY.

She is so tiny (tinier than she looks in this picture) and, truth be told, kinda funny. She is playful but still sleeps a lot because she is a puppy. It will be nice to have another DOG in the house to CHAT with during the day. Let's face it, CONVERSATIONALIST my sisteroid Sunshine the Cat is NOT.

So EVERYPUGGY and DOGGY and KITTY and  ETC and HUMAN.  .  .  Meet
Molly? Just so you know - THIS couch is MINE

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Yesterday was good because I got to be with my under-the-weather Mommy #1 ALL DAY.

Today is even better because today is FRIDAY.

You know what that means.  .  .  .  .   My Mommys are mine ALL WEEKEND!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Costumes Past

 I thought it would be fun to show you all of the costumes I have worn in Halloweens past. This is in prep for the big revealing of my super wonderful costume for this year.

 These first two are pictures from my first Halloween.

Some of these are not Halloween costumes but costumes Mommy bought AFTER Halloween.

 My Hockey cap. I miss Hockey. I miss the SJ Sharks. They are on something called a strike

 This is my Flying Pig Costume from last year. I tied for first in the Home Made Costume division. I lost out in a tie-breaker to a Hot Dog and Mustard.

This is my BIRTHDAY BALLOON costume. I really think my Cousin E did a great job on this riding bear.

So What Am I Gonna Be This Year?????
Stay tuned for more hints as Halloween draws near

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday IGNORED in Favor of ONE word


Maybe a few more words: You all made my GOTCHA DAY that much MORE special with all your kind words. It really is so wonderful to have you all as my FURiends.

Thank you also for the AMAZING turnout for my GOTCHA DAY CONTEST. I cannot wait to add the answers to the MAD LIB I have chosen. Remember, if you did not already send me your answers, you have until Oct. 31 to do so.

Here are the fill-ins:
  1. Noun________________________________
  2. Color________________________________
  3. Color________________________________
  4. Noun________________________________
  5. Adjective_____________________________
  6. Noun________________________________
  7. Vegetable____________________________
  8. Person (or PUGson)_____________________
  9. Verb_________________________________
  10. Adjective_____________________________
  11. Vegetable_____________________________
  12. Adjective_____________________________
  13. Vegetable_____________________________
  14. Noun_________________________________
  15. Exclamation___________________________
  16. Adjective_____________________________

Again, leave a comment with your answers or send me an email at

As always - It is Wednesday and I am HOPPING!!!! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today is my GOTCHA DAY!!!! It has been THREE years since me and my Mommys became ONE FAMILY. It has been a great THREE years, too.

Let's take a walk down Memory Lane

The first time I met Mommy #1
She is not really a Broccolihead

All I knew that day was that we, my brothers and I, were going to a show - a DOG show. Apparently a couple of half-siblings of mine were participating in their first show. It was a long drive to where ever we were going and I remember sleeping A LOT. We got sorta signed in and settled and then our human Grandma snatched us all up and back in the car we went - DESTINATION unknown.

This time the drive was very short. We pulled up to this house (much later I learned it was Auntie B's house) and this young girl comes running out to the car all teary eyed and excited.

It was my Mommy #1. She couldn't wait to meet me. I squirmed a lot when she held me for the first time. I admit, I was trying like the dickens to get back to my Human Grandma. That was when she decided to change my name (Lady Liberty) to NOODLES - because I was so squirmy.

So much excitement!!! I am tired

I am so happy.

I thought it would be fun to do another MAD LIB. You have until October 31 to send me your answers.

  1. Noun________________________________
  2. Color________________________________
  3. Color________________________________
  4. Noun________________________________
  5. Adjective_____________________________
  6. Noun________________________________
  7. Vegetable____________________________
  8. Person (or PUGson)_____________________
  9. Verb_________________________________
  10. Adjective_____________________________
  11. Vegetable_____________________________
  12. Adjective_____________________________
  13. Vegetable_____________________________
  14. Noun_________________________________
  15. Exclamation___________________________
  16. Adjective_____________________________

Leave your answers in the COMMENTS section or send them to me in an email

I CANNOT wait to see what you all come up with.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Idea-Napped or Nabbed

There is a new Disney show called Dog With A Blog. PUGsonally, I think they stole my idea of a television show that centers around a DOG writing a BLOG. But what can I do? I am rather small, kinda non-human, and I have no THUMBS.

I was curious enough to watch the premiere last night with my Mommys. They were interested in this tv show idea STOLEN from what I can only assume BLOGVILLE. After all, where else are you gonna find DOGS that, um, BLOG?

My take on the show - over all it is humorous. It is your usual Disney formulaic comedy show about a slightly unusual family with the brainless teen, the brainy tween and the eccentric youngest child. Mix in one neurotic spouse and the other slightly wacky and you have a Disney Channel comedy. The DIFFERENCE in this one is the addition of a DOG who is

  1. odd or mixed pedigree
  2. capable of expressions and rolling eyes (animated)
  3. capable of speaking Human
  4. Writes a blog (no idea where this is published)

I am telling you - even though I PUGsonally never pitched the idea to anyone at Disney, I did talk A LOT about this very same idea. And really. . . they shoulda used a PUG. After all, we are the "clowns" of the DOG world.

Oh well, life goes on. 

If you happen to be trawling around on the Disney channel, check it out.

Dog With A Blog.

Friday, October 12, 2012

This Bears Repeating

Go S.F. Giants!!!

I know what I am doing this weekend - what about you? What are your plans? In addition to baseball, there are some costuming duties I must attend to before the BIG Pugoween in Lodi. I cannot wait cuz I will see Bellatrix, Phoebe, and Zoey there (I am HOPING they are all there). Who knows who else will show up. . . it is a well attended event.

While I am expounding on Me, Me, Me. . .

In 4 more days I will be celebrating my 3rd GOTCHA day. Can you believe it? I am so excited that I think I am gonna have a..................
I don't know yet what I am going to do or what the prize will be but it will be something suitable to the occasion.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Adding My Own Voice To The Tumult

Fall is more than a nice coat

I am struggling to make myself heard this morning. You see, I did a little too much BASEBALL yesterday. My vocal cords are SHOT (wait, do dog's (and more specifically PUGS) even have vocal cords?) from talking to the TV all night. The 'rents and I were doing some BASEBALL time in front of the telly because both of our area teams are in the PLAY-OFFS. We are talking the most unpredictable and exciting BASEBALL of the whole entire SEASON!

What can I say? I am a little FAWN sports NUT!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October is ALSO

Did you know that October is also
KINDA like a real Adoption Certificate

It is true. October is a great time to adopt a pet because there are a LOT of places offering adoption specials. It is also a good time to invest in a living fur "blanket" (as my Mommy calls me) for the upcoming COLD WINTER NIGHTS.

Sincerely, though, if you are thinking of adding to your family (pet or otherwise) adoption is a GRRRRR8 alternative.

Adoption occupies a special place of honor in our family. Mommy #1 and her two cousins were all adopted from China. We call our family custom packaged. Originally Mommy #2 was looking into pet adoption when she decided to add a DOG to her lil' family. But then she decided to get a PUG and not just a DOG and that brought a whole new set of issues to the process. Long story short, I was adopted from a Pug Breeder. But that was after A LOT of research, emails, applications, questions, etc. 


Now we know even MORE about pet adoption, so my Mommys KNOW where the next household pet is coming from. 

As IF I would ever allow another PUG or DOG in the house. Wink!Wink!

Here are some things to keep in mind about PET ADOPTION 

  1. You save a life: The truth is, the shelters are full and it is hard to find enough foster homes for all of the animals. Many shelters resort to euthanasia when they can no longer handle all the homeless animals.
  2. You seriously do damage to the puppy mill and pet stores who sell the "product." If there is no money to be made, the mills will close. It will eliminate one of the main sources of sick dogs, abused dogs, and tossed away pets.
  3. You take a stand against pets being considered DISPOSABLE. A pet should be considered like a beloved family member and not as something to cast off when it is old, a little tattered or just not wanted anymore.
  4. You'll get a HEALTHY pet. Adoption groups make sure the animals they send to forever homes have been vet checked and health cleared. It is almost like getting a CERTIFIED PRE-OWN car!!!
  5. You will RECEIVE a new family member who will bring an endless well of JOY to your life - better yet, an older pet might already be "broken" in regarding manners and behavior.
I realize in many cases I am preaching to the choir - after all, most of my audience are pet owners and A Bowl of Noodles IS a PET BLOG. So share the information or even pass on the link for my blog to others who MAY NOT be in the know as we ALL are. It is only through EDUCATION and SHARING that we can affect change.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Noodles the Pug
Solemnly Swear
Not stink butt on Mommy's pillow
And to not go KooKoo-For-CocoPuffs thirty minutes before dinner
I will not act like my heart will break if I don't get that piece of carrot
Bark at every reflection in the glass doors
Will try to maintain my composure
A stranger or friend comes to the door
I will ignore the doorbell
as it is not real

Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day Story

See Ferdinand? Columbus left him on the BOAT!!!!

We all know about the man-of-the-hour Christopher Columbus. You learn about it in school, you see it on TV, you KNOW the poem: "In nineteen hundred and forty-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. . ."
He "found" America, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. There is some controversy about what Columbus actually discovered. All I know is SOME PEOPLE got today off work and my Mommys did NOT.

So I wanted to know more about this SEMI-holiday really only celebrated by government workers, bankers and SOME LUCKY schoolkids. What I found was shocking. . . nay. . . Appalling!

*Did you know Columbus had a DOG on board. Yes he did - a Spanish spaniel of some sort named Ferdinand. Anypug, this here DOG was not only Columbus's BEST FURiend but also his NAVIGATOR. Yes, that is not a well know fact. Ferdinand is why up until the America thing, Columbus was known as an extremely accurate WORLD FAMOUS explorer and discoverer. It was FERDINAND who pointed the boat in the RIGHT direction again and again and again. Columbus, left to his own devices, got lost going from the poop deck to the bridge. Really!

So one day Ferdinand was at the helm when he sniffed land nearby. He ran to his BFF Columbus and excitedly danced around saying "Land! Land! Land!" Columbus, ever the contrarian, said NO WAY JOSE. . . I mean Ferdinand! There is NO LAND around here just miles and miles of ocean blue. But Ferdinand was SURE he smelled land so he kept up the dancing and the whining and the barking. Again Columbus said that there is nothing but ocean blue. He did NOT expect to land in India for another month or so. Not only that, Columbus said, but we are headed to the FAR EAST and you are pointing WEST. We all know there is NOTHING in the WEST.

So he took Ferdinand to the POOP DECK cuz he was sure all the dancing and prancing was the result of needing to do his BIDNESS.

FERDINAND let some time go by until he KNEW even the most clogged sinus aboard the boat could SMELL land nearby. He again ran to Columbus and barked up a storm. This irritated Columbus so much he grabbed his telescope and pretended to look just to quiet down the DOG. Just as he was making a sweep of the horizon, Columbus spotted something. LAND!!! Just like Ferdinand said!

"Wow!" said Columbus. I made it to INDIA way ahead of schedule. I AM a great explorer.

And that is how Columbus FERDINAND discovered America.


* This is pure fabrication made up by a bored pug with no Mommys at home. He may have had dogs, I don't really know. He may not have even LIKED dogs, that is beside the point. I said this was a STORY, sheesh!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Girls Talk

I am PINK-A-FIED to fight Breast Cancer

Basically EVERYone.
Today I wanna talk to all of you about something VERY NEAR and very dear to my heart -

By Girls I mean: Breasts, Boobs, Jiggly Bits, Teats, etc. Whatever you call them, we all have them. This includes you boy-types, although slightly different. I am fond of my 8 GIRLS although I don't do much with them but admire them now and then.

 But I TAKE CARE OF THEM! And so should everyone else. This month, October, is


It is for everyone because breast cancer if not just a GIRL problem.
What can you do about it? Here are some ideas:

1. Get Screened: Talk to your doctor, know your risks and maintain a healthy lifestyle
2. Get Involved: Write your congressman about cancer research funding, do fundraising for a cure, join a cancer awareness walk or run
3. Get informed: Knowledge is Power

You Go GIRLS!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Plan Change

So I was gonna write about OCTOBER being Breast Cancer AWARENESS Month - but something has come up and I really feel I need to address this matter RIGHT NOW

I can't believe I didn't know this

Yes, it is true. I JUST found out that TODAY is National Taco Day. Why - who the heck cares! We are talking TACOS.

Have you ever had one?   It is compact deliciousness all wrapped in a crunchy corn shell. My MUZZLE is MOIST just thinking about it.

Because my Mommys are VEGETARIAN, they have tacos with beans, tofu, extra veggies and occasionally PRETEND meat seasoned with taco seasonings. Of course, they share a little with me.

Oh, and I DO NOT like the soft variety (although if truth be told, I will eat it. . . I eat anything. . .almost . . . mostly. . . try me. . .) - no, I prefer the golden crunchy taco shell. Yummmmmmmmm.

So today I am pulling my PONCHO and SOMBRERO outta the closet and calling up the MARIACHIS. 

Put the MARGARITAS in the BLENDER, Mommy! It is TACO TIME!