Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey! Hey! Hey!
Did you know there is a NEW BLOGGER in Blogville? His name is MASON and even tho' he is NOT A PUG, I like him a lot. He is funny and kinda cute in a NON-PUG kinda way. PLUS the name of his blog is STINKY DOG which I can totally relate to because that is what my MOMMY always calls me!!!

Any who, Mason is trying to build up his FURiends here in Blogville but is having a difficult time. SO he decided to run a contest in an effort to build up traffic!!!

DID YOU HEAR ME - a CONTEST! I don't know about you, but I loves loves loves to enter contests. Even if I do not win (and I seldom do) it is fun to PARTICIPATE!

So I encourage you to TROT over to THE STINKY DOG blog and check it out, enter the contest, and MAYBE FURiend him.

Speaking of contests. My guessing game from yesterday is now closed. There were 11 entries and it is going to be interesting to see who guessed correctly.

Come back tomorrow for the conclusion to this mystery.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Guess What I Did This Past Weekend

Your EYES are NOT playing tricks on you.
I am doing something
What I am doing in this picture
What I did this weekend.

The Winner gets NOMS!!!!

This CONTEST is NOW CLOSED (as of 10am July 31, 2012)

Leave your answers in COMMENTS

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics Here I Come

Let the 2012 Blogville Olympic Games begin! 

I am so ready for my events and despite the photo, SWIMMING is not even one of them!

I will be participating in:

Benny and Lily's Beach Ball Event
Corbin's Neighborhood Walk Event

It is going to be so much fun. But don't stop there. These are not the only events in the OLYMPICS.
Here is the Calendar of events.
Check them all out!!!

As Blogville and Catsblogosphere Join together in the SPIRIT of goodwill and fun, let's remember why we all came her to begin with . . .


Here are the links for opening day
Roo's Opening 
Posie's Parade
Frankie Furter's Speech

See you in the OLYMPIC STADIUM.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hey Look At THIS Body. . .

When I stroll on by, TOMS be lookin' at ME on the SLY
I JUMP to the beat, walking down the street in my new TEE, yeah
This is how I stroll, I'm an ANIMAL, it's in my SOUL,
And like a LION I've got the claw

TOMS look at that body (x3)
I work out
TOMS look at that body (x3)
I work out

When I jump on the counter, this is what I see
A sleek FINE tabby happy and FREE
I got attitude that lasts and I ain't afraid to show it

I'm sexy and I know it (x2)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Yogurt Adventure Video

To make the video, Mommy gave me froyo  
I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed my treat!

It WEDNESDAY and you know what that means. . .

I'm Hopping at

Stop by BlogPaws and check out the amazing blogs who are participating.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wally Melon

This is me and my tasty new friend, WALLY MELON!
He has really really good TASTE as well as being a CRISP dresser.


So occasionally MY MOMMYS give me Wally Melon for dessert. Not a lot, maybe a small slice or two. Something about excessive GAS and the TROTS keeps them from letting me indulge too much. But I tell ya, a little goes a long way when it comes to WALLY MELON. If I cut this open, you would see a bright red inside just brimming with juiciness. Wally Melons are largely water, after all.

Oh, and WALLY MELON likes to be in the fridge so the innards become really cold and crunchy. On a hot day . . . MWAH!!!!

And WALLY MELON even likes to be frozen into cubes or pops which can make a really really hot day a lot more tolerable to us FLAT FACE pugs.

Be sure and talk to your 'rents about WALLY MELON visiting your house soon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

BBQ'd EVERYthing

It was really hot in the South Bay all weekend. So hot that my trips outside were infrequent and short, except in the early morning and late night when it was breezy and a little cooler.

When it came time for meal preparation, no one wanted to stand in the kitchen and cook a meal. Even making a salad was tiring and hot work. So of course, it was time to whip out the BBQ. Well, actually this time we used the firepit.

Roasted HOT DOGS (by the way, I was ASSURED by my Mommy that NO DOG is used in the preparation of HOT DOGS. . . oh, and in our house only SOY BEANS were made to suffer) and VEGGIES are the BEST ever. I also had some WALLY MELON and a few green beans.

Then it was time for dessert . . . OMP! My mouth is watering just remembering it! We roasted MARSHMALLOWS over the waning fire! That was the best ever.

It turned out to be the best meal ever and I can't wait for the next HOT weekend.

Friday, July 20, 2012

HOWzit Friday

Happy Friday EVERYPUGGY (and others)

First of all - to answer all the questions about my JUMPING photo. It is an animated GIF. If you have Photoshop there is an app for it. BUT Mommy does not have PHOTOSHOP (only PS Elements) so she couldn't do it. She watched a tutorial about how to make an animated GIF, though. But I am getting off track. So she GOOGLED Animated GIF (she knew WHAT she wanted, just not how to do it) and found Picasion.

Picasion allows you to download a series of photos, choose speed and special effects, and then it adds the animation. It is pretty easy and pretty cool. I think with more practice Mommy can make an even BETTER animation. She also took a photo and rotated & flipped it different ways. She saved each one so she had a series of six photos for the animation.

I decided to do a SHOUT OUT FRIDAY. Just cuz. Sometimes I come across something and it makes me wanna SHOUT. But I don't because I get PENNED when I bark a lot. So I came up with this idea to do some VIRTUAL SHOUT OUTS via Blogville. Let's see if it works.

The BLOGVILLE OLYMPICS is almost upon us. I would like to give a shout-out to the Mayor of Blogville himself, Frankie Furter, for his tireless efforts to make these games a reality.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to all the events managers because without events - well we wouldn't have an OLYMPICS, would we?

I have entered TWO events: Corbin's Neighborhood Walk and Benny&Lily's BeachBall Game. I am having so much fun training and preparing. I think I might even get an extra MEAL for my efforts!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . What's that Mommy? No EXTRA MEAL for me cuz I am WHAT?????? Oh! The indignity!!!!!

My next shout-out goes to all of the BLOGVILLE and FACEBOOK PAWrents who have recently come to the RESCUE of some very unfortunate PUGGIES! Your selflessness and willingness to answer the call make me wanna JUMP all over you and shower you with KISSES! I am amazed and overwhelmed by your actions.

Finally I wanna SHOUT-OUT to my FURiends who are a little under the weather lately - Indy, Lola, Sluggo, Sid . . . So many of you. I am SHOUTING OUT a lot of JUJU to all of you in hopes that you feel better soon.

Happy Friday EVERYPUGGY (and others)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Training

picasion gif maker

A-one, two, three, four
A-one, two, three, four


Excuse me. I am training for my TWO BIG Blogville Olympics events. I will be PAWticipating in

Corbin's - Neighborhood Walkin'
Benny and Lily's - BeachBall Tossin'

Check out the schedule of events at

Come by and watch the opening ceremonies on July 27 at 
Games begin July 28.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Blog Hop

I am NOT sick or hurt - so
WHY am I subjected to THIS?

 Hi - I am letting Sunshine the Cat do the non-talking today.
This is part of BlogPaws Blog Hop. Check it out and join the fun

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Feeling FLAT

I just have that FLAT feeling today.

I think I WAY overdid it this weekend.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was home alone for A LONG TIME yesterday. So in addition to the TWO piles and river I left for Mommys to clean up (Just how long is a PUG supposed to HOLD it???), I hacked into the computer and spent the day watching YOUTUBE videos.

I love this VIDEO.
Think I could be a STAR???

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Scratch, scratch, scratch . . .

This is the horrible sound of a dog with fleas and ticks! These little critter are uncomfortable AND unhealthy for dogs. They are especially common on pets this time of year because like eFURRYbody else, we spend a lot more time outdoors (where these critters like to hang out). And lets not rule out mosquitoes as antogonists in this drama.

BUGS can cause the following illness in dogs and cats of all types:

 Copied from WEBMD.com - Probably the most common thing is, when these fleas are feeding, they’re injecting saliva into the skin. These salivary proteins are often allergenic and animals end up with allergy. The most common skin disease of dogs and cats is what’s called flea allergy dermatitis, where they bite and scratch and lose their hair.  It can take only a few fleas for this allergy to become a problem.
If you have a lot of fleas, since they’re blood-sucking insects, especially if you have puppies, pets can become anemic and even die with heavy infestations. Fleas also commonly transmit tapeworms to our pets, at least one species.
With ticks, there are a dozen to 15 or more tick-transmitted diseases that our pets get from ticks. There’s Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia,ehrlichiosis, and more. Many of these diseases can kill pets.

Take control of the situation. My Mommys bathe me regularly and use a flea and tick preventative every month. She switches kinds every 3-4 months because the CLARK Pest Control told her the bugs get too used to the pesticide if you use it all the time. Mommys also embarrass me by checking my private regions, between my foot pads, around my tail base and in my ears for signs of fleas and ticks. Oh, and our yard is taken care of as well. Tall grasses - eliminated (Auntie T does this and does this so well). Ants, Skeeters, Fleas say bye-bye when Mr. Clark shows up with his enviro-friendly but bug deadly spray.

I am PAWticipating in Bunk's Flea and Tick contest. Check it out . . .


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuni Tuesday Tribute

Tuni was a special pug to all of us here in Blogville; but to none moreso than WINSTON WILBUR. He lost his love when Tuni crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. To soothe the pain a little, WINSTON came up with an absolutely BRILL idea for a tribute to Tuni - A TUNI TUESDAY featuring all of us in our beds.Tuni loved her beds so she would have LOVED this idea.

I understand a picture is worth a THOUSAND words, so for my tribute to my dear dear FURiend TUNI I am offering MANY THOUSAND words. Here goes

My MANY Beds . . . HEY! What's Sunshine the Cat doing here!!!

Tuni, I miss you and will always hold you dear in my BIG lil' PUG heart. Your FURiend Noodles.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthday PAWty Cubed

AS I was telling you, I awoke quite early in the morning on the day of my PAWty. I didn't get into trouble  because it was, as I said, MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am THREE - 3 - III years old now. I feel so mature.

SO I ate breakfast and went outside for a while to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather. Remember, my birthday is July 4 - so EVERYbody and doggy and kitty and birdy was home for my special day. I got so so so many PATS, CHIN CHUCKLES, HUGS, and TREATS! It was very nice to be treated like the PRINCESS that we all know I am.

MY Birthday day went on like that. And it was nice enough that Mommy #1 took me out for a couple of walks around the neighborhood. The neighborhood was bustling on July 4 like it NEVER is. It seemed like EVERYone was home and busy fixing their houses up for celebrations. I wondered how they all knew it was MY BIRTHDAY. OMP, how was I gonna be able to make an appearance at ALL of these PAWties? OMP, OMP!

WHEN we got back to the house I was SURPRISED again by the house being decorated and the smells of special FOOD being made! All for MOI??? There was also a table of PRESENTS but Mommy #2 said I couldn't even SNIFF those until after the BBQ dinner they were planning.

I am not sure if you have ever had BBQ but I am telling you it is DIVINE!!!! My Mommys are VEGheads but they BBQ the most delicious VEGGIES ever. And then they add them to the kibble I usually eat - well that meal was PURE HEAVEN. I had zucchini, corn, tofu, cantaloupe, and carrots added to my food. DROOL!!!

THE GOODIES did not stop there. I had a special cake made just for me, too. It was BANANA and PEANUT BUTTER. Mommy added some WHIPPING CREAMS on top too cuz she said I was her

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ichiban Sushi Name

Congrats to Frankie Furter and Ernie for their award winning name for my Noodles Sushi!

There can only be one ICHIBAN
Nicey Dicey Spicey Shushi

We loved all of the entries and want to give a shout out to each of our contestants so here goes
Alfie - Snuggle Pug Rolls
Sabrina - Noodles Bundles
Ellie - Oodles of Noodles
Brutus - Pugsabi Noodles
Benny - Seaweed Pugori Snortshi
Lily - Pugalishi Rolls
Emma - Shokunin Pugklin Noodles Woodles Rolls
Sequoia - Top Ramen Rolls
Kitty & Coco - Pughair Maki Snort Roll

Mommy #1 particularly liked Brutus' PUGSABI NOODLES and Mommy #2 particularly liked Sequoia's TOP RAMEN ROLLS. See, they can NEVER agree on anything. But in truth, we liked them all and didn't want to just pick one. But we HAD TO cuz the RULES said so. So we let RANDOMIZER pick the winner

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyDOG that played our little game. Hmmmmm. . . Call all Kitties! Why don't you EVER play my games? Or Sunshine's games? We have Kitty Prizes, too.

So my Birthday was fun. As you know, I am a YANKEE DOODLE PUGGY and the WHOLE country celebrated my THIRD birthday along with me and my family. I tell you. I am still recovering.
I woke up really early that day but I DIDN'T get in trouble or anything cuz it was MY BIRTHDAY. Then I got the yummiest breakfast ever from my Mommy #2. Let me just say it included some PEANUT BUTTER and YOGURT. I think I am still licking my LIPS when I sleep cuz it was THAT YUMMY.

But I will tell you all about my day on Monday. In the meantime 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am this many beachballs old
and look at my Peanut Butter,
Banana and Carob cake!

I went to bed and I was TWO years young
I woke up to an ADDITIONAL one
So now I am THREE and so so Happy
And when I recover, I will talk about my BIG DAY

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday-on-the-Horizon Contest

My dear friends Mochi, Macho, and Marshmallow have a GRRRRR8 idea for a


It is called Name that Sushi!

Is that wunnerful or what? So here are the rules

  1. Create a NEVER BEEN HEARD BEFORE name for my Noodles Roll
  2. You cannot use Noodles Sushi, Sushi Noodles or Noodles Roll since I have used all three already
  3. Entries MUST be in by Midnight July 5, 2012
  4. One entry per PET (so Slimmer Pugs and Pug Posse you get multiple entries)
  5. Cats are also welcome to enter the contest . . . and non-pugs, by all means . . .
  6. Leave your entry in the COMMENT box
The winner (there will be just one) will be chosen by RANDOMIZER because my Mommys are incapable of agreeing (as you know Mommy #1 is 13 now, a teen. Enough said).

Have fun. . . . 

Oh, and Mochi, Macho and Marshmallow, you have already earned a prize for the GRRRRR8 idea.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sushi Noodles

Have you ever tried SUSHI? I did for the first time this weekend. I cannot imagine why MY Mommys kept such a wonderful secret from me! It was moist and succulent. Just the kind of food a PUG likes.
As if there is some food a PUG does NOT like!
My Mommy #2 was making 3 kinds of SUSHI:

  • Inarizushi which looks like a canvas bag with rice in it
  • Kappa maki which is rice stuffed with cucumber and wrapped in seaweed
  • Avocado sushi which is like the kappa but avocado rather than cucumber
First Mommy let me try the seaweed. YUM YUM YUM! It melted in my mouth spreading tasty awesomeness all over. Then she let me have some cucumber which I have had before but I still like it very much. This was fresh fresh fresh and was so sweet and juicy. THEN Mommy made me a really tiny kappa maki just for me! Oh my PUG! It was so yummy. The texture was smooth but grainy (from the rice) and crunchy (from the cuke). I begged and begged for more but Mommy cut me off at one. She wanted to make sure I could handle it before she let me have more. 

Know what? I totally did handle it! No adverse reaction at all except for occasional FARTS. I do those anyhoo so who's to say if the SUSHI caused it?

The moral of my story is - if you haven't tried SUSHI yet, tell your rents you totally wanna and to get you some STAT!